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A New Canvas

New Canvas! Hello, 2019!

As I round the corner to 2019, the only thing ringing in my head is “New Canvas.” New. New! New!!

That excites me for so many reasons! So many different levels of elevation happen in my heart and mind when I hear “new canvas.”

Another chance at life.

Another chance at love.

Another chance at advancing spiritually, emotionally, financially.

Another chance at spreading my gift with the world. Just new beginnings.

It feels euphoric.

I am over the moon excited about whatever is next for me. I don’t know everything but I know that I’ve decided to move under God’s will for me and not my own. I can’t work on my own accord. I have and need guidance. I need to also listen to that guidance.

Now that I have, elevation is destined to happen for me.

That literally makes me giddy.

So, some announcements for you guys.

First, there will be no books from me this month. I will not be dropping anything in January, just to give myself a small break and reset. I’ll barely be on social media, literally in and out to chat it up then bounce.

Second, I will be signing with a publisher. ( Not sure who just yet, but I will be signed.)

Third, I will be slowly taking down my old works so that they can go through edits and proofing. Some titles may have a cover change as well. This will slowly be done, one book at a time.

Fourth, I will be trying my hand at Holiday short stories. Valentine’s Day to be exact. Two books that will drop on or around that day. Novellas( around 25K)


So, I’m hella excited. Super excited already!

I have soooo much I want to give this year and even if I don’t get it all out, I know that I plan to strive for it.

Let’s go Dreamers!!!!

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