FINAL SNEAK PEEK “Prey For The Hunted” Book One of the P R E Y Saga!

Book ONE



Their First Encounter 

“Grab her for me, bro!” He could vaguely pick up Daniel’s request because he was moving in the direction of the small tyrant who was gearing up to swing any second. The first thing he noticed about her was her hair, a large dark mane that seemed to give her more life. More light. The second was her dress –  brown in color – clinging to every inch of her. TezAvant’s stepped faltered before he recovered. He was so taken by her that it stumped him yet he advanced.

Amani awakened inside of him, feeling his core shake with a surge of need.

Tez smirked as he sat the beauty down on her feet. She was so much smaller than him but the fire behind her eyes made her feel like a giant.

The first threat flew off her lips with so much ease that it got Tez’s attention immediately. “Don’t grab me when I’m about to whoop ass!”

Tez felt star struck. He smiled before he took a step back, running a hand down his low cut. “My bad. I was just doing what my boy told me to do.”

“I don’t care what your boy says,” she snapped. “Don’t do that.”

Tez tucked his bottom lip, not knowing what to say or do. “Again, that’s my bad.”

Who the hell is he and why is he so fine?

Tez blinked before his lips parted. She had turned away, looking around to find her friend who was being hemmed up by Daniel. Though he couldn’t see her lips, he knew that she hadn’t spoken those words verbally. He watched as she leaned against a meter to adjust the strap on her shoe. His mouth watered while everything inside of him raged with need. Suddenly and unprovoked, desire danced in his limbs like wildfire. He core heated, fingertips warmed with want as the night gripped him, holding him in place. Holding him watching her.

Amani’s eyes lowered before he leaped from TezAvant, shocking him. It had been so long since he made his presence known in physical form that he found himself unprepared for it. Just like the doctors had told him, Amani had grown to summon himself on his own but he never made himself visible to other people around him. He had grown into his full size, a size that would send a crowd running and screaming if he was ever seen.

Tez’s head swiveled down the street and around them as things seemed to move in slow motion. Nyree continued to fidget with her shoe as Amani slowly stalked over to her. He seemed to be moved by something territorial.

“What are you doing?” Tez communicated with Amani as he began to slowly walk around Nyree, trans-like. His tongue came out, sliding around his mouth before he leaned into her, sniffing. Just like the doctors had warned him, Amani had taken on a life of his own. After being merged for close to twelve years, Amani was full grown, wise and in control of his own being. He understood his human, though he didn’t always agree with him. They’d found a medium that worked for them to function as one. He cared about TezAvant’s well being, and it was not only because he was his soul host. Amani considered TezAvant to be a friend. An annoying one, but a friend all the same.

“You uh- you need help?” Tez asked, his voice low- distant, his eyes trained on Amani.

Nyree glanced up at him with a mug on her face, eyes rolling. “No, I don’t need help.” Not with this shoe anyway. “Thanks, though.

Amani stood before her, still attempting to sniff her out. There was something about her that was gravely familiar; he just wasn’t sure what it was.

“Nyree, you wanna get food?” Zhia asked, causing Nyree to pull her eyes from Tez and look down the sidewalk at her.

Nyree smiled, her slightly elevated level of frustration vanishing at the mentioning of her favorite companion- food. “I’m always down with getting food.”

Amani stopped his pacing, looking Nyree over as she slowly walked away from them but not before rolling her eyes at Tez.

“Can you hear her?” Tez asked Amani, thinking he was losing his mind. Amani shook his entire body before following behind Nyree. Tez wasn’t sure what he was doing, but he was scared as hell at this moment- not knowing what the outcome would be.

“So, you can’t hear her thoughts?”

“What?” Nyree barked as she looked back at Tez. “Are you saying something?”

Tez straightened, returning the swag to his shoulders. “Nah, ma. I ain’t saying nothing.”

She ice grilled him for a moment before turning around.

“I can hear her and feel her.”

Getting closer to Amani, who didn’t seem to care that it sounded like TezAvant was talking to himself, Tez leaned over as if he was tying his shoe. Tez looked between Nyree and Amani. “Whatchu mean?”

Amani’s entire frame shivered. “She’s everywhere. A part of everything. She is Nyree.”

Amani’s mind was slowly gathering the data that it needed to pinpoint just who Nyree was. It had been so long since he last saw her and she had made some changes to her appearance but he knew her. He would always know her, always return to her. She still had the same scent, still carried herself with unspoken grace. She was still his Nyree. Amani’s heart rejoiced, wanting to reveal himself to her, knowing that she would know him but he didn’t want to scare everyone else on the street. He also couldn’t jeopardize TezAvant. His friends didn’t even know this side of him, which was something that Amani believed Tez should be left to reveal on his own time.

Tez only smiled at her. “It’s nice to meet you, Nyree.”

She looked back at him for a while before walking up to Zhia who was still conversing with Daniel.

“This is Daniel,” Zhia said as she pointed at him.

Nyree extended her hand for him to shake. “Nice to meet you.” She turned to Zhia, suddenly feeling the need to get away from whoever the fine ass man at the other end of the sidewalk was.

She glanced back at him and he was staring at her with a blank expression covering his handsome face. “Are you like…ready?”

“She’s what?” Tez nearly shouted internally.

Amani slowly walked next to Tez, his entire mood shifting to joyous as he watched Nyree walk down the sidewalk. “She’s for your soul.”

Tez leaned against the building and grabbed his beard, running his hands down his face. “You talking nonsense.”

Amani nodded his head. “She’s for your soul. Or my soul. Either way, you can not touch her.”

Tez scrubbed a hand over his chin. “Whatchu mean I can’t touch her. Did you see that ass? Ass was fat as fuck, fam.”

Amani dropped his head. He sometimes wondered why he was assigned to Tez and not another human. “You can not be with her unless you are prepared to take everything that happens between you two seriously. She is not to be used as a booty call.”

 “Nigga, she got the perfect booty call body. You expect me not to pursue that?” Tez continued to eye Nyree.

“I expect you to leave her as is.” Amani demanded.

“Shiiitttt.” Tez groaned.

Amani turned to TezAvant, his fangs sharp and clear in their intent. “I will see us both into the afterlife if I need to.”

Tez lifted his left leg, completely stuck. “Over a female?”

Amani glanced down at Nyree, seeing beyond the surface of her. Far beyond what could be gathered with the human eye. “She has roots beyond this world. She had pain gathered and poured into her that is so misplaced and misguided.” Amani looked up at the human that he had been attached to for over ten years, knowing him better than he knew himself. “You will one day be the man that she needs but you are not anywhere near him yet.”

Tez was offended by that. “I’m a good dude.”

“You are too obsessed with the female form to ever appreciate just one. Even if she holds beauty beyond anything you would ever be able to obtain in the company that you currently keep.” Amani began to pace slowly, the jet black hairs covering his spine shimmering against the moonlight. His paws spread with each step as he curls around humans that walked the sidewalk. “I hold everything good about you inside of me. All of the things that give you peace are carried here.”

Tez propped his foot up on the wall behind him before looking down at Nyree who was still talking to Zhia. “So, why can’t I have her?”

“Because she is not something to have, TezAvant. She is something to cherish and cater to. Even though you are getting older you still think with the wrong head. You allow it to lead you versus having control over it and if you screw over Nyree Fisher, it will literally be the death of us both.”

Amani looked down at Nyree again before she walked off down the sideway. “She also carries everything that is good about us, inside of her.”

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I Get Lost In Your Love




#Dirty30 & Get Laid in Vegas.

That was the plan. That was the entire plan and ExZhia Bishop had prepped her mind and body to be completely in line with the plan. She decided that she would leave her morals, common sense and decency back home in Dallas and just go for it. Determining that she only lived once, and turned thirty once. She wanted to do something brazen and completely out of character for her and she had her plan. That was until a morning run turned into an accident that shifted her plans as well as her life in a way that threatened to ruin her birthday and her opportunity to sow her wild oats.

Daniel is in a weird space, one that he dreads deeply and wishes to be delivered from. Divorce is hard in itself but the added level of betrayal he was experiences made him feel broken in more ways than he can verbalize. He had to shake back and in order to do that, his close friends conclude that a spontaneous trip to Vegas is the thing that he needs.

Two paths that constantly cross are surely meant to be tangled in some way. Right?

I Get Lost In Your Love is a witty, fun-filled love story about pain, growth and the journey of love.

Most of you have already gotten a look into this book at the end of Right At Love ( but here is an extended sneak peek!


Chapter 29!

…but it’s literally the Prologue, so not really!


This chapter should be called…running (literally running) into a fine man at the park! But nope, I decided to go with an ode to the slaying of my youth. When I say slaying, I don’t mean it in the sense that my loveable Houstonian Beyonce meant it. I mean it in its natural sense- the overkill and literal death of my youth. I don’t know why we as women freaked out when we hit the curve to turn thirty but I was definitely following suit with the norm. Well, it was either that or I had some sort of death wish. What other reason would I be running like I stole something at five in the morning? Ok, I wasn’t running that fast because I just wasn’t naturally athletic per say. Ok, let me be honest because this was my first time running all year. I mean, I ran to the elevator when it was about to leave. I also ran into the church when I was behind schedule. I even ran to the mailbox but my feet never increased in its speed or tempo when I did that. But everyone says they ran to the mailbox so I think it’s only fair that we count my trips as running as well.

I’m rambling before I even introduce myself. My name is ExZhia Raine Bishop. Yeah, my momma was tripping hard when she named me so all my real friends call me Zhia. All the people in my life that liked being assholes called me Ex. I’d been living with that name for the last twenty-nine years and I probably came out the wound wanting to change it to something simple like Leslie or Brittany but my momma all out cried the first time I ran the idea by her. She started going off about my roots and the fact that my African ancestors would turn over in their graves if I Americanized my name. I didn’t even know if my name had African roots for real because sometimes my momma be reaching. I wanted to tell my momma that the chances of me visiting Africa in my lifetime were slim to none. Maybe I would be able to make it in my second like when I came back as a white woman named Leslie with good credit dripping in white privilege. Yes, white privilege is a thing and I was well aware of it. This ain’t what this book is about though, so we won’t get into that. As I already stated, I’m twenty- nine years old and pretty sure I was experiencing a premature midlife crisis. When my best girlfriends called me to see how I would be celebrating my Dirty 30, I literally had a mental breakdown right in front of the elevator that I had just run to. It was a mess. A complete mess. I literally cried in my corner office at one of the biggest technical advancement corporations in the world. I had snot and spit-ugh! I was a very low day for me. After that breakdown though, I was able to pull myself together and actually create real plans. I would hit Vegas and get sloppy drunk. So drunk that the fact that I was thirty, unmarried with no kids didn’t throw me into the great depression of two thousand and eighteen. Was going to Vegas and getting drunk the ideal situation for me? No, not at all. But I spent so much time crying about turning thirty that I forgot that I had to actually celebrate my birthday. So my last minute plans were the same as everyone else’s- go to Vegas, get drunk and maybe have a one night stand with a fine stranger that I’ll never see again.

The one night stand thing was a reach being that my momma drilled me with these things that I found annoying in my old age- morals. Farah Bishop was so serious about waiting until marriage that I think she made a song and dance to go with the saying. Though I did get buck wild in college- it was a very contradictory version of what most would expect to be attached to that term. I didn’t all out wild out but I did toss my v-card out the window and throw my ass in a circle a few times because ain’t that what college is really about? Losing cards and ass throwing? Of course, it was.

So, here I was running and sounding like I was about to have an asthma attack at the crack of dawn because well- it seemed like what I should be doing. I was not a size two and like I said- me and athletics? Nah. I was one of those people who looked to be in great shape and was absolutely not. I had a nice full figure that I inherited from my southern roots. I was the weirdo stuck between being thick and fat- you know that silver lining- I paid rent there. Honestly, though, I wasn’t trying to change anything about my body. I actually loved my body even with my cellulite, big thighs, and ass. I wasn’t the sexiest thing but the way my confidence was set up, you couldn’t tell me shit about me. My hair was in its natural state, graced with about fiddyllem different curl patterns that I tortured myself by trying to tame every night and morning. I was moving up the ladder at Prime Source, which was a fast-growing technical engineering company out of Dallas that I started to work at fresh from Sam Houston State University. I should own the company honestly but you know that glass ceiling black women encounter in corporate America? Yeah, I’ve hit my head on it a few times. I was one of the head engineers which afforded me a corner office and a fat salary but I knew this was as far as I would get for a while. As an old dirty bastard- thirty-year-old- black woman, I wasn’t doing so bad.

I was just about to pick up the pace in my run when Spotify failed me. My face scrunched up as I pulled my watch to my face to look at what was blasting through my ear. “Camila- what? Ew, no!” I groaned as I skipped to the next song, listening as Monica filled my ear. “Yassssss!”

“Oh shit!”

That wasn’t me. Nope! I didn’t yell out when the collision happened. I was too busy trying to register the pain that was radiating through my ass. “Fuck!” I hissed as I lay on the ground looked up at the sun as it pulled from its slumber of the night. I blinked before allowing my eyes to close because this shit hurt. My entire body hurt.

“I’m sorry, beautiful! I didn’t see you!”

I wasn’t even listening to whoever was talking to me because I was pretty sure I was about to die. He sounded like Jesus because when I pray, this was exactly how Jesus sounded- like a fine, black man. I felt his presence near me, then I felt a hand on me, then two and honestly- it was the most action I’d had in a while so that drew my eyes open. I blinked a few times, my eyes adjusting to the light before they opened completely. Yeah, I was dying. “Jesus?”

I saw his smile, his teeth perfect and shining. His hands were still on me. I really didn’t mind dying though because Jesus was fine and I knew he was probably gone send me to Hell if he was reading my thoughts right now. Jezebels always went to Hell is what my mother told me.

My ass was stinging so bad that it was making my head throb. “Am I at the Pearly Gates or nah,” I groaned as he looked down at me.

His face twitched before he moved his hand from mine down to my ankle. “I can assure you that you are not. Does your ankle hurt?”

“Everything hurts,” I replied as I went to move.

“Please don’t move,” he insisted as he pressed my shoulder down. “I’m going to call an ambulance.”

“I can’t go to the hospital. I have to get to work.” I replied as I tried to move again, only to have pain shoot through me. “Ugh!” I gritted as he pressed his hand to my shoulder more firmly.

“Please?” He asked again and for some reason, I listened. I kept my eyes closed before for some reason that made my pain less present. “You took a pretty nasty fall and I’m sorry that I ran into you. I saw you but then you were out of my path until well- you weren’t. Then we collided.”

“Yeah, I was there for the collision but I didn’t see you.”

I heard him telling someone our location in the park- more than likely the ambulance- but I was in too much pain to eavesdrop productively.

“Is there someone that I need to call?”

I shook my head. “There’s no one that needs to know that I busted my ass in the park.”

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was but my ankle did have a slight sprain. I really couldn’t be in Vegas walking around like Sir Limp A Lot so this ankle had two weeks to get its life together.

“How are you feeling, Ms. Bishop?”

I looked at the curtain as the nurse pushed it back and immediately wondered why the hell I was behind a curtain and not in a real room. “Ma’am, I have real life insurance.”

She laughed, clutching the chart to her chest. “Of course you do, Ms. Bishop. We left you down here because we didn’t feel the need to move you upstairs. We did a scan on your head and the rest of your body and the only thing we came up with was the issue with your ankle which was already explained to you. Outside of that, there is nothing else that you need to pay attention to.” She pulled the clipboard from her chest and grabbed her pen. “Now, I wrote you two prescriptions for pain: Tylenol 4’s and Ibuprofen.”

“Two different kinds?”

“You’ll have a lot of pain during the healing process. You don’t feel anything right now because you’re on Ibuprofen. Now, your boyfriend has been asking about you since you came back here. He wants to know if it’s ok for him to come back.”

My brows hiked. “I’m sorry?”

“Your boyfriend.”


Both the nurse and I turned at the same time at the sound of the voice coming from the opening of the curtain. I literally had to fight to keep my mouth was dropping open. He was not Jesus but he was so fine that I was just God handcrafted him with time, love and a lot of melanin. He was the epitome of too sexy to be real. Tall frame, possibly around 6’7, he literally looked like he was dipped in chocolate, his eyes dipped in honey. His hair was cut low to his head, waves circling his head. He was fine. I mean, next level fine. I wanted to lick him in weird places that any normal person wouldn’t want to lick a stranger.

“I wanted to check on you.” His voice was still sexy as hell. Deep and penetrating. Just looking at him was messing with my blood pressure. The nurse nodded her head before she walked out of the room, leaving me with this fine stranger that told her that he was my, “Boyfriend?” I asked with a blank expression.

His handsome face twitched into a smile as he stepped closer to me. “My name is actually Daniel. I just didn’t want them to kick me out before I checked on you.”

Looking down at the wrap around my ankle, I replied, “It’s just small sprain from what they explained.”

Those words made his face tighten. “Ah damn, I’m sorry about all of this.”

I shrugged, pressing my hands to the bed. “It’s fine. It should be fine soon anyway.”

“Well, I feel bad about this. I just wasn’t looking when I should have been and now your ankle is messed up.”

I could tell that he was really bothered and I wanted to comfort him- say something to make him chill- but these drugs had me loopy. “I –uh. It’s really fine. I’m going to call my friend and have her-.”

“No, please.” His voice. His eyes. Shit. “Let me take you home? I promise I’m not a creep or anything like that. I just- I would like to take you home. That’s the least I could do.”

I wasn’t comfortable with that at all. For one, I didn’t want him to know where I live. For two, I knew I’d ask his ass up for a cup of coffee, tea or me at the first opportunity I had- sprained foot be damned. “Nah, you don’t have to do that.”

“I insist.” He licked his lips and I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be a sexual gesture at this moment but I had all kinds of freaky thoughts running through my mind.

“I can just call-.”

“I can take you close and you can have your friend meet us if that makes you feel safer. I understand we don’t know each other but I- I feel really bad about this.”

I exhaled, shoulders humping. “Ok, we can do it like that.”

I looked around for my phone for a minute before I watched him move. He walked over to the side of me and grabbed my phone off the rolling stand. He was in my personal space and this time around, I was coherent enough to understand the level of man that I was dealing with. I was so glad that I wasn’t hooked up to anything because I knew everything on the machine would go haywire the moment he stepped in front of me. He was still wearing his workout clothes, giving a whole new meaning to the whole #greysweatpantsmatter movement. Yes, my eyes went to his print and my mouth watered, my body tingled and heated. I really really wanted to lick him. I could even feel my tongue snaking out of my mouth to do just that when he reached his hand out to hand me my phone.

“Here you go.”

I examined it as if it were a foreign object before taking it from his large hand. There was something about big visible veins in the arms and hands of a big, tall man that just screamed big dick to me. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he replied as he took a few steps back, sliding his hands into the pocket of his sweats.

I eyed him before training my eyes on my phone, strolling to find Resha’s number. She wasn’t my number one choice but she was a stay at home mom and the most reasonable of all my friends. I didn’t have many to choose from so it wasn’t like I had a whole bunch of folk to shuffle through. There was Resha who had been married for five years and suddenly- her life was kids, husband and maybe wine. Then there was Nicki who was a year older and me and literally my complete opposite. You remember me mentioning my morals? Yeah, she didn’t know what the hell those were. I’m going to leave that at that. Lastly, there was Carmen, who still didn’t know what she wanted to do in life. She was my confused friend but I loved her. I loved them all.

I went to Resha’s number, hoping she’d answer. “Hello?”

She sounded like she was still sleeping and I had to remember the fact that is as still early. “Good Morning! Did I wake you?”

“Its six o’clock in the morning.”

I cringed. “Yeah, I know but I’ve been assaulted-.”

“Assaulted?!” Both Resha and Daniel yelled at the same time. I looked over at him as his eyes bucked and his arms fell from their folded position against his chest. I tried giving him a look that told him he could relax but he clearly wasn’t convinced.

“Yeah, it’s just a small thing with my ankle though so, it’s all good. I need you to come get me so; I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

“Zhia, what is going on?”

“It’s really nothing major, Resha.”

“You just told her that you were assaulted,” Daniel uttered as he began to pace in the corner.

I pressed the phone closer to my ear as I eyed him; out of both curiosity and my undying need to have him in my sight.

“Who was that,” Resha asked in a rush.

“You heard him?” I asked with raised brows.

“Yeah, I heard him,” Resha replied in a panic. “Who was that? Where are you?”

“It’s my assaulter.”

“You’re WHAT?” Resha screamed, possibly waking up her entire house.

Yeah, I called the wrong friend. I knew her response was aided by the dramatics that I shamelessly added to the conversation though. “Ok, let me tell the entire story because it’s clear you tripping. You know I’m dramatic as fuck and to never take me seriously. But I was running this morning- wait, I was fast walking. Let me not start this story off with lies. I was fast walking and a man ran into me on accident and my ankle got a little twisted in the process of all of that. So, he insisted on taking me home but I don’t know him like that so I agreed to let him get me close and have you pick me up. I would have called Nicki but she lives further than you. It’ll take you ten minutes to get to me.”

A significantly less panicked Resha replied, “Sometimes, I question why we’re friends!”

I released a dramatic gasp. “Oh my God, you be doing that too? I question our friendship like fifteen times a day.”

I could hear Resha curse under her breath. “Call me when you need me to come get you, Hoe.”

“Thanks, Bestfriend,’ I replied in an excited tone that clearly annoyed Resha since she hung up in my face.

I chuckled as I looked up at Daniel, who was giving me a look that I couldn’t place.

“I can’t read you,” he stated on an exhale. “I’m trying to see if this is something that I need to prepare to get sued over.”

“No,” I insisted, hands out, brows bunched. “I don’t plan to sue you; I was just messing with Resha. She’s a mother so she has this tendency to freak out first and ask questions later. I like messing with her because of that. I have no intentions of suing you. Not at all.”

I could see him visibly relax before those sexy eyes bounced back up to me. “What’s your name?”

Here we go I thought before speaking, “ExZhia, but everyone calls me Zhia.”

He did that lip licking thing again. “Cool, Zhia. I’ll check with the nurses to see if everything is good to go.”

“Perfect,’ I replied as he walked out. I was sure to get a good look at his ass when he did so.

This had to be the awkwardest of the awkward silences in world history. There was awkward then there was whatever the hell this is. I was on the verge of running down the street and around the corner on this bad foot just to get out of this car. The car was nice, nice as hell and the owner was fine, fine as hell but my fight or flight senses were tingling and I was about to go the flight route when he spoke.

“I honestly don’t mind taking you home and I am truly not a stalker.”

I glanced over at him before nodding. “I believe you- I just; Resha must be running a little late. I don’t want to hold you up any more than I’ve already have. You’ve done enough.”

He shifted in his seat to look at me. “Don’t you need to call into work or something?”

“Not really,” I replied with my nose bunched. “I did send my boss a text letting him know that I would need today and tomorrow.” I rattled with the papers in my hand nervously. “What about you?”

“Nah,” he declined. “I’m the boss so I don’t have anyone to report to. I didn’t plan to go in today anyway.”

“Oh,” I exerted. “What do you do?”

He rubbed his full beard. “I used to be a corporate guy but I retired from that last year. I own a museum.”

I definitely wasn’t expecting that from him. “What kind of museum do you own?”

“African American Arts. Just a small-.”

“OMG,” I squealed, cutting him off. “You are not talking about Speaking Roots are you?”

The coy grin that came across his face gave him away. “Yeah. That’s me.”

I raised my hand to my chest, my excitement making me grab a hold of his shoulder. “Do you know how many times I’ve been to your museum? I live there! Then you want to downplay it to just a museum. It’s everything. A café, African American bookstore, a jazz, and poetry spot. It’s literally the only place I need in the entire city of Dallas and you own it?”

“I’m really glad it’s serving its purpose for you.” He stated with a small smile. “Did you know I’m working on a second location for Fort Worth?”

I smiled big at him. I could tell he was still modest about his endeavors, he even seemed to be looking for approval but I didn’t understand why a man of his caliber would need that at all. He was black, fine and successful; definitely not someone that screamed insecurity in a manner of anything but I would indulge. “Oh wow! I didn’t know that!”

He gripped the steering wheel with his large hands before exhaling. “Yeah, it’s in its first stages but I’m getting there.”

I just kept smiling, extremely impressed by the man across from me. “Look at you!”

His eyes stayed on me for a while before he spoke, seemingly having our situation crash into him. “Your husband or boyfriend not gone try to find me and fight me for hurting you, are they?”

I’m sure my face went through a series of things before my lips parted. Nothing came out. I closed my mouth back, swallowing. “No. No husband or boyfriend- it’s just me and my dog Juicy. She may be a little upset with you but she’s too small to do any real damage.”

His laugh caught me off guard. I wasn’t prepared for it to be so warm. Because of his withdrawn demeanor, I didn’t think I would be able to hear it. His laugh settled, then his eyes did the same on me and- heat, rushing and demanding settled in the pit of my stomach.

“You’re a nice woman, Zhia.”

“Oh, it gets complicated. Trust me.”

“I’ve had the misfortune of seeing the worst of the worst so far as complicated goes.”

Sadness crept into his eyes the moment my phone rang in my purse. I sat the prescription paperwork inside of my purse before pulling my phone out.


“Is this you in this Benz?” Resha asked her voice filled with sleep.

“Yeah,” I replied as I glanced out of the side mirror. “Here I come.” I disconnected the call and slid my phone back into my purse before gathering everything to get out of the car.

“Wait,” Daniel stated suddenly, “I’ll come around and help you.”

“You really don’t have to-.” My sentence stalled as he pushed his door open and walked around the front of his car. Damn! Even his walk is sexy. He grabbed my crutches from the back seat before he pulled my door open and offered me his hand before assisting me with getting out of the car. Once I stood out of it, he didn’t step back- bringing me face to face with him and quickly returning my urge to lick him.

“I’m sorry again.”

“I’m seriously going to pull my hair out if you apologize again.”

I expected him to laugh, at least smile when I said that but I got nothing, until well- I got something.

“You are extremely beautiful and I couldn’t let you leave without at least telling you that.”

Please ask for my number I pleaded in my thoughts. “Thank you, Daniel.”

He swallowed, his eyes moving to my lips. He blinked, then swallowed again before he finally stepped back. Handing me the crutches, he moved back again as I began to make my way to Resha’s car. She hadn’t even made an attempt to get out and help me but she was possibly stuck looking at Daniel. One glimpse into her front window confirmed my suspensions. Her tongue was practically hanging out of her mouth.

I leaned down, knocking on the window before I pointed down at the locks. “Can I get you to open this for me?”

She fumbling with hitting the unlock button as Daniel stood behind me waiting. Once the locks disengaged, he helped me inside of the car.

“Hi!” Resha greeted all the sleep in her throat gone.

“Hello!” Daniel greeted back as he reached across me to help me with my seatbelt. I didn’t see that move coming and I literally almost melted when I felt his hand touch the side of my thigh. Mine and Resha’s eyes connected before hers mushroomed. “I was trying to take care of your friend but this is as far as she would allow me to go.”

“Oh?” Resha spoke with a small, flirtatious laugh.

My eyes snapped to her as she continued to blush.

“Zhia, you know where to find me if you change your mind about suing me.” He spoke to me as he stood up out of the car. “You ladies have an amazing day.”

“Thank you, Daniel,” I replied.

He gave me a long lusty look ending with a flick of his tongue across his thick lips before he closed my door.

Both Resha and I watched as he walked to his car.

“Girl, what the fuck?” Resha questioned as he pulled off.

“Girl! Girl!”

That was the beginning and what I thought to be the ending of my encounters with Daniel but this wasn’t only my story to tell. But, welcome to my diary!





…or the denial of such a thing.



I should have stayed inside. That was my first thought when I woke this morning and I should have listened to the warning that echoed in the recesses of my mind the moment I peeled my eyes open. I wasn’t in the mood for anything and I found darkness comforting. That was where I dwelled for most of the day, into the night and then it was the same shit the next day until- today.

Today, I didn’t listen. I allowed the old me to tweak my interest of going out for a run that turned into a complete disaster. After lying in bed for an hour, staring at the ceiling while my thoughts reflected back on the last six to nine months of my life- I decided to give my body a workout that was long overdue. I was still trying to get my feet back under me, still trying to figure out where I was going next. What my next move was.


I kept coming up with nothing, which equaled to more depressed nights and late mornings. Everything around me was spiraling out of control and there was nothing that I could do about it.

How does a man marry a woman, love her to the point of complete blindness, raise a child that he believed them to have created together only to have her deceive him in the most devastating way? For one, how does a man survive that? For two, how does a man find a way to live beyond it? I hadn’t figured it out yet and I didn’t see myself being able to do so anytime soon. I’d found a moment of peace, if only for a short period when I opened the museum. I needed a change; I needed something fresh- something that needed me in return. Since then, I’d been pouring my blood, sweat and tears into making it as successful as possible. In a years’ time, it had become one of the go to spots for millennial’s and beyond. I counted it as a blessing. I was good at counting blessings and I knew that God had his hand in my life, stirring things up for my better. It was just hard to see through the cloud of bullshit most times.

My phone ringing in the pocket of my sweats pulled me from my thoughts. I released a grunt before digging into my pocket to answer it, already knowing who was on the other end.

“I’ve asked you to stop calling.” I’d even changed my number to aid in my efforts to never speak to her until absolutely needed. I was still unsure on how she got my new number.

I heard her exhale, puffing air from her chest before she spoke. “We need to talk, Daniel.”

“I can’t think of one thing that I have to say to you,” I gritted as I moved through my bedroom, taking off my clothes to prepare for my shower.

“Daniel, are you seriously going to go through with this? After everything we’ve been through?”

I had to laugh to keep from cursing her out. She deserved to be cursed out. She deserved worse than that but I had never disrespected her no matter how much of a vile person she was, I wouldn’t start disrespecting her today. “Serenity.” She was everything but a representation of that name.

“I know that I messed up. I know that I hurt you, Daniel. I want to fix it; I want us to make this work.”

I leaned against the door of my bathroom, watching as stream began to fog the door of the shower. Running a hand down my waves, I tried to allow a moment of clarity. Not for me, but for her. “What we had is broken beyond repair.”

“Daniel,” she cried into the phone in a voice that once would have brought me to my knees. Seeing her upset, seeing her cry was never something that I wanted to experience but the person I am today wouldn’t allow me a moment of sympathy for her and her tears. “Please. I love you and I know that we can fix this.”

“We have a meeting with our lawyers in a few hours. You may want to prepare for that.’

With that, I disconnected the call. I sat my phone down on the counter before removing my sweats and climbing into the shower. I went in head first, allowing the water to wash over me. She wouldn’t sign the paper, which was the hold up. I’d served her papers a few weeks after everything came to the light and here we were a year later and I was finally able to say that my first and last divorce was about to be final.

I was getting the thing that I wanted but I was still losing. I was losing all the time I invested, I was losing my wife and I was losing my daughter.

I ducked my head under the water, trying to camouflage the tears that gathered in my eyes. My father always told me that a man wasn’t supposed to cry and under most circumstances, I could find my way around expressing my emotions in this manner but like I said- I haven’t found a way to deal with it.

Serenity didn’t break my trust- she severed it. She dismantled it in a way that would not make it easy to be reestablished. Not with her. Not with anyone. Nylah James was now officially Nylah Jude and there was nothing I could do about it because even though I was there at her birth; taught her how to ride a bike and properly brush her teeth- she didn’t belong to me. She wasn’t mine. Her mother broke the vows that we shared together and created her with another man. A man that I now knew would take care of her as I did because she belonged to him. Not me.

Since the separation, I had only seen Nylah a total of two times; both of those times were arranged by her biological father and short lived in my opinion. I didn’t know how to act around her; I didn’t know what to say. Nylah was the smartest six year old I knew. She was quick to catch on to things so she knew the moment that her mother and separated. She knew what it meant, she just didn’t understand why things had to change between her and I. I tried breaking it down to her, her father, Raheem, tried breaking it down to her but in her eyes, I was her father and so was Raheem. After a long conversation and a lot of convincing, Raheem got her to understand that he needed to spend some time with her while I go on a small vacation. He needed his time to bond with her and that was something that I could definitely understand. That was last year and now, he was slowly pulling me back into the fold because that was where I wanted to be. I couldn’t give Nylah up, I tried and failed. She’d just have two daddies like she loved to remind us.

I got out of the shower and dressed quickly, laying right back in bed in complete darkness. Like I said, this is how I like things.

The next morning, I was still dragging my feet but I had a slight pep in my step due to the fact that today was step one of starting over. I made it to the building where the first divorce hearing would be held and everything inside of me was torn. I was divorcing a woman that I was still in love with. In my heart and mind, I had it set in stone that I would spend the rest of my life with her. Now, I didn’t know where I would end up so far as love goes. I already know. I sound weak. But- shit I was weak. I am.

I caught my reflection in the glass of the building as I pulled the door open. I took a moment to gather myself, fixing my tie and suit jacket before walking into the building. I was almost immediately approached by Serenity who was standing off to the side, speaking to her lawyer. I had to admit, she looked flawless.

“You’re really doing this,” she whispered the moment she was in front of me, interrupting my route.

I slid my hands into my pockets before stepping around her. “This is long overdue in my opinion.”

“Long overdue,” she hissed at my back, causing me to turn around and take a step back in her direction.

“Yes, long overdue. I don’t want to stay married to you for another minute and the quicker we can get this over with, the better off we’ll both be.”

“Not me,” she cried, her voice thick with unshed tears. “Daniel, I’m so sorry. Please?”

“You don’t get to play the victim in this shit, Serenity.” I hissed, my teeth clenched so tight that it caused pain. “You are not the fucking victim! I am! Raheem! Nylah! Not you!”

“I know that what I did was wrong and I can admit to my mistake. I just want us to fix this. To fix us.”

“We were built on a lie.” I looked her over, annoyance lining my features. “There is nothing for us to fix.”

I walked off, leaving her in the lobby to meet my lawyer in the room he’d advised me to meet him in. As soon as I walked in, he handed me a folder. “What is this,” I snapped, still on edge.

He eyed me, sensing my tension as I flipped the folder open. “Her terms.”

“She don’t get no fucking terms,” I hissed as I slammed the folder down on the desk. “What the fuck does she want?”

“Nothing.” He replied. “She has agreed to walk away with nothing.”

I leaned against the wall of the room, dragging my hands down my face as frustration weighed heavy on my shoulders. I slowly took in air, forcing myself to calm down. “Nothing?” My eyes moved to him as he grabbed the folder that I didn’t even attempt to read off the table.

“She’s leaving you the house and only taking what she came into the marriage with.”

I didn’t even want the house because I knew if I kept it, I would end up selling it. The memories it held still haunted me, even though I hadn’t been there in over a year. “I don’t want the house,” I finally spoke after a moment of processing everything. “She can have the house. All I want is the divorce. I already have the loft so there is no need for the house.”

I already knew a rebuttal was coming. “What do you mean you don’t want the house? You paid for the majority of it.”

I reached up to loosen my tie, suddenly feeling like it a noose. “Yeah, I don’t want it. She needs it for Nylah.”

I could see his jaw clench before he nodded. “Fine. I guess you’re leaving her with the Range you purchased as well?”

He accepted my silence as my answer. “You can’t be serious, Daniel.”

“I am man,” I pressed as my exhaustion began to take  a toll. “Just give it to her.”

The flaring of his nostrils told tales of his annoyance. “Fine. I’ll run these updated details by her and her lawyer. Give me a minute.”

I exhaled as he walked out of the room, taking a seat at one of the chairs that was pushed up to the table. My mind wouldn’t settle, even after a while of just sitting there, having time to gather myself. I couldn’t. I had been praying, I’d been praying about my marriage, giving it to God and asking him what he wanted me to do. I knew that he was against divorce but there was no way for me to repair the damage that had been done without sacrificing my happiness. I wanted- no- I needed to be happy.

I was a single man. It felt weird yet refreshing. I had been in my slump long enough. After two weeks of no work, no daylight or communication with the outside world, I was finally ready to get back to work. I walked into the café area that occupied the building next to the museum as the night crowd began to form. I didn’t have much that I needed to take care of being that I had a reliable staff that made sure everything that needed to be done was handled before I could even get my hands into it. I was only here because I’d been missing in action for two weeks and I felt the need to show my face.

“Waddup, Boss?”

I glanced to my left as an extended hand came my way. I accepted the shake of Rodney, one of my newest employees and the most rugged of the bunch. I didn’t hire him because he was experienced in the artifacts or the ins and out of what we did here, I hired him because he needed a job. He was very persistent in getting one when I met him and now that he had the position, he was doing everything he needed to do to keep it. You didn’t have to know the workings of a job to get the position- y’all president proved that- you just had to be hungry enough to do what was needed to get it. Rodney was hungry. He was also actively asking me everything that I knew about black art, black history and black love- all of the things we celebrated at Speaking Roots.

“Nothing much. You holding it down?” I asked him as I released his hand.

“I’m barely holding myself down,” he replied. “I’ve been reading.”

A slow smile graced my face. “Ah hell!”

He sucked his teeth before waving me over to walk with him. “Ah hell is right! Do you know what they did to her?”

He stopped in front of a sculpture that got a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. But that was to be expected because that was her roots. That was her test and her testimony. “Sarah Baartman.”

“Yes!” Rodney insisted. “Do you know?”

I nodded. “Of course I know. It’s my job to know.”

He scrubbed his waves before shaking his head. “I never heard about her in History class. I never heard about no damn show that displayed black women as freaks because they had a fat ass.”

My head dropped, I tried to stop my smile from forming but I failed. Rodney was young and sort of a loose cannon, he reminded me of myself when I was right out of high school with fresh eyes and an open mind. I could understand his confusion, as well as the slight level of anger that laced his voice.

“They had her on a fucking chain like she some sort of animal, bruh. That’s bullshit.”

I had to agree. “Yeah! The thing that will really blow your mind is the fact that she started out as a free woman. She wasn’t a slave.”


“No!” I answered. “She wasn’t. She was born in the Camdeboo Valley based in the regions of South Africa and moved to England with a man who was also free. She was approached to perform and because of her finances or the lack there of, she agreed to become the main attraction for their show. It wasn’t until she was mistreated and mishandled that she discovered the error in that decision. That sound familiar to you?”

His eyes lowered before they bounced open. “That sounds like what strippers do to this day.”

“Bingo.” I replied before walking off, having him follow me.

“Man,” he stressed. “I ain’t ever going to another strip club again.”

“Again,” I questioned as I entered my office. “You’re only eighteen.” I sat behind my desk while looking up at him, removing the contents of my pockets and placing them on my desk. “What club let you in?”

He squinted before sucking his teeth. “Right! I ain’t never going to no strip club! Ever!”

“Man! Get out of here!” I laughed as he backed out of my office with a slick smile on his face. “Can you tell Tez that I need to see him?”

“You got it, Boss!” he yelled as he slapped the frame of my door and proceeded down the hallway. I stretched my neck, working my fingers to unlock my computer as my phone rang. It was as if the entire room got brighter when I saw the source of the call. “Hey, Butterfly.” I greeted, trying to keep the emotion out of my voice.

“Hey, Daddy,” Nylah replied, still calling me what she naturally felt was right and I nor Raheem felt the need to correct her. With all the changes that her life was taking, she still remained the same. It was teaching me a lot about how to handle life, even as a grown man. “My daddy told me to ask you for the other one because Mrs. Eryanna ain’t gone be giving him a lot. That’s what she said.”

My brows dipped as I tried to keep up with the conversation. “What’s she not gonna give him?”

“A sister.” Nylah popped as she snacked on something. “I want a brother and a sister and daddy said that Mrs. Eryanna only gone give me a brother so I gotta ask you for the sister.”

“Your dad told you to ask me that,” I questioned on the verge of laughter.

“Yes, sir. He told me to ask you.”

I exhaled. “How soon do you want this sister?”

I could hear her counting and more than likely, she was using her fingers. “Five days.”

She said that so nonchalantly that I burst into laughter. “Five days? Nylah.”

“You need six days, Daddy?”

I exhaled before leaning forward to place my elbows on the desk. “I’ll need more time than that.”

“You can’t get somebody to help you?” She questioned in a high pitched voice that let me know she didn’t understand why I needed so much time. The weird part was when she asked if I could get someone to help me, her mother didn’t pop into my head. The woman that had found a way to creep into my thoughts and dreams did. ExZhia. I often thought of her but I quickly pushed those thoughts away, knowing that I didn’t want to start anything with anyone. In the short amount of time that I was in her presence, I knew that she wasn’t looking for anything short term. She seemed to have her shit together and naturally, she would want a man on that same level.

I was still trying to find out who the hell I was outside of Serenity.

“I’ll figure it out and get back to you on that, Nylah.”

“Ok!” Her tone was so chipper that I hoped Raheem was actively working on her wish as we spoke. “You still coming to get me this weekend?”

I released a slow breath while rubbing my head. “Nylah, I wouldn’t miss it.”

“YAY!” She squealed. “I love you! I’m about to go play in Mrs. Eryanna hair! I’mma call you tomorrow, ok?”

She was so mature. “I’m gonna be waiting, Butterfly.”

She made a kissing sound before fumbling with disconnecting the call. At that exact moment, Tez- my best friend and head of security- knocked on the door. “Yo?”

I stood to dap him up before pulling him into a hug. “What’s up?!”

“Not shit.” He replied as he sat across from me. “You done handling business?”

The business he was referring to was my divorce. He was the first one to tell me to get it done as soon as everything went down. It wasn’t that Tez was anti-love or anti-marriage. He was just ant-bullshit. He knew the way I loved Serenity, the way I catered to her and for her to cheat on me in Tez eyes, it was bullshit.

I nodded. “Finalized.”

“That’s good shit,” He replied as he stretched his legs.

“How is my divorce good shit?”

He made a face that almost made me laugh. “Because your ex-wife was foul as fuck and you deserve better than that. You probably the most well rounded dude I know and the fact that she fucked you over makes me believe that she was born with bullshit coursing through her veins. With her fine ass.”

I gave him a puzzled look. “Really?”

He shrugged. “Her being fine don’t take away from the fact that she ain’t shit.”

I shook my head as I returned to my seat. “Either way,” I replied with a shrug. “I’m officially divorced.”

His large hands slapped my desk. “Good shit. So, me and the bros-.”

“Nah!” I cut him off. “I’m chilling.”

He gave me a big smile as he stood. “You didn’t let me finish.”

“When you said you and the bros that officially took me out of whatever plan you have. I am not fooling with y’all.”

He grunted before tossing his hands in the air. “Come on, Daniel witcho lame ass. You are a single man! We have to celebrate.”

“Celebrate my divorce?”

“You damn skippy,” He insisted. “We need to go out and get you a stripper to dance on you.”

The irony. “It’s gonna be a hard pass for me.”

“You better hard pass yo ass on this flight.”


“It’s already paid for and I know you have Nylah this weekend so I booked it for next weekend.”

My head was starting to pound already. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about your divorce party.”

My head dropped as I grabbed the bridge of my nose. “My what?”

“Your divorce party! Everyone has one.”

“This is literally the first time I’ve ever heard those two words in a sentence.”

“That don’t matter.” Tez shot down. “We are going to make it happen. In fact, we already got the room, flight and rental taken care of. All you need to do is bring ya ass.”

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get out of this easily, if at all. “Come on, Tez. I have a business to run so you know I can’t just up and leave. How long is this supposed trip?”

“Negro, you just came back from being gone two weeks.”

“Exactly why I can’t leave again.”

“This place runs itself. Why do you have an assistant manager if you don’t trust him to hold things down in your absence?”

That wasn’t the issue. “I do trust him.”

“Then it’s settled. I know you ain’t gone let me just waste my money like that.”

“I can’t do it.”

Tez shrugged his broad shoulders as if he didn’t give a shit about my dilemma.

“Two weeks.” He confirmed as he backed out of my office. “I’ll come pack your shit for you if you need me to.”

“Tez! You never even said where!”

A wicked smile covered his face as he hit the hallway. “Where else do you go to celebrate a divorce.”

“Nowhere!” I snapped.

“Sin City, Baby!”


Final Still Stoned: Breaking Stone Teaser…

…you can’t punch Stone.

Hey Guys! As we bend the curve of the fourth leg of this race, I want to say that I appreciate every single one of you that took the time to read this series and support me on this journey into Paranormal. I enjoy writing in this genre and it looks as if you guys enjoy reading this genre from me so Paranormal & I will be together for a long time.

So…with that said. I have one final teaser of Still Stoned: Breaking Stone for your reading pleasure. Don’t forget. 02.14! The Stoner in you will need to be indulged.



His entire body ached from having to maneuver his large frame on the couch all night, knowing that Eryanna wouldn’t want him anywhere near her. He was embarrassed, ashamed but he was also partially in agreement with Stone and his actions. What Eryanna’s father said to her was disrespectful and uncalled for in his eyes. He knew of Yatti, knew of the things that he had Eryanna into but he didn’t hold that against her because she was young and finding her way through life, just like she was now. He didn’t have to know her back then to know that she had changed and grew for the better, he could see that by looking into her eyes. Yes, she had been through some things and put her loved ones through some things but who was he to judge her with a past as ugly as his.

“I went through your phone and called Lyles and Heather, letting them know that you were ok. They wanted to speak to you but I told them that you were sleeping. They said that they didn’t trust that so they are on their way here.”

She just looked at him as if he weren’t the same man that had the ability to drive her crazy with a kiss or gentle touch. She looked at him as if she didn’t know who he was and that part hurt Raheem to the core of him. Her gaze didn’t waver, it stayed dead center on him.

“I apologize, Eryanna. I plan to reach out to your parents as well to extend my apologies to them. What I did was reckless and –”

“You know about Yatti?”

He didn’t react. Didn’t flinch at the mentioning of him. Raheem smoothly tucked his hands into his pockets as he looked over at her, his expression blank. “Yes.”

“But you never told me you knew!” Eryanna snapped as she walked up to him. “I even asked you! When you told me that you looked me up, I asked you what came up and you led me to believe that nothing came up when I fucking knew better!”

“Eryanna,” he pleaded, his hand reaching out to touch her but she snatched away from him.

“No, Raheem!”

“I didn’t say anything to you about knowing because your past doesn’t have anything to do with the woman that you are now. The woman that you are to me.”

“The woman that I am to you was molded by the girl that I was to him. This shit-” Eryanna shook her head with an exhale. “Do you not see how fucking unhealthy this is? Raheem, you are crazy, dude! Fucking crazy!”

Raheem dropped his head. “I’m trying, Eryanna.”

“You say that but your actions are always different. Your actions always say something different from what comes out of your mouth!”

Raheem scrubbed his hands over his face with a grunt.

“And what happened to my hand? I hit you and it breaks! Then I wake up and feel nothing but you wrapped it.”

“I wrapped it in case it didn’t take.”

“What didn’t take?”

Raheem again moved his eyes away from hers, not wanting to say what was needed in order to give her clarity or…confuse her more. “You can’t punch people, Eryanna. You especially can’t punch Stone!”


Still haven’t gotten Stoned?

What are you waiting for?! Stoned” Your Heart Belongs To Me


**Sneak Peek** If Ever I’m Not Enough… Coming 10/03/2017



“What are you doing here?”

“What the fuck you mean what am I doing here? I need to know why you avoiding me and shit.”

Tucking her bottom lips into her mouth, she gnawed on it for a moment before releasing it. “I told you that I didn’t want to do this with you anymore. I thought we were clear.”

Gyntry placed his hands on his chest. “Aint shit clear to me but the fact that you been avoiding me. I told you what it was when you was talking that bullshit. Nothing changed.”

“Something did change”, Aelayah snapped, unaware of how much power and emotion were in her voice. “I fucking changed and I don’t like it. I don’t want it. I’m moving on!”

“To who”, Gyntry pressed. “That mothafucka”, he pointed. “Him? Huh? Aelayah?!”

Hyden stood from his seat, waiting to be addressed so that he could insert himself into the conversation. “Everything ok, Aelayah?”

Aelayah pressed her hands into her temple, not in the mood for the extra bullshit she knew she was about to endure. “It’s fine, Hyden. Just give me a minute. In fact, can we reschedule this meeting for later in the week? I’ll call you when-”

“You can call that nigga but not me?” Gyntry stepped back and shook his head with a smirk. “Ain’t that some bullshit?”

“Why don’t you have him come back, Aelayah? We have more pressing manners to attend to.”

“Don’t speak bout me”, Gyntry threw out at Hyden. “Don’t even use him in a sentence around me.”

Hyden didn’t like Gyntry’s tone and didn’t hesitate in expressing that. “You come in here practically yelling about irrelevant bullshit while we are trying to conduct business.” Hyden took a step closer to them. “You can leave and come back later for that shit.”

Gyntry made a move to go around Aelayah, until her voice halted him. “Gyntry, please. We can talk, i’ll – we’ll talk in my office. Just come on, come back and we’ll talk.”

She grabbed his arm and pulled him to her, but he snatched away from her. “How bout you take yo ass up out of here before I beat the shit out of you just for being around her witcho square ass. Don’t fucking speak to me!”

Aelayah’s heart felt tight. “Gyntry-”

“Fuck you”, Hyden spat right before Gyntry’s fist connected with his jaw, sending him flying into the table he was just sitting at. Gyntry didn’t give him time to recover before he was on his, sending a two piece against his face that caused blood to leak from his mouth.

“Gyntry”, Aelayah screamed as she grabbed on his shirt. “Stop!”

Hyden tried to cover his face but the blows were coming to hard and too fast. His head bounced against the ground as Gyntry hovered over him, transitioning between throwing punches and stomping him. The taste of blood was so heavy in his mouth that he thought he would gag on it. He felt his head became light as another punch sent his head back into the concrete of the floor.

“Gyntry!!!” Aelayah shouted again before she jumped on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck tight. “Stop!”

Gyntry had no choice but to let up once he realized he couldn’t breath. He didn’t want to hurt Aelayah but she was cutting off his air. “Let go!”

“You have to stop”, she shouted in his ear. “You’re going to kill him!”

“I told that mothafucka to stop talking to me”, he snapped as her grip around his neck loosened. “Get off me, ma.”

“No Gyntry! Go to my apartment! Now!”

“I ain’t doing shit! Get the fuck-”

“Would you fucking listen for once? Listen to me for once and just go upstairs!”

Aelayah jumped down from his back. Gyntry turned around, his chest moving up and down rapidly while he watched her. “Go upstairs!”

“I don’t give a fuck, Aelayah. You know that shit”, he spat.

Aelayah pushed him in his chest and of course he didn’t move. “I know that all too well!!” she screamed, her voice raw with emotions. “I know you don’t give a fuck about me. About my business! I know that I don’t fucking matter to you so what the fuck are you doing here? Why would you do that to him?”

Gyntry stood before her still huffing and pissed off, getting more pissed by the second. “I told him to fucking stop talking to me! Simple shit but he didn’t listen!”

“So you do this to me?” Aelayah wiped a tear from her cheek. “You come here and do this shit, destroying my bakery because you felt disrespected?”

Gyntry squinted his eyes. He hadn’t considered her at all when he made his decision to beat the fuck out of ol dude. He wasn’t prepared for the pain that was showcased all over her body or the hurt and tears in her eyes.

Aelayah exhaled, trying to calm herself down. “Is this how you like to see me? Fucking broken and weak? This what makes you happy right?”

“That’s bullshit, ma. You know thats bullshit!”

“Is it really?”

Hyden groaned on the ground and rolled over on his side as Journée bent down to stand the table back upright. In this moment, she regretted the moment she got involved with Gyntry. All he brought her was pain and heartache.

“I still need to know why you been trippin and shit”, Gyntry asked with a shrug of his shoulders.

Aelayah looked at him like he’s lost his mind. “Are you fucking serious?”

“Dead ass!”

“I FUCKING HATE YOU!” Aelayah yelled as she got in his face, a cry brought through her voice as tears rolled down her face. “I fucking hate you, man. I hate what you do to me! I hate what I am to you! I dont- I dont want to fucking be your toy, Gyntry. Don’t you get that! Move the fuck on! It’s a million girls- ah million!” She was crying so hard that she couldn’t see through her tears. “Just go! Leave me alone and never come back!”

“I wish it was that simple! I really wished it was that fucking simple!”

“Why isnt it”, Aelayah shouted. “You dont want me! You told me that much, remember?!”

Gyntry stood there silent, thinking. Thinking. Something that he didn’t do often. His mind worked overtime, being that his heart had not been felt but he never really had to think much. It was his way. He just did things his way and nothing else mattered to him. Nothing. “I came here to talk to you. I didn’t come here for this shit.”

“So go!” Aelayah continued to clean up the mess that was made as Hyden groaned on the ground. She didn’t care about him. She didn’t care about shit but the things that were going good in her life. All she wanted was peace and she couldn’t seem to find that as of late.

Gyntry shook his head before he began to walk off, he stopped when he got to the door. “I’ll pay for everything that was broken, just send me the bill and shit. I won’t fuck with you no more.”


❤️❤️Synopsis Reveal!❤️❤️ If Ever I’m Not Enough… Coming 10/03

❤️❤️Synopsis Reveal!❤️❤️
Coming 10/3
Dejunza: (Day-gun- Zuh) The Planet of Melanin and Royalty.
Dejunza is a place of complete power. A planet filled with melanin and greatness driven to the core of it’s roots. There is peace, love, joy, and support in Dejunza. But there is also pain, contest, and a source of forsaking. Every other year in Dejunza, two offspring’s of the royal kingdom are sent to Earth in order to live a complete life. This is used as a form of regulation and population control.
Pairs are sent to find their idea of happiness and absolute joy. To some, that will be finding a person to love until old age, for others that will just be a child to cater to until death. Then there will be others that rebel against the plight and go to Earth with the intent of causing harm. Once selected by The Bell, their Dejunza name is then converted into an Earthly one, they are provided an identity based off of their age and the development of their being at the time.
Thunderstorms create pathways to a new realm. In book one of the Dejunza Series, you meet Abioye and Akemp, also known as Gyntry and Gypsey, the Princes of Dejunza. The Princes of Royalty.
Gypsey and Gyntry never thought they would be selected by the Bell, though they became eligible at the age of 100. They are the princes of Dejunza and hold royal status, so surely The Bell would not choose them. But it does. The Twins of Dejunza are thrust into a lifestyle and time that is lightyears ahead of them. They have no idea how Earth works or what is required of them. They form their being by interacting with the people of Earth, developing their language, demeanor, personalities, and ideas. Gyntry adapts an urban dialect, fastly learning to enjoy the fruits that Earth has to offer, whereas Gypsey fights to gather an identity. He is trapped in darkness due to the unhappiness of his soul mate, a woman that he never met. Both men face challenges that they are not prepared for. They battle with keeping their true identity hidden from the people they form relationships with while fighting the natural pull of love and lust.

AIN’T NO CROWNED 3!- Signed Management!

I’m just gone leave this right here and let the title deal with itself.

Unedited/Copywritten @DeshonDreamz

Ashura is returning to work but not in the way that we would expect.

Ashura placed a kiss on Zaire’s cheek before she stood up out of the car to look at Anthony. He was pouting and though he was a grown man that should not be pouting at all, Ashura had to admit that it was cute on him.

“What time you plan on getting off and shit”, Anthony asked as he looked through the backseat mirror to check on Zaire before he turned his glare to his wife.

Ashura chuckled before she got on her tip toes to kiss him. “Babe, I’m just getting things back up and running, it’s going to take a minute for things to settle. My nights will be a little longer but I want you to be patient with me.”

Anthony huffed. “I get that shit but I mean- what’s a man to do when he be missing his wife and shit. Can you like ask someone else to handle the extra shit and you just focus on getting yall some cases to work.”

“It’s my second week at this firm”, Ashura mumbled.

“Trust me, I know. I don’t need you to tell me that shit. You still haven’t answered my question though.”

“I’ll try to wrap things up by ten tonight.”

“Ten!” Anthony didn’t like that sound of that. “Hell nah! Fuck that! Yo ass gone have that shit wrapped up by seven and Zaire and I will be out here waiting for you. She gone need some milk because you didn’t pump enough for you to stay here til ten.”

“But you can just…”

“I ain’t giving her none of that powder shit!”

“It’s formu…”

“Yup and you can keep that shit. My baby ain’t drinking that poison. Fuck kind of milk come in a powder form? Shit is not normal!”


“Zaire gone need milk and I’m gone need some pussy, we’ll be back to get you at seven! Im about to go take Zaire to see my parents because ma been begging me to bring her by then we going back to the house to kick it and wait until six.”

Ashura inhaled before she shrugged. “Ok, whatever.”

She went to walk off but Anthony grabbed her. “When do you plan on meeting my parents?”

Ashura exhaled. “I don’t know when I’ll be ready.”

“You’re my wife and the mother of my child. I won’t be able to hold my mother off for too much longer, love. She wants to meet you.”

“Anthony, you know I-.”

“I know, I understand and I’ve been extremely patient. We’ve been married for almost a year, how long do you expect my family to wait to meet my wife?”

“They see Zaire.”

“And don’t know where she came from. Think I’m some hoe that’s making up a story of being married.”

Ashura’s head dropped before she looked back up at him. “Can you just…give me a minute or two. Like, I just need a little more time.”

“How much time?”

Ashura kissed Anthony. “I promise”, she mumbled, staring into his eyes. “I’ll meet them soon. I want to meet them you know that, it’s just that, it’s a big step for me.”

Anthony pulled her to him, accepting her arms as she wrapped them around his waist. He reached up, pushing her wild hair away from her face and kissing her deeply. “I understand. I always understand. Just…think about when so that I can get my mother off my back. She wants to meet you.”

Ashura consented. “Baby, I want to meet her to. I love you and I know that me meeting your parents has to happen sooner than later. I’m sorry that-!”

“Don’t start that shit, you always apologizing. I’ll handle my parents. You just focusing on getting as much work done as you can so that you’re outside and waiting for me at seven.”

With that, Anthony kissed Ashura and grabbed her ass as if they weren’t standing in the middle of busy downtown Dallas. “Don’t be in that bitch flirting with the paralegals like you did me.”

“I did not flirt with you. I was a professional. You on the other hand, start fucking the client that you were sent to kill.”

Anthony’s smile dropped. He hated when she talked about why he was in her life in the beginning. He never planned to hurt her, she knew that, yet she still decided to make jokes like this. “Ashura, I hate when you do that shit.”

Ashura threw her head back and laughed. “Calm down, Killa.”

“Ha-ha, very funny!”

“I love you!”

Anthony turned his head when she tried to kiss him which caused her to laugh and grab his face, forcing a kiss on him. “Stop being like that”, Ashura fussed.

“You need to stop bringing up old shit. I don’t like it and you know it.”

“Ok ok!”

“I was gone kill you but yo pussy was good. Good pussy saves lives.”

“Oh my God”, Ashura blushed as she pushed herself out of Anthony’s embrace. “Bye!”

“I love you”, Anthony stated through his laugh as he kissed her.

Anthony released her, giving her a smile as she adjusted her briefcase in her hand and walked up the stairs to the building that housed her new office.

Ashura decided that she didn’t want to run the firm this time; she would rather have a team around her, so that she could still focus on being a wife and a mother. It took a lot convincing when it came to Anthony allowing her to go back to work, she couldn’t even apply for a position until Zaire was six months. It didn’t take long for her to be offered a job and she flew back to work as soon as she could, still attempting to get into the swing of things.

Ashura walked up the stairs into the office building that she worked in with a smile on her face. This smiled wasn’t forced, it was genuine and she felt good.

She greeted the man at the security desk with a rushed good morning and nod before she took the elevator to her floor. She entered her office and placed her briefcase down taking her seat.

A knock on her door got her attention. She smiled when she saw one of the other partners, Vanessa Styles. THE Vanessa Styles, once her biggest competitor, now her co- worker.

Ashura waved her in.   “Good Morning!”

“Good Morning, Boo!” Vanessa greeted.

Vanessa was shocked as hell when the resume of Ashura Trenton came across her desk. She didn’t know what happened to her firm, didn’t care. She had made several attempts to get Ashura to join teams with her and was head over hills excited about that fact that she had finally joined forces. If she had learned anything about Ashura, it was that it was better to be with her than against her. “I know you don’t want to see my face this early but I just wanted to make sure you got the things I sent you.”

Ashura laughed before she nodded. “I did and its fine that your in here this early. I was just going to look over them.”

“No rush”, Vanessa stated. “I was just making sure you got them. How are you settling in?”

Ashura licked her lips. “I’m settling. I think I need to get used to use being on the same team.”

Vanessa folded her hands together in a praying manner. “Pretty please get used to it? I need you, girl! I need you here with me!”

Ashura laughed and waved her off. “I think I will settle just fine. No worries.”

“Listen”, Vanessa let out, “You single handedly almost killed this firm. Snatching everybody and they momma. I need you on my side. This firm is just as much mine as if is yours. I don’t care that I started it. Its yours as well. Got it?”

Ashura inhaled. “Got it.”

“Good.” Vanessa turned to leave before she stopped. “Oh um…your husband called and told me…”

“Oh my God”, Ashura exclaimed.

“…said that I am to kick you out of her at seven. So…yeah. We doing lunch?”

Ashura shook her head. “I can’t believe that man called you! Sure, we can do lunch!”


Ashura laughed as Vanessa left, shaking her head at Anthony’s dramatics. She grabbed her phone off the desk and exhaled before dialing a number.”

We’re sorry; you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try your call again.

We’re sorry; you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try your call again.

Ashura disconnected the call and placed her phone on her desk before she took in a breath. She had gotten everything in her parents’ old house disconnected. Anthony was handling the selling of the property because even though it had been years since they’d been gone, she knew she wasn’t ready for that. Ashura vowed that she would let go of past hurt. Hearing that the number was disconnected put a lot of things in perspective for her, they were gone and there was nothing that she could do about it.She glanced out of her office window, the sun shining bright in the sky, kissing her skin in a low caress. She would be ok. Eventually, she would be ok.

Happiness For Big T.

This is a short scene that reflexes the moment that Big T is reunited with his family after his death. #BlackLivesMatter


Big T glanced around, almost confused as to how he got here. Then he remembered seeing his wife’s face before losing sight of life as he knew it. He stood in what seemed to be a long hallway, crisp white walls surrounding him. He looked behind him and saw nothing but darkness. A dark, shallow space that didn’t seem to have an ending at all. 
He frowned and placed his hand over his brow trying to see beyond the light that seemed to be blinding him. 
“They got a nigga”, he spoke in a low voice as he turned to look at the darkness behind him.
For some reason, it seemed more tempting to him. It felt more like what he had been experiencing since he lost his family.
Already, he missed Kwame and Jayda. He wanted to comfort Jayda because he could still hear her screams, echoing in his ears. He needed to let Kwame know that he would be good, after all, this he would be ok. But he wasn’t able to do any of that. 
Deciding that he would be better off in the darkness, he turned to go into it.
Big T looked into the darkness, hearing his baby girl call his name, causing a big smile to spread across his face. 
He turned back around, covering his brow to block the light again and he tried to look into it.
“Come this way, daddy!”
Big T squinted his eyes as his daughter’s voice floated through the air toward him. 
He couldn’t see her. “Gabrielle?” He called out, searching for his daughter. He began to walk toward the light. 
“I’m here, daddy”, Gabrielle stated as she ran, full speed toward her father, trying her hardest to get to him. She missed him so much! She’s been begging her mother to see him but she would always say that GOD wasn’t ready for him yet. Gabrielle was tired of that excuse. She just wanted to see her daddy! She was so thankful that GOD was finally ready for her daddy.
Ira heard her daughter calling out her father’s name and confusion clouded her thoughts as she watched her sprint into the direction of the unknown. The area where people who were new to heaven, had to make their decision to come to the light or fade into eternal darkness.
“Gabrielle, get back here”, she called out as her daughter ran full speed into the unknown.
“I gotta go get daddy, momma! Daddy’s here!”
Ira ran behind her daughter, moving past the people who were singing and dancing and trying to get to Gabrielle before she went too far.
Ira hit the corner and had the wind knocked out of her at the sight before her. 
There on his knees, holding their daughter in his arms, was the love of her life. She covered her mouth as tears gathered in her eyes. 
Big T looked up at his wife, as beautiful as the day that he laid eyes on her and smiled. “My Ira.”
“What are you doing here?” Ira asked as she ran to him.
Big T smiled as he pulled his wife into his arms. “I guess GOD was ready for a nigga.”
Ira shook her head. “You can’t talk like that up here?”
“I just said nigg-”
“But you can’t, you get sent away for things like that.”
Big T inhaled. “I definitely don’t want to get sent away.”
Ira smiled as more tears gathered in her eyes. “I can’t say that I’m not happy to see you, Terrance.”
“I love you, Ira!”
“I love you more, Terrance!”
“Oh daddy”, Gabrielle said as the entire family began to walk into the light. “Can you do that piggyback thing that you do? Oh, and can we sing together? Daddy, do you know how to sing? Momma doesn’t do well.”
Everything seemed right for Big T. Everything seemed…perfect.



#TeaserTuesday “You Should Be Naked…” – Deshon Dreamz

Hey, Guys!!

This Teaser Tuesday is dedicated to the anthology that I will be apart of titled, “I Like My Kisses Down Low”. Super excited and honored to be a part of this book, alongside such amazing writers.


© Copywrite 2017 Deshon Dreamz, subject to change.

A Taste of the Control Freak…



Nina was slightly freaked out by the room number, but she quickly decided to push that feeling back into the pit of her stomach.

“Don’t be boring. Don’t be boring, lame Nina.” She coached herself before taking in a deep breath through her nostrils. She was a nervous wreck, that feeling being offset by her curiosity. More than anything else, she was tired of working as hard as she did as a child protective services caseworker for the city of Dallas and going home to do nothing but be dull. Not ever playing or enjoying the fruits of her labor. She was too young, a mere twenty- six, to be all work and no play. She wanted to get out, even if it was just to dance and sip on something strong. Maybe entertain someone of the opposite sex in hopes that she made herself presentable enough to get asked out on a date.

She gnawed on her bottom lip before she knocked on the door of the penthouse suite. Again, she pondered on the door number. “How is room sixty- nine all the way up here?”

Before she could dwell on it too long, the door of the room was swung open. The person on the other side of the door wore a mask, which made Nina frown.


The lady smiled behind her mask as her eyes roamed over Nina. Her mouth watered. Nina was thick as hell. Full breast that was begging to be released from behind the restraints of her cream dress that hung on to every curve of her full body to perfection. Nobu, the host of the evening, wanted to taste Nina. Every inch of her full-figured chocolate covered body. She could tell she was a first timer; she had on far too many clothes.

“Hey girl,” Nina greeted awkwardly. “I was um…looking for a coworker of mine. Her name is Angie; she invited me, told me to mention her name at the door.  I-I um…don’t know what time this thing started but she told me to get here at eleven. In my head I was like, why the fuck the party starts so late?” Nina laughed in her discomfort, “but ummm…nonetheless, here I am!” Nina licked her lips before tucking her bottom on into her mouth.

Not wanting to scare Nina off, Nobu removed her mask and smiled. Nina’s eyes danced around Nobu’s face, taking in her natural beauty.

“Your friend Angie is here”, Nobu supplied with a smirk.

“Oh, ok.” A frown covered Nina’s beautiful face. “So, can I um…come in or?”

Nobu inhaled. “I would love nothing for but for you to come inside but I want to make sure that you are clear on what kind of party this is.”

“Ummm ok.”

“Well, Nina. The first thing that I determined, which would make you stick out like a sore thumb is, you have on too many clothes.” Nobu smiled as Nina’s eyes rounded before she spoke, “Shit Nina. You should be naked.”

Nina drew back. “Bitch what?”

Nobu smiled harder. “You shouldn’t have on clothes.”

“But clearly, I do and clearly this ain’t my type of party sooooo, I’m out. Tell Angie freaky ass that I came, saw, and left!”

Nina went to storm off, but when she turned, she collided with a strong, solid chest. Her arms went out to try to grab him, but her footing slipped and she landed into the arms or Nobu. Something, she didn’t know what immediately, gave her complete comfort in her position. Yet, she straightened. Standing out of Nobu’s embrace as her eyes took in the man in front of her. He was tall, dark, and mysterious with the demeanor of a King. His eyes, tenebrous, long dreads escaped down his back, pulled into two tight braids. Ample lips and the scent radiating off of him was doing a number on Nina’s common sense. If his fine ass was going into this party, she wanted to be wherever he was going to be. She let her eyes move down him, taking in the fact that he was fully clothes, just as she was.

“I didn’t mean to scare you, love.”

Nina blinked. Hard. Not expecting a British accent to come out of the mouth of the chocolate specimen before her.

“I should not have been that close to you.”

Nina swallowed then nodded her head. “It’s fine. I was um…just leaving.”

Nobu watched the exchange between the two and saw this as an opportunity to keep Nina around long enough for her to be able to taste her.

“Nina”, Nobu spoke, voice seductively low, “Come inside. Keep your clothes on, I want you to be comfortable but I don’t want you to leave. This is Dom’s first time here too.”

Nina turned around to look at Nobu, she was a beautiful woman. Too beautiful to be real. Never in Nina’s life, had she felt any type of attraction to a woman, but she could admit that Nobu was beyond beautiful and attractive.

Dom stepped around both Nina and Nobu, glancing back at Nina and licking his lips before he entered the room. Nina’s eyes followed him; her body actually leaned to the side slightly so that her eyes did not lose their connection to him. Nobu released a chuckle as Nina straightened her stance and exhaled her shattered resistance.

“How about an icebreaker”, Nobu suggested.

Nina frowned. “A what?”

“Ice Breaker. Ask me anything you want to ask me and in turn, I get to do what I want to do.”

“What exactly is it that you want to do?” Nina didn’t hide her disorientation from her face.

“I think you are the cutest thing, Nina”, Nobu admitted. “Cute in your confusion and curiosity. I know that something inside of you wants to know what’s going on here. I am more than willing to tell you but if you do leave, I have to at least end the night with a taste of you.”

Nina swallowed, some of her inhibitions evaporating as she did so. “Ok, what is this place?”

Nobu smirked. “You have to first agree to my terms, Nina.”

“What do you want to taste, because I ain’t down for fucking. I mean, not that you’re not beautiful. I mean you are if I was a dude. I’d smash. But I don’t do girls.”

Nobu tilted her head to the side. “Have you ever been with a woman before?”


“Then can you honestly say what you don’t do, Nina?”

Nina gave an askance look. “You know what, I’m out.”

Nobu reached for her, pulling her back to her then turning around to press Nina’s back against the door. Nina went to move, but her eyes connected with Nobu’s, hazel in color, with green trimming them, almost hypnotizing Nina.

“Don’t run, Nina. I promise to take care of you.”

Nina closed her eyes as Nobu’s hand moved up her thigh, pushing her coat out of the way before she stepped into her, bringing their bodies together. “You were invited because someone in your life believes that you aren’t living life to the fullest. Someone wants you to let loose, and enjoy yourself in a manner that you more than likely haven’t at this point. You want to know what this is about. It’s about inhibitions. It’s about doing something that you have never done and possibly will never do again. It’s about sex. It’s about orgasms, Nina.”

Nina felt her dress being lifted but she had no recollection of when her panties were pushed to the side. Nobu didn’t want to give Nina time to second guess what was about to happen to her. Her thoughts couldn’t get too far away or she would lose her. She refused to lose her.

“Nina, curious pussy”, Nobu practically moaned against Nina’s lips as she pressed her fingers against her clit. Nobu’s moans mixed in with Nina’s eyes her eyes lowered. “Curious pussy is the best pussy.”

She was wet. Nobu knew she would be. Rather Nina wanted to acknowledge it or not, her curiosity centered on far more than what was behind door number sixty- nine. “I knew you would be wet. I knew you were turned on. Why wouldn’t you tell me that your pussy was wet?”

Nina inhaled, trying to pull her eyes away from Nobu’s but she couldn’t. He felt as if she was under hypnosis, unable to control her body. Unable to fight the pull Nobu seemed to have over her, capturing her in her web in a manner of minutes. She was wet, too wet. Never in her life had she had this type of reaction to a woman. Never.

Nobu reached up with her free hand and ran her fingers through Nina’s hair, landing at the nap of her neck before her hand moved down to caress her breast. Nobu continued to press her fingers into Nina, which caused Nina to moan.

“Beyond this door, you care Control Freak. That’s how you will introduce yourself to people because that is what you are. But tonight Nina, you will do everything but in control. You will be control by me, you will do as I say and you will cum when I tell you to. You will submit to whoever else you are partnered with. You will do what is told of you. Do you understand, Control Freak?”

Nina nodded her head as her body began to tremble.“Open your mouth. Do we have an understanding, Control Freak?”

“Open your mouth. Do we have an understanding, Control Freak?”

Again, Nina nodded her head, but she added a yes into the mix. Nobu smiled as she pulled her fingers from Nina, lifting her fingers to place them at her lips before she stuck her tongue out to taste her. Nobu smiled at Nina’s bewildered expression. Nobu’s expression then turned serious as she gestured her head toward the door of the hotel room. “Please come inside so that I can see you cum. Even if I am not the one giving you orgasms tonight Nina, I want to see it happen. I want to see it happen time and time again. Please, come inside.”

Nina released a breath as her hands reached up to shuffle through her hair. She looked into Nobu’s eyes once more before she turned and grabbed the door knob to the room. “Fuck it”, she mumbled as she turned the knob.

The Ugly Duckling….

How They Met…


The Ugly Duckling….
Cole sat at the back of the classroom with his head in his book. He didn’t want to look up; he knew his eyes would automatically go to her.
Stacy Stendhal, most popular girl in school, also the most beautiful girl in school. His attraction to her was something he would never verbalize. He wasn’t in a position to and though he wanted nothing more, he knew girls like her would never go for a guy like him.
Against his better judgment, he pulled his eyes away from his book and looked up. His eyes rounded in surprise when he saw Stacy looking back up at him, smiling.
Cole was at the back of the class, so he knew there was nothing behind him but a wall, but he looked back, returning her smile with a crooked one of his own.
Her smile wavered slightly as she tucked her bottom lip into her mouth, licking her lips at Cole. His confusion settled on his face as his eyes bounced around the classroom, he wanted to be sure that he wasn’t imagining the entire encounter. Things seemed normal but Stacy Stendhal licking her lips and smiling at him was everything but normal.
Cole wasn’t used to getting the attention of girls in school; most times he was looked over for his lack of attraction. His acne riddled skin, bulky frame and more times than any baggy clothes, didn’t really add to his appeal. He lacked confidence due to the corrective braces, covering his teeth. He never had a girlfriend and was completely content with that, that was until Stacy transferred to his school two semesters ago.
The bell rang, indicating the dismissal of class and it wasn’t until this moment that Cole tore his eyes away from Stacy and stood to gather his belongings. His jacket, faded black, a size too big with holes in the pockets was his shield. It was a defense mechanism, something that he used to protect himself from the demons he subconsciously endured throughout the day.
“Hey Cole!”
Cole’s head snapped up, a crooked smile wobbling its way across his face. He struggled to find his voice. “Hi- um, hey Stacy!”
Stacy tilted her head to the side with a faux smile covering her face. “Cole, why are you always so quiet?”
Cole shrugged. “I don’t ever have anyone to talk to. No one ever talks to me.”
“Well”, Stacy spoke, brushing her long wavy hair over her shoulder, “You never make yourself available to talk. Why don’t you sit with me at lunch today?”
Cole slowed in his movements, shocked by Stacy’s statement. “Sit with you?”
“Sure, I don’t see an issue with that. That is unless you don’t want to.”
“No”, Cole interjected. “I would like that. Let’s um…we can go.”
Cole had nerves shooting through him at the rate of a piston, he never imagined being welcomed into Stacy’s personal space, hence him always keeping his distance.
They walked out of the classroom, gaining the eyes of others around them but Cole kept his head down as he moved silently beside Stacy.
Once they made it to the cafeteria, they got in line to get their lunch before taking a seat at the popular table. No one but the elite sat at this table and that fact, made Cole even more uneasy. He wasn’t supposed to be sitting here, yet against his better judgment, he sat his tray down, sitting beside Stacy.
“Ummmm”, Stacy’s friend and co- captain, Heidi stated with her face twisted, “Why is he sitting here? Why are you with him? What the hell is going on?”
“Chill”, Stacy pressed out, “He will be eating with us today.”
“Yeah, but why?”
That question gained Heidi a few chuckles from the others sitting at the table. Cole felt something tugging at his gut, promoting him to move, get himself out of this situation before it became more embarrassing, but it was Stacy. The Stacy. He couldn’t let this opportunity pass him by, he didn’t know when something like this would happen for him again.
He leaned over to get in Stacy’s ear. “I could sit at the other table. You can just come and talk to me after you finish talking to your friends.”
Stacy shook her head. “No, Cole. Stay here.”
Cole smiled and nodded. “So, what are you…”
“What the fuck?”
Cole along with everyone else at the table turned in time to see Phillip Grand, captain of the football team and Stacy’s rumored boyfriend, standing behind them with a mean mug on his face. His two flunkies, who seemed to be attached to his hip, stood beside him.
“Why are you at our table, Ugly Cole?”
“Don’t call him that”, Stacy defended.
Cole swallowed before he grabbed his tray. “It’s ok, I’ll just move.”
“Nah”, Phillip snapped as he pushed Cole’s tray off the table. “You wanna eat? Eat off the fucking floor!”
Stacy and Cole jumped up as the others laughed, Cole felt as if the walls around him were closing in. He moved to pick up his food from the floor when he felt himself get kicked in the back, causing his body to press the already ruined food between the ground and his t- shirt. By this point, the entire cafeteria was laughing.
Cole scrambled to get off the floor, feeling tears gather in his eyes as he slipped on a banana which caused him to lose the small amount of balance he had.
More laughter. More Pointing. More embarrassment.
“You a fucking coward!”
The laughter seemed to die down a little when Anthony Drake, somewhat of an outsider but far more popular than Cole, stepped into the face of Phillip. “He wasn’t doing shit to you.”
“What’s it to you”, Phillip snapped.
“Not shit”, Anthony supplied. “Stop fucking with him or we gone have a problem. Keep your girl out of his face if you gone get made when he around her. Cole don’t mess with no one. Hell, he half way talks. So, I know she approached him.” Anthony smiled and rubbed his chin. “You mean to tell me, you’re the big bad Quarterback and you can’t keep yo hoes in check?”
“Who you calling a hoe”, Stacy interjected, feeling her plot to make Phillip jealous, backfire.
“That owl!” Anthony answered. “Leave him alone”, Anthony stated as he pointed at Cole who was now standing and dusting food off his clothes. “Mess with him and that’s yo ass. I’ll fuck your hand off so bad that you will never know what it’s like to throw a college ball.”
Phillip swallowed his nerves as Anthony turned around.
“Once they were out of ear shot of everyone, Anthony turned to Cole. “If any of them fuck with you, let me know.”
Cole eyed Anthony suspiciously. “Why? You don’t even know me.”
“I know that you don’t mess with nobody, all yo nerdy ass do is take a million notes in them composition books.
Cole smirked, he was right.
“Come on, man. I got a clean shirt in my locker”, Anthony supplied with a nod of his head.
Cole returned that nod and followed behind Anthony, after a moment of silence, he spoke. “I’m Cole Remington.”
Anthony stopped walking. “Yeah, I know. I’m Anthony Drake.”

“Because that sh** in like two days…” #TeaserTuesday

You find Ashura & Anthony in Fiji…sharing a moment that neither of them saw coming. Enjoy!!

Teaser is copywritten, unedited & subject to change…all that Jazz!



“What’s your favorite color?”

Good sex always relaxed Anthony, made him vulnerable and open to things that he wouldn’t normally be open to discuss. Ashura knew that this was the best time to get the intimate details of his life from him, so she took advantage.

“Red, black and white.” Anthony provided freely.

Ashura smiled against his back. He laid flat on his stomach and Ashura rested on top of him softly massaging his back beneath her as the sounds of the ocean echoed around them. Ashura pressed her thumbs into the lower portion of him as her hair blew into her face from the open window. She sat up straight, moving down his back so that she could massage him at a better angle, already missing the heat and comfort being pressed against him provided.

They were fresh off a love making session that put them both to sleep, once they woke, they ate. Returned to the bed to go at it again and now they had fallen into this mellow setting of just relaxing and asking each other questions that they hadn’t bothered to ask before.

“What’s yours?”

Ashura focused on his back, the smoothness of his skin somehow relaxing her even more than she already was. “My favorite colors are pink and turquoise.”

Anthony laughed a low rumble that made her thighs shake slightly. “I knew it was about to be some girly ass colors, shawty.”

Ashura shrugged, “Well, I’m a girl aren’t I?”

“That you are.”

“When is your birthday?”

Anthony stilled as she continued to massage him. Exhaling, “If I tell you, you bet not get all pissed.”

“Why would I get mad about you telling me your birthday, sir?”

“Because that shit in like two days.”

Ashura’s hands slowly came to a stop. “Stop playing, Anthony.”

“Dead ass.”

“That shit like in two days”, she said mocking him. “Are you serious?”

“I don’t make a big deal over birthday’s ma.”

“Why?” Ashura’s voice was low, almost inaudible.

“I just don’t.”

Again, Ashura spoke in a low voice. Using extreme caution to speak on the topic of birthdays when her own birthday was something that she tried to stay away from. “Neither do I.”

“Why not?”

Ashura held her hand down as her hands began moving again, only this time with a slight tremble in them that Anthony took notice of. “I used to love birthdays.”

“What happened, Ashura?”

“I watched my father die and my mother was killed as well. It um…happened at my 30th birthday party.”

Anthony tried to move, to turn to her and see her face but she wouldn’t move. “Don’t, Anthony.”

“We don’t have to talk about that.”

Ashura shook her head. “No, it’s ok. I think I need to talk about it.”

Anthony wouldn’t deny her if it was something that she wanted. He wanted to see her face but he was ok with his position, knowing that she was close to him and he could hold her if he needed to.

“That’s what made me snap, Anthony. I was leaving the house, I was fighting against myself because I was actually going to walk out and let Vince live but he…he confessed. Told me that he had my party shot up, wanted everyone dead including Nacobi and I. He wanted me and everyone that I loved dead.” Ashura stopped speaking in order to keep her emotions together. “Sometimes I wished I would have died. I wouldn’t have to deal with this pain every day. I was so lost, Anthony. I watched my dad die and I buried my mother but I called her, every day, every morning from the day after she died to the day that Vince confessed to having her killed. I paid the phone bill for two years, paid all the bills for two years, just to hear her voice. Just to…feel close to her. Everything..I love either gets snatched from me or leaves. I..don’t know what I do wrong. It’s like all the shit I did in my past is haunting me. It’s like…I’m a virus or-“

“Get up!”

Ashura shook her head as a single tear slid down her face, landing on his back.

“Come on, ma”, Anthony stated as he shifted, hearing her soft sniffles turn into deep sobs. She moved back off of him and sat on the bed, covering her face, moderately embarrassed by her breakdown.

Anthony grabbed her hands and pulled them from her face, she held her head down until he reached under her chin and made their eyes connect. “What did I tell you, Ashura? You don’t need to hide from me. You don’t have to fight me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You sure in the hell have no reason at all to be sorry.” He wiped her face with his thumbs, speeding up his pace as more tears fell from her eyes. “I hate these shits”, Anthony mumbled, his face tight as he fought hard to clear the wetness from her face. “Shit is like the worst thing ever created.”

Ashura smiled through her tears as she assisted him with cleaning her face, red rimmed puffy hazel eyes looking at him, snatching his soul in the process. He gripped her angelic face, placing kisses all over it before he pecked her lips over and over and over. Until he was content. Until her tears somehow vanished. “You’re not a virus. Not at all. You love Ashura, you love hard and you love deep and sometimes that clouds your judgment of people. Vince was a predator. He saw that you loved him, made you fall in love with him and he did this shit to you. That’s why I understand you not wanting to let me in so quickly. It’s hard for you and I get it that’s why I’m patient. That’s why I care about you anyway. I don’t care about none of the shit you did in your past because who the fuck am I to judge you. While your parents were here, you loved them. You were a great daughter to them. That’s what you remember. That’s what you cherish because that’s the shit that matters. Nothing else. You hear me?”

Ashura nodded her head before more tears pooled in her eyes and before she knew it she was crying again but this cry was a cleanse. A cleanse that was long overdue. She felt Anthony moving, shifting to lay on his back and pulling her into his arms as she just cried. For her mother. For her father. For her loved ones that she lost. For her past. For her future. Even for Vince. She didn’t know what kind of demons he was dealing with that made him the monster that he was but she knew it had to be something deep. Unrelenting. To change him in the manner that he changed.

In this moment, she felt peace. GOD provided peace. The ocean provides peace. The slow, steady movements of Anthony’s hand in her hair, provided peace. So she rested.