“Because that sh** in like two days…” #TeaserTuesday

You find Ashura & Anthony in Fiji…sharing a moment that neither of them saw coming. Enjoy!!

Teaser is copywritten, unedited & subject to change…all that Jazz!



“What’s your favorite color?”

Good sex always relaxed Anthony, made him vulnerable and open to things that he wouldn’t normally be open to discuss. Ashura knew that this was the best time to get the intimate details of his life from him, so she took advantage.

“Red, black and white.” Anthony provided freely.

Ashura smiled against his back. He laid flat on his stomach and Ashura rested on top of him softly massaging his back beneath her as the sounds of the ocean echoed around them. Ashura pressed her thumbs into the lower portion of him as her hair blew into her face from the open window. She sat up straight, moving down his back so that she could massage him at a better angle, already missing the heat and comfort being pressed against him provided.

They were fresh off a love making session that put them both to sleep, once they woke, they ate. Returned to the bed to go at it again and now they had fallen into this mellow setting of just relaxing and asking each other questions that they hadn’t bothered to ask before.

“What’s yours?”

Ashura focused on his back, the smoothness of his skin somehow relaxing her even more than she already was. “My favorite colors are pink and turquoise.”

Anthony laughed a low rumble that made her thighs shake slightly. “I knew it was about to be some girly ass colors, shawty.”

Ashura shrugged, “Well, I’m a girl aren’t I?”

“That you are.”

“When is your birthday?”

Anthony stilled as she continued to massage him. Exhaling, “If I tell you, you bet not get all pissed.”

“Why would I get mad about you telling me your birthday, sir?”

“Because that shit in like two days.”

Ashura’s hands slowly came to a stop. “Stop playing, Anthony.”

“Dead ass.”

“That shit like in two days”, she said mocking him. “Are you serious?”

“I don’t make a big deal over birthday’s ma.”

“Why?” Ashura’s voice was low, almost inaudible.

“I just don’t.”

Again, Ashura spoke in a low voice. Using extreme caution to speak on the topic of birthdays when her own birthday was something that she tried to stay away from. “Neither do I.”

“Why not?”

Ashura held her hand down as her hands began moving again, only this time with a slight tremble in them that Anthony took notice of. “I used to love birthdays.”

“What happened, Ashura?”

“I watched my father die and my mother was killed as well. It um…happened at my 30th birthday party.”

Anthony tried to move, to turn to her and see her face but she wouldn’t move. “Don’t, Anthony.”

“We don’t have to talk about that.”

Ashura shook her head. “No, it’s ok. I think I need to talk about it.”

Anthony wouldn’t deny her if it was something that she wanted. He wanted to see her face but he was ok with his position, knowing that she was close to him and he could hold her if he needed to.

“That’s what made me snap, Anthony. I was leaving the house, I was fighting against myself because I was actually going to walk out and let Vince live but he…he confessed. Told me that he had my party shot up, wanted everyone dead including Nacobi and I. He wanted me and everyone that I loved dead.” Ashura stopped speaking in order to keep her emotions together. “Sometimes I wished I would have died. I wouldn’t have to deal with this pain every day. I was so lost, Anthony. I watched my dad die and I buried my mother but I called her, every day, every morning from the day after she died to the day that Vince confessed to having her killed. I paid the phone bill for two years, paid all the bills for two years, just to hear her voice. Just to…feel close to her. Everything..I love either gets snatched from me or leaves. I..don’t know what I do wrong. It’s like all the shit I did in my past is haunting me. It’s like…I’m a virus or-“

“Get up!”

Ashura shook her head as a single tear slid down her face, landing on his back.

“Come on, ma”, Anthony stated as he shifted, hearing her soft sniffles turn into deep sobs. She moved back off of him and sat on the bed, covering her face, moderately embarrassed by her breakdown.

Anthony grabbed her hands and pulled them from her face, she held her head down until he reached under her chin and made their eyes connect. “What did I tell you, Ashura? You don’t need to hide from me. You don’t have to fight me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You sure in the hell have no reason at all to be sorry.” He wiped her face with his thumbs, speeding up his pace as more tears fell from her eyes. “I hate these shits”, Anthony mumbled, his face tight as he fought hard to clear the wetness from her face. “Shit is like the worst thing ever created.”

Ashura smiled through her tears as she assisted him with cleaning her face, red rimmed puffy hazel eyes looking at him, snatching his soul in the process. He gripped her angelic face, placing kisses all over it before he pecked her lips over and over and over. Until he was content. Until her tears somehow vanished. “You’re not a virus. Not at all. You love Ashura, you love hard and you love deep and sometimes that clouds your judgment of people. Vince was a predator. He saw that you loved him, made you fall in love with him and he did this shit to you. That’s why I understand you not wanting to let me in so quickly. It’s hard for you and I get it that’s why I’m patient. That’s why I care about you anyway. I don’t care about none of the shit you did in your past because who the fuck am I to judge you. While your parents were here, you loved them. You were a great daughter to them. That’s what you remember. That’s what you cherish because that’s the shit that matters. Nothing else. You hear me?”

Ashura nodded her head before more tears pooled in her eyes and before she knew it she was crying again but this cry was a cleanse. A cleanse that was long overdue. She felt Anthony moving, shifting to lay on his back and pulling her into his arms as she just cried. For her mother. For her father. For her loved ones that she lost. For her past. For her future. Even for Vince. She didn’t know what kind of demons he was dealing with that made him the monster that he was but she knew it had to be something deep. Unrelenting. To change him in the manner that he changed.

In this moment, she felt peace. GOD provided peace. The ocean provides peace. The slow, steady movements of Anthony’s hand in her hair, provided peace. So she rested.

The Idiocy Level of Ben Carson…- Deshon Dreamz

Please excuse me while I vent and I pray that I am not offensive but I need to get this out. Bare with me.



  1. extremely stupid behavior.

The thought of merging “Immigration” and “Slavery” is so far fetched that I hadn’t compared the two in any way form or fashion…that was until recently.

I was strolling Facebook; liking and “reacting” to things on my timeline when I ran across a repost of an article that was posted by CNN, here is the link to that article: http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/06/politics/ben-carson-immigrants-slavery/index.html

After reading a few lines of the article, whose headline caught my attention, I was faced with a video clip:


Here are some facts about Ben Carson, site; wikipedia.com

Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson Sr. (born September 18, 1951) is an American neurosurgeon, author, and politician who is the 17th and current United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, under the Trump Administration. Prior to his cabinet position, he was a candidate for President of the United States in the Republican primaries in 2016.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, and a graduate of Yale University and the University of Michigan Medical School, Carson has authored numerous books on his medical career and political stances. He was the subject of a television drama film in 2009.

He was the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland from 1984 until his retirement in 2013. As a pioneer in neurosurgery, Carson’s achievements include performing the only successful separation of conjoined twins joined at the back of the head, pioneering the first successful neurosurgical procedure on a fetus inside the womb, performing the first completely successful separation of type-2 vertical craniopagus twins, developing new methods to treat brain-stem tumors, and reviving hemispherectomy techniques for controlling seizures.[3][4][5][6][7] He became the youngest chief of pediatric neurosurgery in the country at age 33.[8] He has received more than 60 honorary doctorate degrees, dozens of national merit citations, and written over 100 neurosurgical publications.[9] In 2008, he was bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States.[10]

Carson’s widely publicized speech at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast catapulted him to conservative fame for his views on social and political issues.[11] On May 4, 2015, he announced he was running for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election at a rally in his hometown of Detroit.[12] In March 2016, following the Super Tuesday primaries, he suspended his campaign and announced he would be the new national chairman of My Faith Votes, a group that encourages Christians to exercise their civic duty to vote.[13][14] He then endorsed the candidacy of Donald Trump.[15]

On March 2, 2017, Carson was confirmed by the United States Senate as the next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in a 58–41 vote.[16]


So, here it is….


Dear Ben Caron,

The fact that you somehow are allowed behind a microphone after repeatedly displaying your incompetence is beyond me. It’s something that I stopped attempting to figure out long ago. This is a direct example as to why. Howwww on this beautiful earth of ours you married “immigration” and “slavery” in your small head is another thing that baffles me. I just used Google to get a few definitions for you.


  1. the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.
  1. the state of being a slave.
    “thousands had been sold into slavery”
Immigration happens when someone feels the need to get away from their surroundings, rather it is for the betterment of that person and their family or for that person’s own personal reasons but the act is a free choice. It is not a demand, it is not a request. It’s a personal choice. That person consciously says, “I want to move to this country.” and they do so, period.
Slavery was about MONEY. Slavery was about SUPPRESSION. Slavery was about DEPRESSION. Nothing about “Slavery” was a free choice. I’m sure, if you could place a microphone to the mouth of any slave “at the bottom of slave ships” they would CONFIRM that what was happening to them, was not their choice. The beating, the chains, the vomit, the feces, the urine, the dead bodies lapped on top of each other for travel, the cold, the fear, the wetness, the smell. ALL FORCED. ALL MANDATORY. ALL PAIN.
You lost your right to speak on the affairs of african americans a long time ago so HOW DARE YOU, stand behind a microphone and make such a asinine statement? It seems unreal, then I remember the mouth from which it was spoken and it becomes extremely clear to me. This blog is not because I feel this matter needs anymore attention than it is already getting, this blog is for every slave that died on that boat ride. This is for every immigrant that wants better for themselves.
Maybe the suppression that slave faced, is in some ways linked to that of an immigrant but the situations and circumstances could not be any further apart. My mother always told me to think before I speak. Ben, listen to my momma.
– Deshon Dreamz
© livindreamz.com 

Book One of Relationship Status is #FREE this weekend! #MarchMadness

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Three Couples….Three Journeys…One….Destination! Love should feel euphoric…right? Tori has loved the same man for what seemed like her entire life. High school sweethearts, Keyton, and Tori find themselves married and deeply in love with each other. With a list of broken promises and lies being told by Keyton; Tori finds herself at a crossroad. Does she stay and try to salvage her marriage with the love of her life or move on from all of the pain and turmoil that being with Keyton have brought her? How can you keep loving someone that causes you pain? How do you stay in a place that you know is a dead end… literally? TaNia is as independent as they come, thick and beautiful! She keeps her business in order and doesn’t depend on anyone for anything. After losing her father, she moves back home to take care of her mother, which is taking a lot of adjusting on her part. In the midst of all the changes her life is taking, Lemonte is on a mission to make her his. He kept his eye on her over the years and he’s done with just being her friend. He wants more… a lot more, whether TaNia is ready for that or not! Winter has always depended on someone, whether it was her parents or the man she was in a relationship with. She no longer wants to be that girl, so she makes some changes and learns to stand on her own two feet. She lives a lifestyle that she is not particularly proud of, but it makes her goals and dreams that much easier to accomplish. Her parents are traditional and old school so she hides her life from them, but when she lands in the scope of a Demarco, she has to make a choice between love and comfort.




One Year Ago


            “It’s freaking cold”, I groaned as I walked down the street to my car.

I called Keyton’s phone for the twentieth time, just to have my call go straight to voicemail. I shook my head as I slid my phone back into my pocket. I was starting to wish I got dropped off. Texas weather was always crazy. I didn’t know whether to wear a jacket or shorts. You just dressed neutral and prayed the temperature didn’t drop. As I walked swiftly to the student-parking garage, I smiled as I saw my car. I pushed the button to start the engine as I continued walking. I was so happy this day was over. I wrapped my jacket tighter and slid my hand over my stomach. I still remember the shock of finding out I was three months pregnant. Key was so excited, and so was I. I couldn’t wait to meet our princess.

My steps slowed as an eerie feeling washed over me. I wondered where everyone was. We had exams coming up, so I knew I wasn’t the only one that stayed late to study. It was so quiet. I  quickened my pace to my car as the feeling grew heavier. When I finally made it, I exhaled and quickly opened the door to get in. Thank God, for push start and heated seats.

As soon as I was in, I laid my head back on the headrest as I placed my bags in the passenger seat. I looked down at my ringing phone, rolling my eyes as I picked it up.

“About time you called back, Keyton! What the fuck was you doing that prevented you from answering the phone?”

“Where you at? School? Your parents? Where are you?” The urgency in his voice sent chills down my spine. Goosebumps formed on my skin as fear crept into my heart.

“I’m at—”

Before I could complete my sentence, I was snatched out of my car. The scream I wanted to release got caught in my throat as I struggled against the strength of the person that grabbed me.

“Don’t fight me, bitch. I’ll break your fucking neck,” he growled as he grabbed my hair, successfully pulling me completely out of the car and threw me to the ground.    “Beat the life out of this bitch,” he announced.

I was too scared to look up, but I felt the presence of others. Before I could get a word out, I felt a blow to my face so hard that it knocked the wind out of me. I opened my eyes partially just to see the garage ceiling and four people dressed in all black. “Please don’t! I’m pregnant!”

“Fuck you and that baby bitch,” the man spoke as I heard chains and bats click against the floor of the garage. “Fuck this bitch up!”

I couldn’t describe the pain I felt from the blow of the bat against my arm. I cried out for Keyton in the fetal position trying to protect my unborn child. The pain was unbearable. I could hear my bones cracking and the constant flow of blood from my head falling to the ground. I felt a sharp kick to my back then my stomach as I held her. I tried my best to protect her, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.

“Please stop,” I screamed with all I had. “Keyton!”

“That bitch nigga can’t save you! Fucking with bitch niggas get you put in bitch positions!”

“Somebody please help!” Blood leaked from my mouth and ears. I felt moisture between my legs and I knew I was losing my baby. “Please, you’re going to kill her! Please stop,” I mumbled. “Keyton, help!”

My body went numb from pain as I gave up on ever seeing Keyton again. I gave up on life! I gave up on ever holding and kissing my daughter.  He was my husband. Why wasn’t he here to protect me?

“Pretty bitch ain’t so pretty no more, huh?” One of my attackers spoke as she punched me in the face with brass knuckles repeatedly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep Keyton’s dick wet while you gone, bitch!” The other one swung the bat against my stomach crushing my hands in the process.

“That nigga doesn’t give a fuck about you! Where he at?” The other spoke as she held me down.

The blows came to an abrupt stop as I shuddered on the floor. I was drifting in and out of consciousness as the world around me turned cold.

“You feel that, bitch?” the man taunted. “That’s death! I’ll see you when I make it to hell!”

I felt myself lose consciousness as moisture pooled between my legs. I knew it was blood though I couldn’t see it. I knew I had lost my daughter; I just needed to see her. I wanted to hold her and tell her that I loved her even though I allowed this to happen. She meant so much to me.




Present Day



“You only care about yourself! You’re selfish and self-centered and I hate you, Keyton!”

My hat was low, covering my eyes that were now red because I was dumb high. I was sitting on the couch in the downtown loft I shared with the love of my life, Tori Dior Miles. My estimate was that she had been yelling for the last thirty minutes. From what I gathered, because bitches be coming up with some shit; some chick from Facebook messaged Tori informing her that I knocked her down. That shit was a lie, but I couldn’t get Tori to believe that. See, I fucked up in the past, and shit hasn’t been right since, but I wouldn’t give up on us. I loved her too much. She was all I knew. Man, this was my heart in front of me; my everything. She was about 5’6”, chocolate with these pretty ass light brown eyes. She looked exotic. The thing about Tori was that though she was beautiful, she didn’t have a conceited bone in her body. Speaking of her body, thick ass curves for fucking days. I liked to think I had something to do with that. She had deep dimples and a perfect smile, rocked a piercing in her bottom lip that only added to her beauty. She wore her hair bone straight, falling to the middle of her back, all hers. I dared a nigga to touch my rib. I was fucking shit up on site. The only issue we had was outside bitches dropping bugs in her ear and that she didn’t trust me as far as she could see me. We been rocking since high school, eight years to be exact, married for five. I locked her ass down as soon as we were legally able to do so. It took  a minute to convince her father, but he eventually gave me his consent. He still thought we were too young to be married, though.

Been through some shit, but I wasn’t messing up home for nobody; Tori was wifey! Point blank period. Even when her ass was flipping out on a nigga, like right now.

“You hate me, baby?” I laughed. I had to do something to keep from snatching her lil ass up. “You say that every day! I don’t want to hear that shit, ma.”

Tori was in my face in seconds. Sexy ass. Even when she was spazzing on me, I couldn’t help but smile because I loved her and all her craziness.  She had this sexy little Boston accent too. I don’t know man. I was crazy about this girl. She could do no wrong in my eyes. Before I knew it, she had hauled off and hit my ass dead in the chest. I had to grab my shit. She was a little violent… shit stung.

“I don’t see anything funny!”

I was still rubbing my chest where she hit me. “Say Tor. Keep your hands to yourself!”

“Fuck you, Keyton!! I do hate yo dog ass! All you do is lie and cheat! Bitches are calling my phone! You even got chicks at my school wanting to fight me and shit all because my nigga can’t keep his dick in his pants! Fuck you!” She screamed at my ass.

Tori grabbed her Coach purse out the chair in the dining room and her keys off the table. We always argued, but she never tried to leave me before.

My heart dropped to my fucking feet.

            The fuck? My high evaporated. I was thrown off. At first, I didn’t know whether I was supposed to stop her or let her leave. She was tired; I could see it, but I couldn’t let her just leave over no bullshit another chick said. I loved her too much. Eight years of loving her and I wasn’t letting her go. I accepted my past fuck ups but this shit here wasn’t on me.

In all the years, I been with shorty, I fucked over her once with one of the strippers at the club. Then, I didn’t even have sex with her; I just let her suck my dick. I knew it was wrong and was planning on telling Tori and dealing with the consequences until the chick approached her one night at the club, talking about how we fucked in my office. It took everything I had to get Tori back after that. She moved out, took all her shit, and changed her number. When I tell you, a nigga was sick! I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. I stalked her ass, begged more than a Keith Sweat Greatest Hits Collection until I got her back. I wasn’t losing her again.

She was almost to the door when I stepped in front of her. I was trying to have a chill night, but I had to deal with this shit.

“Aye Tor, how many times I got to tell yo spoiled ass you ain’t leaving shit? We locked the fuck in so put that shit down.”

“Move out my way, Keyton. I’m not doing this anymore. I’m not beat for it. Eight years and you ain’t got your shit together yet? I’m done.”

Tori wiped the tears that gathered from her eyes before she returned her gaze to mine. This was fucking with me mentally; the thought of her leaving had me sick to my stomach. I still loved Tori with all of my heart, but I knew things had not been the same between us since that shit went down. I felt like I was losing her.

“You are blowing my high, man.”

“You ruining your own shit. Just let me leave!”

“Fuck nah! Put that down! You all I fucking got! I’m not about to let you just leave because of what some chick said! I come home expecting to get sexed to sleep but no; I walk into this shit. Some bitch said this; some bitch said that, some bitch told you I was fucking the next bitch. Word of mouth ass hoes. You just eat all that shit up! I’m tired of this same shit, Tori!”

She mushed my ass so hard I had to bite into my bottom lip to control my reaction.

“Say! Watch yo hands, baby girl,” I said, licking my lips again. “Don’t touch me unless we fucking…. Are we fucking or nah?”

“It’s a million females in Dallas willing to have yo dog ass! Go fuck one of them!”

I was stressed. “Damn Tori! You my wife! I don’t want any of them, girls, man. Come on now, my dick hard and yo sexy ass yelling in my face ain’t making it no better. I wanna fuck!”

“That’s your problem, Keyton. That’s all you ever want to do. Run the streets, get high, and fuck!”

I shook my head. “This shit for the birds, man.”

We stood there for a moment, neither of us speaking to each other just looking deep into the others eyes.

Tori probably didn’t realize she was crying again until I reached out and wiped her cheek. I looked down at my hand. Her tears were like my biggest enemy. Seeing those shits was worse than facing my haters in the streets. I would rather go to war with a foe than to see her cry.

“Stop that, man. I can’t take it. I ain’t messing around on you, Tori. I messed up in the past, but that was the old me. I love you, ma. A nigga got flaws I ain’t gone front, but the girls out there can miss me with that shit. I ain’t fucking up home for no one time smash. Not again. Not anymore.”

She tried to wipe her face but the more she swiped, the more tears came, falling from her eyes and into my heart.

“You say things like that then do something different. I’m not a fool, Keyton. I know I can’t believe everything that comes out of these women’s mouths but what the hell, Key? I deal with so much already with you not being here all the time. You have the restaurants and the club, now you working on the hotel. You’re rarely here! I’m always by myself or with Nia. I’m your wife, Keyton.”

“I know that, Tori!”

“Then act like it!” She yelled, as she got closer to me. “Keyton, can’t you see I’m tired of this shit? It’s not just these females coming out of nowhere! It’s this marriage! It’s the fact that I don’t get to make love to my husband every night because he always has other shit to tend to! If you were here with me, I could have some kind of defense against all this, but when a bitch tells me she had my dick, I can’t even say no, bitch, because I had that motherfucker last night! I can’t because that would be a lie!”

I didn’t have shit to say because she was right. Everything she was saying was right, and I couldn’t deny that. I couldn’t say a thing.

“Tori, you know I love you, and I don’t want to lose you. Just give me a chance to get some shit together. I’ll be home more, I promise!”

“Fuck your promises, Key. Keep that! I’m starting to believe you just make promises to me to break them. Because they sound good, right?”

I was beyond pissed off at this point. I knew it was a lot of shit that Tori wasn’t saying. I knew what the real issue was, but if she didn’t bring it up, then neither would I.            “Man, what the fuck you want from me?”

“I don’t want anything from you, Keyton! Not shit!”

I exhaled as I ran my hands down my face. “So what are we doing, Tori?”

She sniffed and wiped her eyes again. “I’m leaving!”

“No you not! So what other options do we have?” I sounded like a bitch, but I didn’t give a fuck. I was in the wrong even though I hadn’t done anything wrong. I didn’t even know the woman she was talking about. I could admit I hadn’t been around lately, but I was trying to put something’s in place for us. I wanted Tori to always be good with or without me.

“Do you still want to have my daughter? Do you even still love me? You’re my wife, been that for five years. Do you still want to be married to me? Do you give a fuck at all, man?” I asked as I looked into her eyes.

“I love you, Keyton. You know that!”

“I hear you say it all the time, but I can’t feel it, Tori. Not since—”

She looked at him sharply. “Not since what? Say it!”

I held my head down. Fuck! My intentions weren’t to bring that shit up, but I knew that was our problem. When she lost our daughter, she changed. The woman I fell in love with was no longer there behind her beautiful eyes. Everything was just blank. Gone. Empty. I loved my wife with every inch of me, but things between us just haven’t been the same. “I’m not going there-”

She bit her bottom lip and stared at me. “Since what, Key?”

“Come on, Tori.”

“Fucking say it,” she cried, pushing me in the chest. I tried to grab her, and she snatched away from me.

“I just know you don’t love me the same,” I said shaking my head.

She ran her hands through her hair and shook her head. “I need you to let me go.”

“I just told you I can’t do that, ma.”

“But that’s not your choice to make, Keyton. I’m leaving.”

“So what that mean, Tori? I asked you if you wanted to keep being my wife? I asked you if you wanted to try again to have the little girl you keep asking me for. I wanna know. Tell me!”

“I can’t live like this, Keyton. I can’t!”

I can’t remember the last time I shed tears, but I felt as if I was on the verge of letting some go now. “But, Ma…You can’t leave me, Tori. You all I fucking got, man. What I’m supposed to do if you ain’t here? Who do I kiss? Make love to? Who gone hold Key down?”

She bowed my head. “Please Key… just let me go.”

I took a few steps closer to her. “Let you go?” I was disgusted with her for saying some shit like that! “And, do what? You got the plan, right? You know everything? Let you go… then what? What a nigga gone do without his heart and soul, Tori? You might as well take that cute ass bedazzled nine you got in your purse and kill a nigga because that’s the only thing you leaving gone do.”

She looked up at me as fresh tears gathered in her eyes. I walked into her and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her into me. Soft whimpers came from her lips as she cried harder. I buried my face in her neck and inhaled deeply.

“Why shit gotta be so hard, Keyton?” She asked through her sobs.

“I’m sorry, Tori. I’m trying to make it right, but you gotta give me a chance. I’ll do whatever I gotta do, ma. I can’t lose you.” I planted kisses on her neck and shoulders as I held her. I needed this woman. I knew it and so did she.



Relationship Status!!

Crowned…The Lover & The Savage **Extended Sneak Peak

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Crowned: Return Of A Savage


Any real hustler knows the unspoken code of the streets is to eat or be eaten, but when it comes to Ashura Trenton, she’s internally battling with herself to either respect the creature that the streets made her or rebel against it. Crowned Queens, an organization that Ashura and Nacobi created when they were freshmen in college, had turned into a lucrative empire right before their very eyes. Young, successful and content with life, Ashura implements the necessary changes to put that lifestyle behind her, but with the power that she’s gained comes a slew of enemies prepared to snatch everything that she has worked for.

Nacobi has always been there for Ashura. Her rider to the point of no return and that will never change. When Ashura gets fed up with Crowned Queens, Nacobi reluctantly follows suit in getting things shut down. However, what they don’t know is that the enemy who is out to get them is closer than either of them would expect.

With love found, love betrayed, and love tainted, the savage that Ashura has fought tooth and nail to keep suppressed is threatening to rear its ugly head. Unbeknownst to the enemy, if the beast is released, they will soon learn why she’s the diva who was Crowned Queen







The delight Ashura felt when she looked around the room could not be placed into words. She glanced up, admiring her husband’s handsome face as he gazed at her lovingly. “Happy Birthday, beautiful!”

Blushing, she got on her tiptoes to kiss him in return. “Did you do this for me?”

“I can’t take all the credit. The decorations and food were handled by Nacobi. I was more of an… organizer.”

She looked around again, her eyes landing on her best friend who had on a party hat and was looking at her along with everyone else. “Thank you, Nacobiiii!”

“No problem, boo,” Nacobi said as she walked up and tugged Ashura into her arms. “You old now, bish! Thirty? Lord!”

“Thirty is not old,” Ashura defended as she walked over to her mother and father and hugged them before hugging her aunt, cousins, and the rest of her family and friends that were in attendance. “Literally, everyone is here!”

“Yeah, see, that was all on Vince. I didn’t have time to be calling all these damn people,” Nacobi muttered as she led Ashura over to the drinks.

They were as thick as thieves; they went through and did everything jointly. Since elementary, Ashura and Nacobi had been inseparable, it was a friendship that they both valued to no end. Though Nacobi had never really liked Ashura’s husband, Vince, she tolerated him. If he loved Ashura, then to Nacobi, that was all that mattered.

“Happy Birthdayyyyyy,” Ashura heard her mother sing from behind her.

She quickly turned around and threw herself into her mother’s arms. This woman was the backbone and the molder of everything that was Ashura Trenton-Combs. Outside of Nacobi, she was the only woman that Ashura allowed into her circle.

“Mommmaaaa,” Ashura cooed as she hugged her mother tight. “I’m surprised they got you out of the house.”

“Oh hush,” her mother stated with a wave of her hand. “I wouldn’t miss your thirtieth birthday for anything. You know thirty is a big milestone for a woman. After Vince called and drilled the importance of this day and what it would mean to you if we were all here, I knew I had to come. But, I was already coming anyway.”

“Well, thank you, Momma! Have you eaten and taken your medicine? You know you have to stay on top of that with your diabetes.”

“Honey, hush,” her mother cooed as she wrapped her in her arms around her. “Try to relax, Ashura. You work so hard! Your husband put this together for you. Get loose a little, and let your hair down!”

“Yo momma said get loose, though,” Nacobi added with a smirk. “What you know about getting loose, Mrs. Trenton?”

“Oh, I know a lot, honey,” she stated as she released Ashura. “Have fun!”

Ashura smiled and nodded her head. “Okay! Let’s party!”

“That a girl,” her mother stated over her shoulder as she walked away.

Nacobi turned to Ashura. “This party proves that you’re my only friend! I don’t know half these people!”

“And it’s some suspicious looking motherfuckas in here too, Ashura. Who all these white folk, Shu-Shu?” Nacobi asked, using the nickname she gave Ashura when they were kids. She could never say Uh-Sure-rah, so she just called her Shu-Shu, and it kind of stuck with her.

“Oh, my God,” Ashura rushed as she covered her mouth. “Can you not talk all loud?”

Nacobi continued to look around with her nose turned up. “It’s a lot of white folk in here. I know you married to a white man, but you for damn sure don’t know this many white people!”

“Could you stop?” Ashura cracked.

“I’m just saying, though…”

“You should have called people if you wanted a black party.”

“You know Nacobi’s mean ass wasn’t going to call nobody,” Ashura’s cousin Romeo said from behind them. He hugged Ashura and mumbled a ‘Happy Birthday’ to her as he kissed her forehead and slipped five hundred dollars into her pocket. “She still running from this dick to this day. Gave it to her once, now she scared and shit.”

“Boy, fuck you,” Nacobi spat as she flipped him off. She waited until he was out of earshot before she turned to Ashura. “Your cousin’s dick big as fuck, though.” Ashura scrunched up her face and covered her ears. “Facts only, bruh! I may have to let him sample me one more time then cut him off. I can’t fuck with family, and that’s like family to me.”

“Nacobi, I really don’t care! Romeo is a dog, and you know that, but I love him to death.”

“I didn’t say I wanted to marry him, Ashura. A bitch can settle for good dick and a smile from time to time, can’t I?”

“You absolutely can!”

Nacobi and Ashura shared a laugh as they turned around. The DJ came through the microphone, grabbing the attention of everyone in the event center.

“Happy thirtieth birthday to the very beautiful, Ashura Trenton-Combs. This one is for you, baby girl!”

The sounds of “Before I Let Go” filled the air and Nacobi rolled her eyes. “Oh, my God, girl! You old as fuck! This song and Bill Cosby the same age!”

Ashura laughed as she pulled Nacobi to the dance floor. “Shut up and dance with me!”

“But I can’t twerk to this,” Nacobi whined as Ashura pulled her. She was laughing so hard at Nacobi’s crazy self.

“You only use me because your husband can’t dance, heffa. You ain’t slick.”

“Vince can dance!” Ashura defended as she started to snap her fingers.

Nacobi mugged Ashura as she continued to move. “Oh lord, his no rhythm having ass is rubbing off on you! You losing it too, bitch!”

Nacobi shook her head as she continued moving. She wanted her friend to enjoy her party because she deserved to let loose. The last few years of her life had been difficult. Just recently, they both obtained jobs in the fields in which they earned their degrees. For Ashura, that field was law. She had spent the last four years working hard as hell to get her degree, and now that she had it, she was now working hard on opening her firm.

Vince wasn’t good for much in Nacobi’s eyes, but he had supported her best friend through both school and he promised Ashura to give her the startup money to open her firm. Ashura didn’t need the money, didn’t need a red cent of it but she refused to touch the money that they had made together. Nacobi would never understand why she wouldn’t touch the money, being that it was the entire reason that they did what they did, but she had learned a long time ago to not question Ashura about her movements and thought process.

Nacobi decided to be in the moment and enjoy her best friend, but her eyes kept traveling to a man who was standing in the corner looking suspicious.

His demeanor was not that of a person who was there to enjoy a party. Ashura continued to dance, but Nacobi, forever on defense, continued to eye the man. She watched his line of vision and noticed that another man was standing across the room with the exact same demeanor. Something… wasn’t right.


Ashura’s head snapped up as she continued to move and dance. Her eyes connected with Nacobi’s and she saw the concern etched across her face. She stopped moving and looked her best friend over as she scanned the party with her dark eyes.

“Something is…”

“Baby girl!”

Ashura flinched as she turned around, her heart increasing its pace. “Daddy! You scared me!”

“I’m sorry, baby girl! I was coming over to ask where you wanted your gifts?”

“Oh, I… it doesn’t matter, Daddy! Are you enjoying yourself?”

“It’s your party, sweetheart! What do you young folks call it? Dirty thirty?”

“That’s right! Dirty thirty! You know me, forever ready to party! I’m trying to get Nacobi’s butt to dance.”

Ashura turned around to Nacobi, taking in the sight of her eyes rounding. “Get down!”

Ashura shifted back around in time to see a red beam painting the center of my father’s head. Before she could react, a single bullet travelled through his skull, splattering blood all over Ashura’s face. She felt Nacobi pull her to the ground and get on top of her as complete chaos erupted inside the small venue. The sound of bullets whipping through the air and ricocheting off the walls echoed in Ashura’s ears as flashes of her father’s death played in her head.

“Nacobi, get off!” she screamed through her tears.

“Stay down, Ashura!”

“I have to get to my daddy!”

Ashura’s cries shattered Nacobi’s heart, but she couldn’t let her get up. She knew Mr. Trenton was gone, and Ashura would be too if she let her up.

“Stay down, Ashura. Just stay down!”

Flinching on the ground, complete fear consumed both friends as they tried to stay as low as possible. As more shots began to ring out, Ashura closed her eyes and prayed that no one else was taken, but this day took a lot more from her than just her father, it took her entire being.


“You will never in this life or the next find a bitch like me! That’s for damn sure!”

“Bruh, learn how to multitask! Talk all that shit on your way out the door!”

Anthony propped his foot up on the small center table occupying the diminished area between where he sat and where Danielle stood.

“Fuck you, Anthony! You just want free range to fuck whatever you want. You will die lonely and depressed. Mark my words.”

He was too high to deal with Danielle’s diatribe. In fact, he didn’t understand the basis of her yelling and shouting shit that he couldn’t make out. There was no point.

Why was she so pissed?

He wasn’t sure how a simple smoke and fuck session had turned into Danielle getting pissed off and trashing his dorm after trying to attack him to no avail. This was why he didn’t want to place a title on what he and Danielle were doing. He was good when they were just fucking, but now she was his girlfriend. Well, she was before she flipped out after finding lace panties under his bed.

“You don’t even try to keep your dick in your pants, do you?”

Anthony shrugged. “I be trying and shit.”

Danielle hated his nonchalant demeanor and the fact that she had been crying, and he hadn’t shed a single tear or shown any sign or destress or emotion. She knew then that she was far more invested in this relationship than he was.

Anthony Drake acted as if being committed to one woman would be the death of him. The thought of monogamy was as foreign to him as Chinese arithmetic. He just didn’t do it. Made a solid attempt because he liked Danielle. Liked her a lot, but just like everything else in his life, he managed to screw it up by basically doing what he always did. Cheating.

“I don’t get you though, Danielle. You knew what it was when I met you. I mean, shit, I was cheating on my main bitch with you when we got together. Then you trying to force me into some shit that I just ain’t ready for, so… I cheat.”

“So, you’re immature and you weren’t ready to be in a committed relationship. Does that make what you do right?”

“I didn’t say all that because I know it doesn’t, but for you to sit here and act like I wasn’t cheating with you is some bullshit.”

“So what, you cheated with me? So, what? You said that you would do better, but you clearly lied. You sat in my face and lied to me. I’ve been nothing but loyal to you, holding you down at every turn, and this is what I get? This is what you feel I deserve?”

Anthony felt like shit. He didn’t mean to hurt Danielle; that was never his intention. The only reason he was caught up this time is that the broad had left pieces of clothing behind. Other times, he would pick up on shit like that, but ol’ girl got one over on him. Now he was dealing with the wrath of Danielle.

“I’m about to call campus security on your ass if you break something else!”

“You should be glad I’m not doing more! I cannot even tell you how sick of this I am, Anthony. One whole year down the drain because you can’t remain faithful!”

“I didn’t cheat on you the whole time, though!”

Danielle frowned as she looked at him. He actually felt like the fact that he wasn’t constantly cheating gave him some sort of leverage. “Really?”

“Dead ass. It was just this bitch, and one other bitch, but like the first six months after I dumped my main bitch, I was all about you.”

“This can’t be my life,” Danielle mumbled.

“You buggin’, ma!”

“You need to address your issues, Anthony. You don’t have regard for anyone’s feelings but your own. I think you have some deeper issues that you need to deal with before you can take any relationship serious.”

Anthony chuckled and rested his head back on the couch that he was lounging on and watched an upset Danielle as she snatched her bag up off the floor. He grabbed his blunt and lit it before he inhaled deeply, letting the smoke flow from his lips.

“You digging way too deep into this shit, ma. We gon’ have some for the road sex or nah?”

“Fuck you, Anthony!”

Anthony shook his head, counting the number of times he’d had that exact statement yelled at him by a woman he once penetrated. “I’m sure I’ll see you around.”

“I’ll be sure to send a bullet through your ass if I do! Again, fuck you! Remain miserable!”

Danielle grabbed all her things and left. She knew Anthony never loved her, and yes, their relationship was based on a lie, but she was hoping that he would change for her. Get better, and be a better man to her. She had thought wrong.

“That’s what I get for falling for a toss, man. Should have left that bitch in the slums where I found her hoe ass. Done fucked everything walking, and wanna lock a real nigga down. Fuck is she talmbout?”

Anthony continued to smoke to clear his head. There was no time to dwell on what he considered bullshit. He had other things to do, bigger matters to tend to. He was still young, and he didn’t want to be tied down. He just didn’t. Anthony couldn’t discount the future because he didn’t know what it held and how it would go for him, but right now, all he wanted to do was enjoy life.

“You only live once,” he mumbled as he grabbed his phone and called a girl over so she could take his mind off Danielle and the sudden development of emptiness that her exit had left him feeling.

His phone, which was sitting in the middle of the table surrounded by shattered glass, rang a few times before he reached out to grab it. It was his best friend, Cole.

“Yoooo, boy? What it do?”

“What’s good for tonight? You booed up and shit?”

Anthony sucked his teeth as he surveyed his dorm room. “Nah, bruh. That shit is over with. What’s the play?”

“Over with? You and Danielle?”

“Yeah! Tasha messy ass left her panties under my bed and Danielle found them shits. Left my ass high and dry. Now, I’m getting as high as I can so I don’t chase her ass.”

Cole shook his head at his best friend on the other end of the phone. This was typical Anthony; this was how he did things. Commitment was something that he didn’t crave. Cole was like him in that sense, but where Anthony shied away from relationships, Cole welcomed them. But, if he was going to be tied down, he wanted to be tied to something worth the anchored feeling.

“So, you ’bout to eat ice cream and sing love songs and shit like that?”

Anthony laughed so hard that he choked on the smoke from the blunt. He wasn’t that pressed. He didn’t think in the duration of his life would he ever be that pressed over a female. Nah, that’s too extra. “Nigga, what I look like crying over a female? You know better than that shit. The fuck?”

“I was about to say, man. Let me find out, let me find the fuck out, bruh!”

“Nah, bruh, I’m just chilling. Smoking and ’bout to get on this Madden. You coming through?”

“That’s what I was calling you about. I got somebody that I want you to meet.”

Anthony’s ears perked up. “Is it new pussy?”

Cole shook his head. “No, bruh!”

Anthony frowned. “New money?”

“Now you talking my language!”

“Oh, you know I’m always with the shit. Come scoop me!”

“Bet, I’m on the way! Nigga, be dressed when I get there because I ain’t waiting on you.”

“This better be worth my time. I just got dumped like shit!”

“Oh, trust me. It’s worth every second.”


Reviews for Crowned:

on February 11, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This book was so live and so unexpected. Going into the story I didn’t know how it would turn out. I figure it was some insecure chick with a jerk for a husband. Boy was I blind sided. Ashura and Nacobi are thick as thieves, but they both have a story. Nacobi is a fire cracker but very protective in her own right. Ashura tries to keep her past in the past but when the one she loves stir the pot in the opposite direction, her loyalty gets twisted. When I tell this book was good, believe it. Page after page was filled with so much energy. From sexual energy to returning killer instincts. I love how the story displayed Alpha females, who at the same time knew what it took to keep their man happy. However being greedy and selfish doesn’t always win, and the beast that was subdue returns. This ending was so real I actually went back and read it again.
Oh ma lort.. That ending tho.. I knew it was gunna be him.. I was so tired of ?? This book was a nonstop emotional rollercoaster.. I literally felt so many emotions while I was submerged in this book.. I loved the fact that the beasts or should I say “savages” were the women.. Ashura is a beast.. It’s said that Nacobi is the savage of the 2 so I can’t wait to see her in action.. I kno this book his came out 2day but I need pt 2 like yesterday.. Deshon ur pen game is sick..

Now Available! Her Loyalty To Him 2: A King’s Heart

The Wait is OVER!!!


Living life on the edge was something that Shania Grimes never planned to do until she met the likes of Adonis King. Before him, she had it all planned out, and only opted for the simplicities of life; love, marriage, family. Adonis’ sexiness effortlessly radiated from his pores like an aphrodisiac of some sort, making her crave him in ways that she had never craved a man before. However, he may be a lot more than what she bargained for.

Being the total opposite of Shania, Adonis basked in the thrill of the street life; it was all he knew. There wasn’t a need to make plans or organize his life; he liked taking things as they came at him. He never reached for anything more, never felt the need to… That was until Shania Grimes.

Shania, the woman who plagued Adonis’ dreams ever since he walked into her firm, is placed on an undercover mission that brings the two in close proximity of each other, and before long, one thing leads to the another. However, things aren’t always quite what they seem, and Shania is forced to make a decision to either help bring down the man she loves or protect him at any cost.
With the future uncertain and a million things fighting against them… can Shania and Adonis love one another without putting their lives in danger? As their loyalty is tested, will their hearts’ desires truly matter? Or will the pressures of life be enough to pull them apart?

Her Loyalty To Him 2: A King’s Heart

Her Loyalty To Him 2




The Birth Of A Nation… Or Nah?



The issue of Nate Parker vs. Nat Turner, I’ll start by giving you a small history of both men from their Wikipedia pages.



Nate Parker (born November 18, 1979)[1] is an American actor, director, producer, writer, and musical performer who has appeared in Beyond the Lights, Red Tails, The Secret Life of Bees, The Great Debaters, Arbitrage, Non-Stop, Felon, and Pride.[2] Parker made history at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival with his directorial debut feature film The Birth of a Nation when Fox Searchlight Pictures acquired the distribution rights to the film for $17.5 million, which broke the record for the most paid for a Sundance Film Festival production surpassing Little Miss Sunshine, which had been acquired by Searchlight for $10 million ten years earlier.[3]



In 1999, while a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University, Parker, and his roommate and wrestling teammate, Jean McGianni Celestin, were accused of raping a fellow Penn State student.[44][45][46][47] The unnamed accuser stated that Parker and Celestin raped her while she was intoxicated and unconscious and said she was unsure of how many people had been involved.[6][48] She claimed the two harassed her after she pressed charges and that they hired a private investigator who showed her picture around campus, revealing her identity.[49]Parker was found not guilty on all four counts brought against him.[50] Celestin, who shares a story credit on The Birth of a Nation, was convicted of sexual assault and received a six-month to the one-year prison sentence in 2001,[51] later raised to two to four years per state sentencing guidelines.[52] Appealing the case on grounds of ineffective counsel at the first trial, Celestin’s initial conviction was overturned in 2005 and he was granted a new trial to rehear the charges.[53] Despite the accuser’s willingness to testify at a second trial, prosecutors declined because other witnesses had scattered all over the world.[54]

On campus in 2001, students raised concerns that race may have influenced Celestin’s initial conviction: Celestin is black (as is Parker), while the accuser and all but one of the jurors were white.[51][55]



Nat Turner (October 2, 1800 – November 11, 1831) was an enslaved African American who led a rebellion of slaves and free blacks inSouthampton County, Virginia on August 21, 1831, that resulted in the deaths of 55 to 65 white people. In retaliation, enraged white militias and mobs killed more than 200 black people in the course of putting down the rebellion.[2]

Turner led a group of slaves carrying farm implements in a rebellion against slavery. As they went from plantation to plantation they gathered horses and guns, freed other slaves along the way, and recruited other blacks that wanted to join their revolt. During the rebellion, Virginia legislators targeted free blacks with a colonization bill, which allocated new funding to remove them, and a police bill that denied free blacks trials by jury and made any free blacks convicted of a crime subject to sale and relocation.[2] Whites organized militias and called out regular troops to suppress the uprising. In addition, white militias and mobs attacked blacks in the area, killing an estimated 200,[3] many of whom were not involved in the revolt.[4]


The rebellion was suppressed within two days, but Turner eluded capture by hiding in the woods until October 30 when he was discovered by farmer Benjamin Phipps. Turner was hiding in a hole covered with fence rails. While awaiting trial, Turner confessed his knowledge of the rebellion to attorneyThomas Ruffin Gray, who compiled what he claimed was Turner’s confession.[21] On November 5, 1831, Turner was tried for “conspiring to rebel and making insurrection”, convicted, and sentenced to death.[22] Turner was hanged on November 11 in Jerusalem, Virginia. His body was flayed,beheaded and quartered, as an example to frighten other would-be rebels.[23] Turner received no formal burial; his headless remains were either buried unmarked or kept for scientific use. His skull is said to have passed through many hands, last reported as held in the collection of a planned civil rights museum for Gary, Indiana. African-American groups called for it to be buried with honors.[24]




This is my issue, for a lack of a better word.

The rape allegation in Nate Parker’s situation occurred in 1999 and has now resurfaced for no known reason. In fact, Parker has been out of the spotlight for the last two years, working solely on Birth of A Nation, the Nat Turner story. He has not had anything come up in his past before this even though this information is so easily found on his Wikipedia page. Never heard it before now with the very controversial roles that he has taken i.e The Great Debaters, Red Tails ( both highly driven on race and racism). Still, nothing was said about this very public information. So, why now?

This movie is different and definitely right on TIME. The words “Oscar Worthy” has been mentioned alongside this movie since it was presented at Sundance. I’ve followed it and its growth since the beginning and I was excited about the friction that it was gaining. It seems to me that as soon as the allegations resurfaced, the drive behind this movie dwelled dramatically. But still, I ask, why? Why does this movie now all of a sudden not have the steam behind it? Because it has somehow got smeared by the allegations that were presented to its Director and Leading Male Character.

Why is this an issue?

Because African American people NEED to see this movie. THE WORLD needs to see this movie. The message behind it is so strong, profound and moving that it threatens the balance of silence and prejudice. It grants eyes and ears some truth that have somewhere down the line gotten buried. Most black people aren’t aware of who Nat Turner is but he was one of the first slaves to get tired. A preacher, a man of GOD, a clean soul who was subjected to slavery and just got tired.

Sound familiar?

I will be going to see this movie and I will be taking my son. I want him to see the difference between giving up and standing up. The right and wrong way to live this lift in post-slavery America where black men are slaughter every day. Sound familiar?

Black people are constantly told to “Get Over IT!” The years of suppression that our ancestors faced, we need to get over it but remember the Holocaust, 9-11, The Dallas Five, The Paris Attacks, all of these other events that have heavily affected America. But we are supposed to forget the thing that heavily and very directly affected us as a race. How?

Support this movie because you need to see it. Support it because it was shopped independently through Sundance and picked up, giving Nate Parker and his production team to get the BIGGEST Sundance payout ever. This movie is mandatory.



The Reasoning Behind Big T…

First, I want to be clear on something; never have I once written anything that I couldn’t or wouldn’t represent to the end of me. No matter the genre, title, publisher, editor, illustrator – none of that. If it has Deshon Dreamz on it anywhere, at the end of the day…its mine and I represent it to the fullest! I try to find storylines and angles that haven’t been touched. That’s how Her Loyalty To Him was born.

I wanted to build a character that people genuinely loved and wanted to know more about. I left a certain level of unfamiliarity to him because I wanted to hide aspects of him to leave some…mystery. I wanted someone that had been through a lot already in life but was somehow pressing through all of that. It was extremely hard to NOT fall in love with Big T. He was literally the glue to the King family. His relationship with the kids, especially Jayda was something extremely special and I wanted to show that relationship as a point of vulnerability for Big T.

His murder was LITERALLY the most difficult scene that I have ever written in my career. I had tears in my eyes the moment Jayda asked, “Big T, do you have a girlfriend?”

I realized in that moment that Big T would never get his happy ending. He would never have a chance. His life was cut short solely because of an unspoken fear that dwelled in the heart of the person that held his life in his hands.

It was extremely sad, it was hard to read and believe me it was hard to write but it happens so often that it is becoming the norm to us. We don’t see the slaughtering of minorities as something that should be news because it happens so often. Every day it’s in our face, we have to deal with it. So, I choose to address the issue of police brutality and #blacklivesmatter . I wanted to use the most influential platform that I have to address that and it is now the most talked about portion of the book. I feel like it hit home the most with a lot of people because it’s real and raw.


The unjust murder of a minority does not need to have any rhyme or reason to it. It just happens. Accessive force just happens. Life is snatched from people every day because of their size and the color of their skin. It’s sad as hell but I promise you it is the reality!

I feel like no matter who you are or how large your audience is, use as humans should feel the need to speak about the things that are happening around us. Rather you are Colin Kaepernick, Beyonce, or Deshon Dreamz…USE YOUR VOICE FOR SOMETHING OR FOR NOTHING AT ALL!!!!

Again, I appreciate every single reader that gave me and my book a chance and I know the change in his storyline came out of nowhere but that’s how it happens. One day you are living the life that GOD gave you and the next day you’re being choked out, body slammed and shot, chased down and shot. or maybe you knock on the wrong door or play with a fake gun. Oh wait, maybe you sell CD’s, cigarettes or walking down the wrong street. IT’S AN ISSUE!! So, I just decided to use the small voice that I have to bring light to it.

If you are reading this and have no clue what I am referring to, please click this link to be enlightened: http://goo.gl/OnHtHV

Thank you for reading!



San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, middle, kneels during the national anthem before the team's NFL preseason football game against the San Diego Chargers, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson) ORG XMIT: CACC108
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, middle, kneels during the national anthem before the team’s NFL preseason football game against the San Diego Chargers, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson) ORG XMIT: CACC108







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Copyright 2016 Deshon Dreamz


Coming Soon!!! Her Loyalty To Him **Synopsis & Chapter One Below**

Her Loyalty To Him Coming 09.01.2016





The dripping sound of a faucet methodically echoed in the recesses of his mind as his eyes slowly opened, gradually coming into focus in an effort to take in his surroundings. He turned his head to the sound, noticing the opened door to a bathroom on the opposite side of the room. He closed his eyes back and attempted to sit up in the foreign bed that he was in. He groaned as he adjusted his legs and pulled himself up by his arms.

Becoming frustrated by the heaviness of his body, due to the sedation that he was under, he groaned as he pushed himself up as best he could. “Where the fuck-”

“Don’t try to do too much, bruh.”

He frowned as he looked to the left. “Who the fuck is you?”

The man that occupied the room with him looked taken aback. He then visibly relaxed as the door to the room opened.

Apollo watched as the most beautiful woman that he had ever laid eyes on walked in with a worried expression on her face. She had her was pulled back into a puffy ponytail, smooth mocha colored face. She crossed her arms over her chest and took a deep breath while licking her lips. He wanted to know more about her sexy ass; she put him in the mind frame of Keisha from Belly, just a half a shade lighter and with natural hair. Her hips poked out on the side, showing off a perfect figure eight. She had these light brown eyes that seemed to search his soul in one glance. He definitely wanted to know more about this chocolate beauty.

He frowned at her because she wouldn’t take her eyes off of him. Who is she? Apollo thought as he looked her over.

“How do you feel?” Her voice matched her perfectly, soft and sexy as hell.

Apollo moistened his lips with a flick of his tongue as he took in her attire. She was dressed down in some sweats and a baggy shirt. She looked as if she hadn’t slept in a while. He wasn’t sure why, but she was looking at him as if he was about to evaporate, and that was the scariest shit she would ever face.

“I feel like a fucking truck is sitting on my chest. Where am I?”

She bit her bottom lip as tears gathered in her eyes. She was hesitant when she spoke. “Do you know who I am?” A tear slid down her face as she looked over at the man sitting quietly in the chair. “Or him? Do you remember anything?”

Apollo frowned because he was confused as to what she was asking him or talking about. What the hell was he supposed to be remembering? He tilted his head to the side and looked at her. “How about you tell me who the fuck you are?”

She blew breathe through her lips as she wiped a tear from her face. “Shit, Apollo.”

Confusion caused his face to contort as he looked at the woman in front of him. “How the fuck do you know my name?”

“Because I’ve loved you since I was twenty years old. I’m the mother of your children and your wife. That’s how!”

The tension in the room went from minimal to intense with just that one statement. Apollo’s face scrunched up, and he was preparing to tell this bitch off until ol dude, who seemed to fade into the background, spoke.

Big T saw the exchange between the two and knew that they needed the room to themselves. He couldn’t bring himself to leave Apollo’s side. Blood couldn’t make them any closer. “You want me to step out?”

Apollo’s eyes landed on the man that was sitting in the corner as he looked up at the delusional ass woman that just called herself his wife and the mother of his children. He didn’t have a wife, and he sure in the hell didn’t have no fucking kids.

Her sympathetic eyes landed on the man sitting in the corner. “Please, Big T. I’ll call you when I come out of here.”

Apollo watched silently as Big T stood to leave the room. He wanted to move, but his body wouldn’t allow that shit. He didn’t know how the fuck he ended up in the position,   but he knew he needed to move the fuck around. He was in an unfamiliar place with people he didn’t know.

He glanced down at his legs and realized that they were bandaged all the way up to the middle of his thighs, his arm was in a sling and his abdominal area was wrapped in gauze. He felt pain every time his chest rose and fell, his mind was racing a million miles a minute. What the fuck happened to me?, he thought as he looked back up at the beauty that stood in front of him.

She seemed to brace herself before she spoke as if she was the President about to give a State of the Union Address. “Your name is Apollo Kwame King. You are 35 years old and was once the biggest drug kingpin in the south.” She stepped closer to him with her arms wrapped securely around her. “Your mother was Reindea King, full Jamaican, she passed away two years ago from brain cancer.  Your father is Kwame King, half black and half Jamaican, is still living in Jamaica. You love him very much.” She stopped talking and looked at him. “I’m your wife, Jade; we’ve been married for ten years, together for fifteen. We have a set of twins, a boy and a girl; Kwame and Jayda. They are eight.


“Ja-de,” she annunciated with attitude after he said her name wrong.

Apollo tilted his head to the side. “Whatever the fuck!”

“Look, you not in a position to be a dick to me. I’m about the only motherfucka who has been taking care of you, Apollo. You’re almost handicap, my nigga.”

He had to interrupt her when she said that. “Handicap? Drug Kingpin? Wife? Married…me? To you? I mean, you fine as fuck, but married? I would never do no dumb shit like that.”

She looked offended. “Well, you did that dumb shit ten years ago,” she said flashing a big ass ring in his face. “I understand you may not remember-”

“Nah, I don’t remember because I wouldn’t do that shit. And you talking about kids and drugs and shit. I don’t know you Jade, but you trippin!”

Apollo could tell that his actions and the way he was talking was bothering her, but he needed her to understand that he didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about.

Jade took a measured step closer to his bed. “So, you telling me that you don’t remember anything?”

“What the fuck did I just say? I don’t know who you are or what you up to, but that shit ain’t gone fly, baby girl.”

She shook her head and laughed. It wasn’t a joyous laugh at all; the shit sounded like she wanted to snap Apollo’s neck.

“I can’t deal with this shit right now,”she mumbled before she turned to walk out of the room.

“Where you going?”, Apollo asked successfully halting her. “I need to get out of this bed.”

“As you can fucking see,” she snapped, beyond frustrated with him. “You can’t walk! You can’t do shit, so I’ve been doing everything for you! I don’t have time for this! I’ll be back in an hour to feed you and give you your medicine!”

“Man, I ain’t eating shit that you attempt to feed me, and I don’t need you to do shit for me! I just need to get out this motherfucka!”

Jade fought the tears that gathered in her eyes. This was like pouring salt in a fresh ass wound. She knew she couldn’t hold him to it, but every time he opened his mouth, it pierced her heart. “Do whatever you want, Apollo King! At this point, I don’t give a shit, my nigga!”

She went to storm out of the room again, and Apollo called her, stopping her again. “Where the fuck is you going?”

Jade turned back to him. “I’m going to finish making the funeral arrangements for my sister.” She had fresh tears in her eyes and her bottom lip trembled as she shook her head.

Apollo felt like he was being selfish, but he was in unfamiliar territory with people that he didn’t know. “What happened to her? Your sister? You said funeral arrangements…what happen to her?”

She released that scary ass laugh again as she wiped her cheek. “The doctor said that you may have an issue with memory loss, but you don’t remember shit?”

“Apparently not.”

“I’m going to finish the arrangements for my sister,” she spoke as she closed her eyes in an attempt to calm down. “Making arrangements for my sister, the one that was in the car with you when you were hit. The one that you were sneaking off to see.” She cried harder as she ran a frustrated hand through her hair. “The one that you were clearly fucking behind my back, you son of a bitch!”

He didn’t know why, but when she made that statement, his heart dropped.


COMING 9-01-2016 !!!!


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Her Loyalty To Him Coming 09.01.2016

Coming 09.01.2016

Her Loyalty To Him


Jade had the life that every woman dreamed of having. A handsome successful husband, two beautiful children, a family that she loved and success. Everything Jade ever thought was hers and true… switched in a night. The night her husband got into a near fatal accident that not only erased his memory of the man he was… It also forbids him from explaining to his wife why her sister was in the car at the time of the accident. Apollo King has no recollection of his wife or children. He has no idea what it means to be the King Of The South. Everything that was ever taught to him is long gone, erased with the possibility of returning slim to none. Jade, Apollo’s wife steps up to take over all of Apollo’s operations in order to keep the family business afloat. But with Apollo’s attack comes startling revelations that threaten to ruin everything that they have built. They say if you love something then let it go and if it comes back then it’s meant to be but is unconditional love enough to withstand the damage that Apollo caused? To the left or right of every man…is a strong woman holding him down! But, will him doing what many would consider the unforgivable, cause him to lose the one thing in his life that he cherished the most; his wife, the woman he has no memory of?

The First Encounter


The First Encounter

I looked around at the people surrounding me and counted my blessings! I know my family wasn’t perfect but they were all I had. They were all that mattered!


I nodded when I heard my father finish his prayer and mimicked his finishing. I was starving and the food they served down at the county didn’t do anything but destroy my stomach! I needed real food! Yeah, that good soul food cooking big momma would make. The kind that would put you to sleep then wake you up out of that slumber, searching for more.

“Can you pass me the rolls, please?”

I looked to my left and my eyes were caught by breathtaking ones. She was introduced to me as a friend of my sisters that was new in town and would be spending the holidays with us. I didn’t give a fuck about any of that, I just knew she was beautiful. Smooth caramel skin, dark fascinating eyes and hips that any man with a brain could appreciate. I mean she was bad as fuck.

“Here you go, beautiful.”

I was snatched out of my close assessment of her by the voice of my dad as he reached around me to hand her what she requested. She looked at my father and nodded her thanks before she grabbed a roll and placed it on her plate.

“You’ll have to excuse him; he’s getting use to civilization again. He is being rehabil-”

“What”, I asked scrunching up my face. “You make it sound like I been in hibernation or some shit. I was in jail for six months. I don’t need rehabilitation. ”

“Well, how else would you explain just staring at the girl when she asked something of you?”

See….that was that shit right there. I didn’t fit in with this square ass family. I would be better off living in the lower south side with the more reasonable side of my family but when my parents divorced a few years ago, I opted to stay with my father. A decision I regret to the fullest!

“I was getting to it, but you reached over me and did it for her.”

“It’s not a big deal”, she rushed to say. “Thank you, Mr. Glen for passing it to me. Quentin, thank you as well.”

I shook my head before I stuffed my face with chicken. “I didn’t do anything for you to have to thank me, baby girl.”

“But still…”

“Yea, you’re welcome!”

“Well”, my sister started and I knew it was trying to defuse the situation, “We going out tonight! Q, you coming?”

I looked across the table at my sister and smiled. “Yeah, I’m rolling with y’all! I sho ain’t staying up in this motherfucka.”
“See Quentin, you disrespect my house and constantly show how much you don’t respect me”, my dad complained as he looked over at me.

“My fault”, I said as I stood. I needed to get the fuck away before I ended up snapping on his ass.
“You just got home from jail and already you going out? You don’t think you should spend your first day out looking for legal work?”
I laughed as I walked into the kitchen to clean my plate before I headed upstairs to my room. I slid the doors of my closet open and examined the outfit choices I had before pulling out some Robin jeans and a black tee. I wasn’t trying to do much.
I looked toward the door as it slowly came open. I watched as my sister’s friend peeked her head inside. She smiled at me before she spoke.

“Your sister told me to tell you to be ready in an hour.”

I threw my clothes on the bed before turning my attention to her. “My sister couldn’t come tell me that shit?”
She shrugged her shoulder. “She sent me, Quentin.”

I frowned as she continued to lean into the door. “Everybody call me Q.”

She nodded her head. “I hope you don’t think I’m everybody.”

I tilted my head to the side as I walked over toward her. “Come in.”

She looked back before she stepped inside of the room and closed the door. “What?”

I looked into her eyes and realized that I forgot her name. Shit…Cinnamon? Sugar? “What was your name again, beautiful? Ginger, Spice-”

“It’s Sage.”

“Right”, I said snapping my fingers as I came to a stop in front of her. “Motherfuckin, Sage. Say, you can’t be stumbling in my room, Sage. That kind of shit gets you fucked senseless. I don’t know if my sister set yo ass up or what but she knows what goes on when a fine motherfucka cross this threshold!”

She looked genuinely taken aback and I was getting a kick out of teasing her. “I ain’t fucking with you, Sage. Keep yo ass on that side of the door or i’ll assume you tryna fuck. I mean, I’m down for that shit too, I’m just letting you know.
“Do you always say the exact thing that pops into you head?”

“Every fucking time.”

She nodded her head as she opened the door to go out. “I’ll stay out of your room, Quentin.”

“I’m hoping to find yo ass in here butt ass naked real soon, Sage. Save me a dance.”