Sample Sunday! Still Stoned “Mine. Mine. Mine.”

Sample Sunday 🤗🤗 Still Stoned

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When RAHEEM gets it right….bruh.

Eryanna inhaled before she allowed her eyes to move across to the woman beside her. This felt like some sort of concubine shit. It didn’t seem like something that she should be openly doing. Not in front of others on such an occasion as this. That was more of her insecurities speaking that sure facts.

She was…being dramatic. She knew it. Raheem had given her multiple opportunities to escape this shit show but she was so persistent on wanting to show others that she could do what they were doing. She looked down at her attire, a long purple grape wine colored slinky dress that went well beyond her ankles, touching the surface of the heated sand beneath her feet. She had her hair down, tamed in large curls highlighted with blonde tips that brushed against the back of her shoulders. A single black rose with it’s stem cut, tucked into her hair like a faux pin.

She looked out on the beach, watching as the men of the hour were walked out from behind the make shift stage and escorted to their designated chairs. Eryanna watched Raheem as he was lead out by a very beautiful woman. He wore the same color as her, only his attire was a two piece linen suit that she purchased him when they arrived. She blushed. Excited about the fact that he wore the gift she brought him, she wasn’t even sure if he liked it. So to see him wearing it, on this night of all nights, she was…honored. The color looked good on him. Everything looked good on Raheem June.

The music began and Eryanna was sure that she would die a slow death in this moment.

“Just relax,” she coached in a small voice. “Remember what you were taught. Remember to be sexy. And bitch, whatever you do…don’t start twerking!”

She laughed to herself as she watched the first woman began to walk out, taking slow seductive steps towards her man. She was American as well, on a vacation just like Eryanna and Raheem, but she looked as if she were familiar with the tradition of the island. The colorful dress she wore moved with each step she took, slow…measured caters that matched the high hat of the beat being played.

Then the second woman came from behind the  curtain, leaving just Eryanna to peek out. She too was American, thick and well defined in the structure of her body. Her hair was out, blowing in the wind that seemed to pick up the moment she made her entrance.

Eryanna tried to keep her composure, but everything collapsed around her when her eyes landed on Raheem. He wasn’t watching the other two women, his eyes were centered on the curtain that she stood behind. The intensity in his gaze could be picked up, even at this distance. She could almost hear him calling out to her even though his sexy ass lips hadn’t moved. His beard was freshly lined thanks to the barber that he visited right before they left the states. He sat with his legs gapped open, a slight bow to his large frame in the seat. His hands on his knees, waiting in anticipation.

It was time.

Eryanna picked up the end of her dress as she stepped from behind the curtain, gaining the shifting of Raheem in his seat. He sat at attention.

She stuck her leg out, eyes low as she watched him watch her. She moved to the caters of the drums, allowing them to cement the movements that she learned in her head. She twirled, kicking up small bouts of sand as her hands moved down her breast, resting on her thighs. Her head went back and she twirled again, her hair flying with the  wind before she began to advance, getting closer and closer to a waiting Raheem who was now leaning forward in his seat.

“My shit,” she heard him growl, obviously not liking how revealing the dress that she wore was. “My Stoner.”

The three ladies were finally in position to began the most seductive portion of the dance. If they were in the states, it would be referred to as grinding, but here, where they were, it was called Soukous. Birthed in the roots of Africa, Soukous was composed of sexual vibrations, rotations and ticks that immedialtely put the person viewing the dance in the mind frame of sex. Eryanna didn’t think Raheem needed any help getting into that mind frame though, he took residence there.

Eryanna released her dress as the next beat began, prompting the movement of her hips.

Raheem felt his tongue grow thick in his mouth as he watched Eryanna. “Oh my God,” he groaned as he watched her hips jerk in rhythm with the beat. Her tattoos seemed to glow in neon colors, her hair seemed to possess magic as it flowed with the wind. She had her bottom lip tucked into his mouth, a smile playing at it’s corners. She was a temptress in her element and he was a spider in her web of seduction, with no pressing desire to be freed. She was majestic.

She took a step, getting closer to him, causing air to become trapped in his lungs. He fought to keep his hands in place.  “Mine. Mine. Mine.”

Eryanna leaned forward, her hands inches away from him as she rolled her hips. Raheem couldn’t resist reaching out to her, but she slapped his hand away, causing him to frown.

His eyes moved up to hers, anger dwelling in their depths.

“No touching, Raheem.”

Raheem leaned back in his seat. “Is it not my shit?”

Eryanna smiled, finally touching him. He exhaled, relieved as she climbed into his lap.

“It’s yours, daddy.”

His eyes low, he ran his hands down her thighs before reaching around to grab her ass, the other people on the beach completely forgotten. “Then don’t keep it from me.”

Eryanna began to rotate against him, feeling his manhood rise against her. “I’d never do that.”

Raheem leaned forward to press his face against her chest, inhaling her. “You promise?”


Raheem leaned back to look at her. “Can you do those moves you were doing on a dick? My dick specifically?”

Eryanna’s eyes widened at his boldness. “Um…”

“Could you?”

Eryanna licked her lips. “We may never know, Raheem.”

“Why is that?”

Eryanna’s eyes lowered. “You never let me ride you. I’m always tied.”

 He moved his hand to cup her womanhood through her panties. “You can teach this old dog new tricks, Stoner.”

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“We’ll cave somewhere between pleasure and pain, Stoner. But we won’t have regrets. I can promise you that.”- Stone.




With Serenity’s attempts at ruining everything that she had developed with Raheem, Eryanna didn’t have an ounce of trust for her. She knew that she wanted Raheem and it didn’t seem like he was doing much to let it be known that he wasn’t available. Every time they met, it was on her terms and Eryanna knew that Serenity didn’t have respect for her so she was saying and doing any and everything to get Raheem. A large part of Eryanna was insecure when it came to Serenity because she knew that somewhere inside of Raheem, she dwelled. Rather it was a large part of him or a small part, she still held importance to him when Eryanna wanted to have all of him. She couldn’t get that part. She also didn’t have his daughter. Some days, Eryanna wondered if she made the right decision to continue taking her birth control when Raheem was trying to get her pregnant. Now, he wouldn’t touch her without using protection. She didn’t know why he was keeping her around but she knew that despite the fact that he says that he loves her; she was not as much a part of him as Serenity and the child that they shared. That reality made her feel small, weak.

Eryanna snatched her jacket off the chair in the corner and turned back to him. “Where are my clothes?!”

“Oh,” Raheem exclaimed with a smile. “You talking about that piece of string you called a dress? That’s in the trash compactor.”

Eryanna’s eyes rounded. “It’s where?!”

“It’s in the trash where it belongs!”

“You threw my dress away?! Raheem, that dress was two hundred dollars!”

Raheem face morphed in confusion. “For fucking what?”

“I got it custom made for my birthday and you standing here telling me that you threw it in the trash?”

“I didn’t like it, Eryanna.”

Eryanna tossed her head back in frustration. She inhaled before tilting her head to the side to look at him. “You know what; I don’t even have the energy to deal with this shit right now. I’m going home.”

Raheem shook his head. “Here you go with the dramatics, huh?”

Eryanna pulled a hoodie from his top drawer and snatched it over her head. “Whatever!” She then moved to pull on a pair of his sweats that were too big but she didn’t have a choice but to put it on. Finally, she tugged on her jacket. “I paid for that dress,” she yelled, suddenly overtaken by emotions. “It was mine! I did it on my own, Raheem! It wasn’t yours to destroy!”

Raheem stuffed his hands into his jeans, listening to her. “That dress was inappropriate.”

“But it was mine!” She returned as she took her frustration out on her jacket, pulling it into position. “It belonged to me! It had nothing to do with you! Nothing!”

Raheem squinted. “So, you’re upset because I threw it away?”

Eryanna’s eyes bucked. “What do you think the premise of this conversation is, Raheem? Are you slow?!”

“You don’t have to be insulting.”

“Godddd, Raheem,” she shrieked in exhaustion. She stopped to look him over. Everything about him pulled at her. From his looks to his aura. He was everything that she needed wrapped in a man too controlling and possessive to ever allow them to have freefalling joy. Love restricted between the Valley and private moments, nothing beyond that. “It’s like…you don’t get it. You don’t-”

“Then explain it to me! What was so special about that dress?”

“IT”S NOT ABOUT THE DRESS,” Eryanna screamed before a sob broke through her lips. “God! It’s not about- the dress!” She swiped at her face with annoyance as more tears formed. “It’s about me! For once in a long time, I considered me without considering you and it felt good! It felt so good! I didn’t think about the fact that you have so many layers to you that I could never in this lifetime touch the core, without assistance from you. It wasn’t about your need to control me. It wasn’t about fucking Serenity, it wasn’t about the fact that she has your daughter and suddenly, I’m shut out because I don’t want children yet. It wasn’t about anything but me! I did that for me! I got that dress made for me and somehow you insert yourself anyway!”

Raheem’s eyes rounded. “Insert myself?”

“Yes! You insert yourself! Why is that news to you?!”

Raheem looked up at the ceiling, before looking back down at her. He was trying to remain calm but that was becoming more and more difficult for him. “Baby, I don’t wanna fight. I’ll give you the money to replace the dress!”

Eryanna realized at that moment that she was speaking to a brick wall. “Just…let it go, Raheem.”

Raheem took a moment, allowing silence to take up the space between them. He knew what this was. She was lashing out, due to a lack of space combined with a lack of attention. Raheem didn’t know what she wanted from him. “Do you feel like you need space?”

Eryanna gave him a pensive look before she shook her head with a wave of her hand. “I don’t know, Raheem! You tell me!”

“Maybe I should give you space.”

Eryanna felt her heart slam in her chest, her mind giving in to her thoughts of insecurity. Her skin felt cold, hard in its purpose as her eyes found his. She took a small step, nodding her head as she went. “You really really got me fucked up! So, how does this go? I tell you that I need space and you go and fuck her?”


“Make another baby with her?!”


“Then its fuck me, Raheem! Don’t get it twisted, Sir! I put in too much fucking time! I love you. This spot belongs to me! It’s my shit! Fuck her! F.U.C.K Serenity!” She tossed her hair over her shoulder. “Don’t be in that bitch personal space, Raheem! You think you crazy?! I have the ability to rearrange some shit! I will fuck up you and your girlfriend. I ain’t no Meta, but don’t push me! She may be the first Stoner but I am THE MOTHERFUCKING STONER!”

Raheem stood before her torn. Pissed and turned on. Wanting to demand his respect and kiss her all over. Starting at her feet, then moving up the thickness of her thighs before touching Heaven. From there, he would slip on slopes known to take down the best of men. He wanted it all. He wanted her. He was upset. He was…proud. “The Stoner, huh?”

Eryanna nodded her head with aggression. “You got damn right, Sir!”

She went to storm around him but he caught her at her wrist, bringing her back in front of him. He dipped his head to plant a kiss on her fingers before he smirked. “Oh…Stoner.”

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A Crowned Exclusive:
STONED: Your Heart Belongs to Me
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“We’ll cave somewhere between pleasure and pain, Stoner. But we won’t have regrets. I can promise you that.”- Stone.



Chapter 1

Fall 2012


Glancing up at the clock on the wall, Raheem shook his head. Exhaustion sat on his shoulders as he adjusted his lab glasses on his face. This was so unnecessary he thought as he returned to dissecting the piglet in front of him. His face scrunched up in disgust as he cut the ears off the piglet, holding his breath.


He looked up, his eyes taking in his instructor, way too young to be a professor he thought, as she walked over to where he was alone at his table.

This was a disposition for Professor James, never in her five years of being at the University of Texas Southwestern had she ever experienced the emotions that her senior Raheem June established inside of her. She was a strong woman, well, she found herself to be before she began to fantasize about the quiet, straight A student that silently took over her classroom. He didn’t have to speak, didn’t have to move in any manner, his presence… and his presence alone, made her very much so aware of him.

He pushed his black rimmed glasses up his face before he licked his thick pink lips, unknowingly causing heat to pool between her legs. His mocha colored skin on his face stretched as his honey colored eyes found her. He looked surprised by her presence as if she hadn’t been in the room when he and the other students entered, as if she was somehow impeding his time. He had this, mysterious, nerdy thing that he did that drove her crazy. A few times, she considered requesting a release in order to get away from him, but she knew that being away wouldn’t relinquish her need for him. She just… needed him.

“Yes, Professor James?”

She wanted to say yes to him, over and over and over…

“Did you- um- need something?”

His question interrupted her thoughts before they could become too impure. Professor James moistened her own lips before she leaned against the table beside him. “Are you ok? Your face was doing this thing.”

Raheem frowned. “What thing?”

Professor James sent a finger around his face, her hand a foot away from him. “This face. I’ve saw it a total of three times within the hour.”

Raheem shrugged. “I’m fine.”

Professor James tilted her head to the side to get a better view of his handsomeness. “Are you sure?”

Raheem tucked his bottom lip, subconsciously putting his dimples on display before he allowed his frown to take residence on his face. “I don’t understand what dissecting a pig has to do with this class.”

“You mean Anatomy?”

Raheem placed the scalpel down before he turned to her. “Yes, Anatomy. This is class is supposed to be about the anatomy of a human being, not a pig.”

Professor June stood straight. “The other students don’t seem to be having a problem with it, Mr. June.” God! Even his name is sexy. “I can um- give you a pass on the assignment if that’s what you need.”

Raheem shook his head with a grin. “The assignment is done.” He reached down to remove his glove before he looked back at her. “I had that done in the first half hour of class; I’ve just been…back here bored.”

Professor James nodded with a small smile as she looked around the classroom. “Well, we used a pig because; we can’t really practice on humans. I understand my class is slow paced.”

Raheem shook his head, dismissing her claim before he spoke, “Nothing about this class is slow. It’s one of the more entertaining ones that I have. Oh, after this I have Athletics, I just loveeee Athletics,” he spoke with sarcasm, causing Professor James to smile at him.

“Is that your last class of the day?”

“Of the week,” Raheem corrected. “Thank God for that. I don’t think I could handle anything else this week.”

“Have you found a residency?”

Raheem nodded before he stepped back from the table, grabbing his bag off the floor. “I have a few that I’m looking into; I don’t have anything exactly set yet. Hopefully soon.”

Professor James stood straight, running her palms down the front of her skirt. “How come you haven’t emailed me about a letter of recommendation?”

Raheem smiled. “I know that you are a busy woman, didn’t want to create extra for you, but if you have the time to draw one up for me, that would be more than appreciated.”

Professor James nodded her head. “If you want to come back after your last class, I can give it to you then. I have some things that I need to finish up, so I’ll be here.”

Raheem pinned her with a stare, causing her to fidget slightly under his gaze. “You’ll have it ready for me in that short amount of time?”

“Yes,” she replied, her voice low, her eyes glancing around at her other students. “I know you need it as soon as possible so, I can have it for you today. Just come back and I’ll have it.”

Raheem took a step to move from behind the table that he was standing at, bringing himself closer to her. “Should I shoot you a text before I come? I would rather not just show up here. You may be busy with another student; something else may have come up.”

Professor James was shaking her head before he completed his statement. “Nothing will come up. Please feel free to call, but I can assure you, nothing will come up.”

“Fine. Then I’ll come back after my last class.” Raheem nodded his head before he walked by his Professor to leave the classroom, heading to his next class.

Raheem didn’t think popping up on a teacher was appropriate, even if she borderline insist that he do just that, so he sent her a text, asking if it were ok for him to come. His reply came back in the form of a text that stated, I told you it was ok to just come, Mr. June. So, he took that as his sign to proceed in his route across campus. It was the middle of the day and still the first month of his last year of school, students weren’t exactly taking class seriously at this point. The party season was still very much so in full effect at BCM, so Raheem wasn’t surprised that off campus looked like one huge extravaganza. Meanwhile, his overly attractive Anatomy teacher was making him dissect piglets. She was “Professor Serenity James,” Raheem groaned as he pulled open the door to the main medical building, walking towards the back. Room 206. He knocked on the room door before peeking his head in. Professor James sat behind her desk, her face buried in her phone as she replied to messages that were sent with an urgent tag to them, but she knew nothing that was coming from the person texting her was urgent or important. Surely, not as important as him.

“See, I texted,” Raheem stated as he stepped into the classroom. “… I texted and you still look busy.”

Professor James stood from her desk with a smile; she powered her phone completely off and placed it in her top draw before she stepped around the desk. “Looks are deceiving because I’m not busy at all.” She grabbed the very detailed letter off her desk and handed it to him.

Raheem eyed her for a moment before he took the letter. He went to read it, but decided against it, letting the letter settle by his side. He tilted his head slightly to look at Professor James. “I know it’s rude to ask a lady certain questions, this one being a major no-no, but I have to because it’s driving me crazy.”

Professor James released a chuckle before she crossed her arms over her chest. “Whatever it is, I promise not to get upset.”

“You promise?”

Shifting in her stance, she crossed her fingers in the manner of a swear and nodded.

“How old are you?”

“I’m forty,” Professor James provided softly. “I’m an old lady.”

“That’s not old,” Raheem declined. “That isn’t old and you sure in the hell don’t look old.”

Professor James blushed as Raheem lifted the letter to his face to read it. She heard him chuckle a few times before he removed the letter from blocking her vision of his handsome face. “You kind of exaggerated, huh?”

She tucked her lip in a girl like manner before shaking her head, denying his claim. “Nothing on that paper is embellished. You have the highest GPA in my classroom, no tardiness or absences at all. You are attentive to detail, always having manners, always here, present and ready. I did not stretch anything. Everything there is the truth.”

“Let’s see,” Raheem began to read the letter. “Timely, efficient, passionate about his studies…”

“Again,” Professor James stated, expressing herself with her hands. “Not one lie on there.”

Raheem eyed her before he took a step closer to her. “How would you know how passionate I am about my work?”

Professor James clenched her lips together before she exhaled. “It’s reflected in your work, Mr. June. Your attention to detail, your need for understanding, the fact that you knew we had no reason to dissect a piglet outside of my need to be a little bit extra when it comes to this course.”

Raheem smiled down at her, adjusting his bag on his shoulders. “Well, this letter is appreciated. I know your name carries a little weight in this field.” His eyes narrowed. “Why did you do it? Better yet, why were you so willing to do it?”

Shrugging, Professor James moved to stand behind her desk. “I see potential in you, and I wanted that to be expressed in the letter. Don’t think too much into it.”

Raheem smirked. “That’s hard to do. I find your words about me very impressive and alluring in a sense.”

Professor James looked up at him, her defense against him crumbling every second. She planned to speak to him about his future and the fact she had a place in mind for him for his externship.

“You are extremely beautiful to me,” Raheem spoke in a low voice as he allowed his eyes to take her in, forging the image of her into his mind while he openly gawked at her. He began to imagine what she would look like with no clothes on, that image made him step into her personal space, behind her desk. “You are breathtaking, have you been made aware of that?”

Raheem didn’t have much experience when it came to the opposite sex, but he wanted his professor in a way that maybe he shouldn’t. He wasn’t usually this forward, but he knew she was dealing with the same exact thing that he was dealing with. Lust. On a level that he was not accustomed to, but he didn’t want to allow this moment that he had with her to escape. Feeling audacious, he began to remove his bag, allowing it to hit the floor. “Serenity…”

Professor James felt the air of her next breath get trapped in her throat before her eyes connected with Raheem’s. He spoke her first name with so much familiarity that it caused goosebumps to form on her skin, the fine hairs covering her body stood at attention for him. This was bad; nothing good could come from it. Nothing.

In a strained voice, one she knew was struggling to reject the man in front of him, she spoke, “Pro-Professor James actually works just fine, Mr. June. If there wasn’t anything else you needed then we could-”

“Come on,” Raheem stated with a boyish smile. “You gonna stand here and act like you don’t want me as much as I want you?”

“Want me,” Serenity expressed with wide eyes. “I’m literally- I’m old enough to be your mother, not only that… I’m your professor, Mr. June.”

“A Professor that I find attractive as fuck and I know the feeling is mutual.” Raheem moved back to walk across the room, back to the door, he slid the locks into place before he turned to face her. “Just…take your clothes off.”

Serenity shook her head with tenacity. “We can’t do this! Raheem, please just leave.”

Raheem walked over to her, straight into her personal space, his hands at her waist. He licked his lips before he grabbed her tighter, causing her to gasp. “When was the last time someone made you come, Serenity?”

Serenity pushed him back, her hand at the center of his chest as she moved backward until she couldn’t move anymore, stalled by the dry erase board. “Raheem…”

“Tell me,” Raheem growled, his animalistic nature rising up inside of him as his hand moved up her blouse.

Professor James grabbed at his hand, her focus lost as he bent down to kiss her neck, his tongue pressing against the lobe of her ear as his hand continued in its route to her breast. When his finger tips came in contact with the lace fabric, he quickly pulled it down, pushing it to the side so his palm could come into contact with her.

Serenity closed her eyes, fighting with all she had to get Raheem off of her, but if she was being honest with herself, she knew she didn’t want him to move. She wanted his hands all over her, his mouth. She wanted his dick inside of her, deep. Touching places that it should not, but she wanted it… so fucking bad. Her body was winning the fight it was having with her mind.

Raheem didn’t want to give her time to think too hard, so he grabbed her, picking her up before he turned and placed her on the desk. His lip took hers in a kiss that Serenity felt down to her core, so much so that she released a cry into his mouth as he reached between her legs to rip her panties off. Raheem stuffed them into the back pocket of his jeans before he used those same fingers to unbuckle his belt.

Serenity reached for his hands to still him, but slipped when she felt suction on her neck. She felt her pussy become wetter as his tongue moved all over the sensitive area below her chin, kissing and sucking before biting. She was so wet; she knew he would discover that soon and use it to his advantage. It didn’t take him long.

“Got damn it, Serenity,” Raheem groaned as he moved his fingers from her thigh to her womanhood, using her wetness to coat his finger before he took two of them and entered her.

Serenity released a gasp that slid into a cry as he worked his fingers into her, his hands in her and on her, her mind racing, scared and worried, but he wouldn’t allow her to get lost in her thoughts, his touch was too present.

As his fingers played in her, his thumb massaged her clit. It had been so long since Serenity had been handled in this manner, her body was so in tune with him. She was coming before her mind could process what was happening.

She clenched her teeth, holding on tight to the front of his shirt before her head fell back.

“Ughhhhhhh fuckkk,” she cried as the sounds of her wetness bouncing off the walls, filled her classroom. She used one hand to grip the desk but the dampness of her palm caused it to slip. Raheem moved with her, grabbing her thighs as they shook around him. Her skin was flushed red; his name was still ringing in his ears from when she screamed it. He pushed his pants down as she continued to whimper. He felt around her entrance a moment before he grabbed his dick, without regard to anything, he pushed into her.

Her mouth fell open, he name being produced from her in a shocked, broken whimper. “Ra- heem!”

Raheem stilled, closing his eyes slowly at the feel of her. Nothing…not shit felt better than Serenity. “Serenity,” Raheem half groaned half whimpered as he moved back to look down between them. He moved forward, pushing into her again as she grabbed him, wrapping a secure arm around his neck to hold him. Her thighs shook when he went deep, he could hear her trying and failing to catch her breath. “You want me to stop?”

Why would he ask her that when they’d crossed the line already? She was already torn between what she knew was right and what felt so fucking good to her.

“You don’t want me to stop, Serenity. I wouldn’t stop! Pussy too fucking good to me.”

Raheem grabbed her thighs and lifted her off the desk as he increased his tempo inside of her. Serenity tried to form words with her mouth but everything failed her. All she could do was feel him, thick, deep and throbbing inside of her. She didn’t need to see his dick to know that it was big, veins running down it, thick and long. She felt everything every time he pushed into her.

She felt her womanhood hug and release him with every stroke. It wasn’t voluntary; it was a natural reaction to how deep he was inside of her. She clung to him, her breathing labored as her body worked to accept his deepness, his roughness, his…everything.

Raheem gripped her tighter, growling as he arched his back to dig deeper into her. Serenity whimpered as she released him, trying to get away and get closer at the same time. She lay back on her desk, knocking off documents as Raheem continued his assault on her body. Her eyes closed, her back arched, her body hummed at his fingertips before she began shaking again.

“Come for me, Serenity.”

She did.

Her body yielded to him.

Her mind shut down.

Her legs quaked.

Her eyes popped open, looking up at the ceiling.

She closed her mouth, trying and failing to halt her scream.

It forged through.


Raheem looked down at her pretty ass face as she came, her hands trying to push him out of her but he wouldn’t…couldn’t stop.

He got a view of his dick, covered in her cream as it entered her, pulling at her core, trying to snatch another orgasm.

“Raheem, I can’t!”

“Give it to me!”

“Please…it’s too-”

White noise. Deafening.

Her core caved as he pressed his thumb to her clit. Her entire body went limp, her dry mouth hanging open as he dipped, pressing into her core at an angle that made her legs go limp. She had nothing to fight him with. Nothing.

“Like that,” Raheem coached. “Give me one more.”

Serenity tried to grab at him but she was weak, her entire body no longer under her operation. She wanted to scream when she felt her orgasm creep up her spin but she didn’t have the strength. She just groaned, the veins in her neck popping out as her head went back on the desk, her hair providing a pillow for the attack. Her senses seemed to mush together. She could feel him everywhere, like he was larger than the room when in reality, he was just inside of her.

“Please Serenity…one more.”

He was trying to kill her.

His desire to see her come undone for him overshadowed everything else including logical thought. He just wanted to see her come, it was an event. One of monumental influence and his desire to be in the audience grew when he saw her eyes squeeze shut, her neck stretch back and a scream rock her vocal cords.

Raheem determined then that seeing her come would be something he chased after with everything in him. Regardless of caution, despite the fact that being with her was risky. He needed to see her…like this. Often.






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**Sneak Peek** If Ever I’m Not Enough… Coming 10/03/2017



“What are you doing here?”

“What the fuck you mean what am I doing here? I need to know why you avoiding me and shit.”

Tucking her bottom lips into her mouth, she gnawed on it for a moment before releasing it. “I told you that I didn’t want to do this with you anymore. I thought we were clear.”

Gyntry placed his hands on his chest. “Aint shit clear to me but the fact that you been avoiding me. I told you what it was when you was talking that bullshit. Nothing changed.”

“Something did change”, Aelayah snapped, unaware of how much power and emotion were in her voice. “I fucking changed and I don’t like it. I don’t want it. I’m moving on!”

“To who”, Gyntry pressed. “That mothafucka”, he pointed. “Him? Huh? Aelayah?!”

Hyden stood from his seat, waiting to be addressed so that he could insert himself into the conversation. “Everything ok, Aelayah?”

Aelayah pressed her hands into her temple, not in the mood for the extra bullshit she knew she was about to endure. “It’s fine, Hyden. Just give me a minute. In fact, can we reschedule this meeting for later in the week? I’ll call you when-”

“You can call that nigga but not me?” Gyntry stepped back and shook his head with a smirk. “Ain’t that some bullshit?”

“Why don’t you have him come back, Aelayah? We have more pressing manners to attend to.”

“Don’t speak bout me”, Gyntry threw out at Hyden. “Don’t even use him in a sentence around me.”

Hyden didn’t like Gyntry’s tone and didn’t hesitate in expressing that. “You come in here practically yelling about irrelevant bullshit while we are trying to conduct business.” Hyden took a step closer to them. “You can leave and come back later for that shit.”

Gyntry made a move to go around Aelayah, until her voice halted him. “Gyntry, please. We can talk, i’ll – we’ll talk in my office. Just come on, come back and we’ll talk.”

She grabbed his arm and pulled him to her, but he snatched away from her. “How bout you take yo ass up out of here before I beat the shit out of you just for being around her witcho square ass. Don’t fucking speak to me!”

Aelayah’s heart felt tight. “Gyntry-”

“Fuck you”, Hyden spat right before Gyntry’s fist connected with his jaw, sending him flying into the table he was just sitting at. Gyntry didn’t give him time to recover before he was on his, sending a two piece against his face that caused blood to leak from his mouth.

“Gyntry”, Aelayah screamed as she grabbed on his shirt. “Stop!”

Hyden tried to cover his face but the blows were coming to hard and too fast. His head bounced against the ground as Gyntry hovered over him, transitioning between throwing punches and stomping him. The taste of blood was so heavy in his mouth that he thought he would gag on it. He felt his head became light as another punch sent his head back into the concrete of the floor.

“Gyntry!!!” Aelayah shouted again before she jumped on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck tight. “Stop!”

Gyntry had no choice but to let up once he realized he couldn’t breath. He didn’t want to hurt Aelayah but she was cutting off his air. “Let go!”

“You have to stop”, she shouted in his ear. “You’re going to kill him!”

“I told that mothafucka to stop talking to me”, he snapped as her grip around his neck loosened. “Get off me, ma.”

“No Gyntry! Go to my apartment! Now!”

“I ain’t doing shit! Get the fuck-”

“Would you fucking listen for once? Listen to me for once and just go upstairs!”

Aelayah jumped down from his back. Gyntry turned around, his chest moving up and down rapidly while he watched her. “Go upstairs!”

“I don’t give a fuck, Aelayah. You know that shit”, he spat.

Aelayah pushed him in his chest and of course he didn’t move. “I know that all too well!!” she screamed, her voice raw with emotions. “I know you don’t give a fuck about me. About my business! I know that I don’t fucking matter to you so what the fuck are you doing here? Why would you do that to him?”

Gyntry stood before her still huffing and pissed off, getting more pissed by the second. “I told him to fucking stop talking to me! Simple shit but he didn’t listen!”

“So you do this to me?” Aelayah wiped a tear from her cheek. “You come here and do this shit, destroying my bakery because you felt disrespected?”

Gyntry squinted his eyes. He hadn’t considered her at all when he made his decision to beat the fuck out of ol dude. He wasn’t prepared for the pain that was showcased all over her body or the hurt and tears in her eyes.

Aelayah exhaled, trying to calm herself down. “Is this how you like to see me? Fucking broken and weak? This what makes you happy right?”

“That’s bullshit, ma. You know thats bullshit!”

“Is it really?”

Hyden groaned on the ground and rolled over on his side as Journée bent down to stand the table back upright. In this moment, she regretted the moment she got involved with Gyntry. All he brought her was pain and heartache.

“I still need to know why you been trippin and shit”, Gyntry asked with a shrug of his shoulders.

Aelayah looked at him like he’s lost his mind. “Are you fucking serious?”

“Dead ass!”

“I FUCKING HATE YOU!” Aelayah yelled as she got in his face, a cry brought through her voice as tears rolled down her face. “I fucking hate you, man. I hate what you do to me! I hate what I am to you! I dont- I dont want to fucking be your toy, Gyntry. Don’t you get that! Move the fuck on! It’s a million girls- ah million!” She was crying so hard that she couldn’t see through her tears. “Just go! Leave me alone and never come back!”

“I wish it was that simple! I really wished it was that fucking simple!”

“Why isnt it”, Aelayah shouted. “You dont want me! You told me that much, remember?!”

Gyntry stood there silent, thinking. Thinking. Something that he didn’t do often. His mind worked overtime, being that his heart had not been felt but he never really had to think much. It was his way. He just did things his way and nothing else mattered to him. Nothing. “I came here to talk to you. I didn’t come here for this shit.”

“So go!” Aelayah continued to clean up the mess that was made as Hyden groaned on the ground. She didn’t care about him. She didn’t care about shit but the things that were going good in her life. All she wanted was peace and she couldn’t seem to find that as of late.

Gyntry shook his head before he began to walk off, he stopped when he got to the door. “I’ll pay for everything that was broken, just send me the bill and shit. I won’t fuck with you no more.”


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❤️❤️Synopsis Reveal!❤️❤️ If Ever I’m Not Enough… Coming 10/03

❤️❤️Synopsis Reveal!❤️❤️
Coming 10/3
Dejunza: (Day-gun- Zuh) The Planet of Melanin and Royalty.
Dejunza is a place of complete power. A planet filled with melanin and greatness driven to the core of it’s roots. There is peace, love, joy, and support in Dejunza. But there is also pain, contest, and a source of forsaking. Every other year in Dejunza, two offspring’s of the royal kingdom are sent to Earth in order to live a complete life. This is used as a form of regulation and population control.
Pairs are sent to find their idea of happiness and absolute joy. To some, that will be finding a person to love until old age, for others that will just be a child to cater to until death. Then there will be others that rebel against the plight and go to Earth with the intent of causing harm. Once selected by The Bell, their Dejunza name is then converted into an Earthly one, they are provided an identity based off of their age and the development of their being at the time.
Thunderstorms create pathways to a new realm. In book one of the Dejunza Series, you meet Abioye and Akemp, also known as Gyntry and Gypsey, the Princes of Dejunza. The Princes of Royalty.
Gypsey and Gyntry never thought they would be selected by the Bell, though they became eligible at the age of 100. They are the princes of Dejunza and hold royal status, so surely The Bell would not choose them. But it does. The Twins of Dejunza are thrust into a lifestyle and time that is lightyears ahead of them. They have no idea how Earth works or what is required of them. They form their being by interacting with the people of Earth, developing their language, demeanor, personalities, and ideas. Gyntry adapts an urban dialect, fastly learning to enjoy the fruits that Earth has to offer, whereas Gypsey fights to gather an identity. He is trapped in darkness due to the unhappiness of his soul mate, a woman that he never met. Both men face challenges that they are not prepared for. They battle with keeping their true identity hidden from the people they form relationships with while fighting the natural pull of love and lust.
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The Royals of Dejunza #Extended Sneak Peek #UnofficialTitle

HEYYYYY!!! Long Time No Post LOL!

I came back with goodies! Here is an extended sneak peek of the book I am currently working on. So different for me and I am having such an amazing time writing this book! Paranormal Romance and I will be together for a long time! Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

WELCOME TO AELAYAH’s Sweet Spot! This scene is when Aelayah and Gyntry make their first encounter, at the Grand Opening of her bakery!


**Unedited/Subject to Change Copyright 2017 @DeshonDreamz


His need had his feet moving.

He reached the display, allowing his eyes to take in the assortment of cakes in front of him. Licking his lips, Gyntry reached and grabbed a cupcake off the display and looked at it for a moment before he pushed it into his mouth, not bothering to remove the wrapper as he allowed the smoothness of the icing to coat his taste buds.

“Ummmmm”, he heard come from behind him. He turned around with icing all over his face and in his beard, eyes wide with content and excitement. He continued to eat the cupcake while looking at the beautiful woman in front of him. She was distracting him from his task of eating as many cupcakes as he could. She was a welcomed distraction though.

“The opening is over”, Aelayah stated as she watched the man grab another cupcake off the display that she was shutting down. She didn’t mind him eating the cupcakes since she was planning to dispose of them but after dealing with Hyden, she didn’t have more room for bullshit. She wasn’t scared, for some reason she didn’t feel that the man would hurt her in any way, he just seemed to really like the cupcakes.

Aelayah’s thoughts slammed into her mind all at once. She placed a hand on her chest as she watched the man grab yet another cupcake, leaving just the wrappers on the counter. “Are you hungry? Homeless?”

Gyntry continued to grab cupcakes and stuff his face. Aelayah became annoyed when he ignored her but she remained patient. “Do you need real food? I could get you real food.”

Gyntry shrugged his shoulders as he finished the last cupcake his body could take. He grabbed a napkin from the side of the display and began to clean his face. Aelayah stood there with wide eyes, watching him clean his face as if what he’s done was in the norm for him.

“I appreciate it”, Gyntry mumbled as he grabbed the wrappers off the counter and placed them in the trash with the napkins he used to half clean his face.

He turned to walk out of the bakery.

“Whoa whoa whoa”. Aelayah exclaimed as she got in front of him to stop him. “You can’t just come in here, eat my cupcakes without paying for shit and just walk out! That’s rude as fuck!”

Gyntry looked down at Aelayah with a smirk on his face. “Rude?”

“Yes, rude! I worked hard as hell on those cupcakes and you just come in here and scarf down five and leave? Where they do that at?”

Gyntry licked his lips again. “You made those?”

Aelayah frowned. “Mothafucka”, she mumbled as she turned in a slow circle. ‘Aelayah’s Sweet Spot’… it’s my bakery! My opening and you telling me you dragged yo ass in here eating my cupcakes and you don’t even know who I am?”

Gyntry shrugged his shoulders before he began to walk around her.

Aelayah grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Stop trying to leave! If you didn’t come in here with the intention of buying anything then what you just did is called stealing!”

Gyntry knew what stealing meant, it was something he was told to never do. “I didn’t take shit!”

Aelayah’s eyes ballooned. “What the fuck would you call what you just did? You didn’t ask! I don’t have shit green with a old ass man on it in my hand! You came in here and ate my products without paying!”

“You had them accessible to me so; I took what the fuck I wanted.”

“It’s called a display! You still have to pay for it asshole!”

Gyntry smiled. “You ain’t have no sign on that shit that said I had to pay. I would have read it because I can read!”

Aelayah wanted to punch this annoying, disrespectful…admittedly handsome as fuck man in his face. “You want a cookie for knowing how to read or some shit?” Her face was scrunched up in annoyance. “I can mothafuckin give you one, my dude!”

Gyntry walked closer to Aelayah, forcing her to take a step back until he had her pinned against the glass of the cookie display. He looked down at her, lowered dark eyes pulling her in as his face went from being slightly annoyed to visibly aroused. Aelayah was now scared.

“Look”, she whispered. “Just leave, I won’t call the police or anything. Just leave and don’t come back.”

Gyntry’s brows drew together as he reached out to touch her face, tucking his bottom lip into his mouth, his eyes grew darker as they moved over her lips. Aelayah was reaching to grab the roll pan that she had sitting on the side of them as he continued to move closer to her lips. Before they could connect, she moved swiftly, grabbing the roller and smashing it against Gyntry’s head. He moved back, grabbing his head and releasing a grunt. “What the fuck”, he groaned.

“Yeah, mothafucka”, Aelayah shouted as she jumped up and down, her small frame moving into defense mode. “I got something for that ass! You wanna come in here, eat my cupcakes and try to press up on me? I got yo ass!”

“You gotta chill!”

“I ain’t doing shit until you leave!”

Gyntry wasn’t really hurt, but he knew he had to reach to what seemed to be an attack on him. “You can’t hit people with shit!”

“The hell I can’t!”

“You hit me again and it’s gone be an issue.”

“There is already an issue! I want my got damn money for my cupcakes!”

Gyntry dropped his hand from his head. “Really? You hit me with that shit because you want money for your cupcakes?”

“You damn right! I was good in here, cleaning and prepping everything to be put away but you come in here clearly with the shits!”

“I just wanted whatever the hell smelled so good. I found this flyer on the light post down the street and followed the scent to this place. I can give you money for…”

“Wait”, Aelayah stated, a silly blush covering her face. “My deserts brought you here after all?”

Gyntry’s frown grew. “Fuck is you…”

“Okkkk”, Aelayah stated as she did a little dance. “My aroma been making moves down the block. I see you, girl!” This was her small celebration for herself.

Gyntry wanted to continue to be pissed but she was so damn cute to him. Since being on Earth, all he did was have sex. Sex he discovered that he enjoyed tremendously. “I wanna fuck you.”

Aelayah’s movements stopped as her eyes, filled with renewed annoyance, fell on his face. “What?”

“Sex. I’d like to have it with you.”

“Dude is you dumb? Get the hell out of my bakery and never come back!”

Gyntry frowned as he continued to rub his head. “What? Why?”

“What do you mean why? You on a losing streak right now and its best that you stop while I still have the mind to allow you to leave out of here! Now go!”

“What about my need to have sex with you?”

Aelayah felt her blood pressure rising. “My dude! You don’t even got four minutes like Avant had to get the fuck out of my bakery! Your need doesn’t have anything to do with me! Furthermore, it’s nothing alluring about blurting something like that out. But I wouldn’t expect more from your rude ass! Now, you got less than sixty seconds to get out of my place of business or I will have to call the police on yo weird ass. Get out!”

Gyntry stood stonic in his confused state. He didn’t understand why she was so upset with him, oblivious to the reaction that he was getting based off of his words and demeanor. He didn’t intend to be rude or anything of that sort, he just wanted to eat her cupcakes and have sex with her. Her. Just her.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a one hundred dollar bill. He sat it on the table in between them before he took a step back. He was quiet for a moment, looking her over, taking her in.

Attraction. That’s all it was, right Gyntry thought to himself. She was enticing just like every other earth woman. That’s all it was about, this weird tugging in the pit of his stomach that she cause. It was because of his need to mate with her. That was it.

“I want.” Gyntry stopped speaking to better arrange the words that were in his head. “ I would like to come back, if not for sex then at least for more of those”, he stated as he pointed at the cupcake display.

Aelayah was wondering if she was stuck in the Twilight Zone. “If and when you come back, I will call the police on you!”

Gyntry hated the sound of that so, without further delay he turned and walked out of the bakery.


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**Extended Scene From Crowned 3** Stone X Eryanna (Viewer Discretion Advised)

This is an extended version of what happened after Raheem received the resignation letter from Eryanna. Right after he advised her that he wanted her “down.”



Down was more than a direction. It was a position. The one Stone required that Eryanna be in. On her knees, her hands behind her back, her hair wild and free. Head down.

“Eryanna.” Stone walked behind her, feeling his presence, goose bumps formed all over her skin as he bent to pull her hands to the front of her so that he could bound her wrist with the silk scarf he found on her bed. “You turned in a request that I warned you not to turn in.”

Eryanna knew better than to reply. It wasn’t a question. It was a statement that rang loud and clear in her eyes. In the eyes on Stone, it was a betrayal in a sense. She didn’t mean for it to come off as such, she just knew it was time for them to part ways. She didn’t think this would be how her night ended. Back in his presence and under his control. She was down to just her panty and bra set, her nerves danced around in the pit of her stomach as her palms began to sweat.

“You literally did the exact opposite of what I asked you to do.

Eryanna kept her eyes down, most of her face covered by her hair.

He pulled the tie tighter, causing her to gasp and look up at him.


Eryanna slowly did as she was told as he gripped the tie and walked her toward her bed. He stood her with her back to the bed as he stood in front of her. His eyes connected with hers, he knew she wanted to speak. He reached out and pushed her hair out of her face before he reached to undo her bra. “Speak.”

Eryanna swallowed. “I didn’t…it wasn’t anything against you.”

Stone frowned as he stopped moving. “It was a direct move against me and my office.”

“But my intent…”

Eryanna stopped speaking when he reached out to grasp her panties in his hand. She swallowed. “I didn’t mean for you to be offended.”

In one swift move, her panties were ripped from her body, causing her to yelp before Stone grabbed her hands and put them above her head. “Grab the rail.”

Eryanna looked up, seeing that the railing of her reach. She looked back at him with pleading eyes. “Perm…permission to speak.”


His voice always made her nervous. Deep. Controlled. Levelled. Too got damn sexy.

“It wasn’t like you’re taking it…”

Stone gave her statement no regard. “Grab the rail.”

Eryanna went to speak again until she was lifted into the air. She grabbed the rail with both hands before she looked down at Stone. “Please Stone.”

He gripped her thighs in his hands and lifted them so that they sat on her shoulder and her pussy was in his face. He stepped forward, inhaling the scent of her before his tongue snaked out of his mouth to sample her.

Eryanna was already having a hard time keeping her hands on the rail.

Stone gripped her ass and pushed her pussy into his face as he devoured her, smacking her ass when her legs began to shake prematurely. He removed his tongue from her. “Why are you shaking?”

Eryanna released a breath and braced herself. “I wasn’t going to cum without permission.”

“Then why?”

“It feels good. I…I don’t know.”

Stone frowned as he moved back from her. He allowed her legs down so that she could stand on the bed. “Don’t move.”

Eryanna stood there, trying to get her heart to calm down, trying to keep her eyes on him but when Stone told her not to move, she knew better than to do so.

Stone went into her closet and grabbed a belt. Testing it against his hand before he returned to Eryanna. “I bet not feel your thighs shake against my face, Eryanna.”

Eryanna glanced at the belt, then back at Stone, nodding her understanding. “Hold the rail, legs up.”

Eryanna grabbed the railing tighter and pulled her legs up as Stone guided them to rest on his broad shoulders before he returned to feasting on her. His tongue drove into her before he moved it back out to pay special attention to her clit before he repeated the action. Eryanna’s head fell back as she moaned, fighting against the urge to grind her pussy into Stone’s face.



Eryanna gripped the railing tighter as her thighs began to shake. She knew it was coming but she still wasn’t prepared for it. The sting of the belt against her thigh made her yelp as she pulled up in the railing. “Stoneeeeeeeeeee!”

She couldn’t control her legs. Not with his tongue on her.


“Uggghhhhh fuckkkkk!”


“Please sir!”

Her arms weren’t tired at all because all of her weight was on him. “Permission! Permission please!”


“I can’t, Stone! Please! Please let me cum! I need! I need permission.”

He removed his tongue from her, allowing her to feel a moment of relief before he placed two fingers inside of her. Eryanna’s eyes went wide as she took in a deep breath. As soon as she felt like she couldn’t take any more, Stone began to do a come here motion with his fingers planted deep inside of her.


The sting of his belt only made her need for release just that greater.

Her head fell back.

Her stomach caved.

Her back bent.

Her world… rocked.

“PERMISSION!” Eryanna screamed with her eyes closed tight.

Stone let a beat pass before he spoke. “Granted.”

Eryanna came hard. Her entire body quaked as he held her hands slipped from the railing but Stone continued to hold her upright as her body jerked in midair.

“Uggghhhhhhhhhhh”, Eryanna groaned as her arms came down and her body spiraled into ecstasy.

Stone watched her with content in his heart. He was far from done with her.

“Grab the railing.”

Eryanna could barely register his words as her body endured aftershocks of her orgasm.

“Grab it now!”

Eryanna grabbed the railing and watched as he allowed her weak legs to slide off his shoulder so that she could stand. He removed his clothes and produced a condom which he slid onto his dick. Stone was very well endowed. It was too much to handle, too much to take. But Eryanna wasn’t fool enough to reject him.

“What you did was a direct insult to me. Even if that wasn’t your intent, that’s how I took it. So, how does one handle that type of thing, Eryanna. Surely I can’t allow it to slide.”

Eryanna didn’t trust her lips to form words so she just stood there heaving, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she made attempt after attempt to catch her breath.


Eryanna gripped the railing, feeling herself being lifted in the air once again. Only this time she was lower, leveled with Stone so that his dick met her entrance.

Without hesitation, he slid into her, gripping her thighs in a hook around his arms as he began to move into her.

Shuddered breathes left Eryanna with each stroke as her eyes lowered to meet his.

“I’m declining the transfer.”

Eryanna closed her eyes as he began to slam into her, gripping her thighs tighter as his arms flexed, his hips twisted, hitting her at an angle that caused her to yelp before she moaned deep within her throat.

“You work for me!”

“Yes”, Eryanna screamed as he began to ram into her at the speed of a piston. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“You belong to me!”

“Uggghhhhh fuck!”

“Look at me!”

Eryanna brought her eyes to his, looking at him through her hair that was now sticking to her face. Eryanna’s mouth dropped open before she bit down hard on her lower lip.


“Already, Stoner? I just got in you.”

Stoner was the most conflicting thing he could call her. It was an insult and a term of endearment all in one. As he explained it, Stoner because you stay high and as your boss, knowing that I should fire you. Stoner also because your mine. You belong to Stone. Property of Stone. Mine.

Stone looked into her eyes. “Mine.”

“Please Stone! Permission.”


Her hands slipped from the rail, she was falling back but her orgasm was so strong that she couldn’t catch herself. Her breathing seemed to slow. Everything happened so fast that it literally had her delusional.

Her tongue seemed thick in her mouth, she couldn’t speak.

Her ears rang.

Before she knew it…she was screaming his name at the top of her lungs.

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Release Day Ramblings.- Never Sleep On Yourself!

Good Morning!

I woke up…torn.

Part of me was extremely excited because my 12th book releases today. But the other side of me, the more dominate half was in deep thought.

I was thinking. Hmmm, 12 books. 12.

None of them have hit number one or the top five on the charts for that matter.

For some reason, you’re overlooked and underrated.

You’ve been writing for three years and you still have not reached the title of best seller. For some reason, you can’t grab it. You can’t claim it. Nothing that you’ve done has worked.

You gave hood love.

You gave mushy love.

You gave romance




You’ve touched on social issues.

You’ve literally hit this writing thing at every angle and you have yet to get to where you want to be.

That fact…is slightly depressing.

What do you have to do, Deshon?

What can you do?

When you are literally giving your all to the thing that you love and it seems as if that thing will never fully return its appreciation.

I’m a single mother, I work a full-time job and I’m a writer.

I stretch myself to the point of exhaustion most times to meet mental deadlines that I have set for myself.

But even with all that, I never half step. I’m never mediocre in my writing. Nothing with me is ever typical. Nothing. I am not anywhere near the perfect writing but I take my time thinking through plots. I become my characters. I live and breathe my writing. I’m one with pen.


Why am I constantly missing the mark?

I have no idea.

But…I don’t care to dwell on it.

This blog post will be as far as this pity party goes. I refuse to limit myself due to others not recognizing the talent that I have. I know this gift it GOD given so it will eventually make room for me.

It’s 100000000% ok to know that you are dope at what you do. I don’t think anyone is doing something that they love, just to be wack at it. I know I’m not wack! My pen has never let me down.

I mean…whole plots have been stolen and tried to be replicated. Someone is reading. *sips tea*

I’ve been writing for a very long time. I feel it is the most evolutionary matter of expression for me.

I’ve struggled my entire life. Been through things that I will never openly discuss. Been through things that hurt me to even think about. Been betrayed in a way that would break even the strongest of people. I refuse to give up. I don’t have room to.

With anything in life, I always push through. Somehow, I keep a smile on my face.

Even with this industry and writing, I have things done and said to me that was meant to literally break me. I can admit to having a sensitive nature, being subdued and laid back. That’s how I’ve always been. Just me, my pen and my paper. Writing thoughts that should have been spoken out loud but I was never bold enough to get that done.

I’m layered.

A hybrid of love and uncertainty.

A Poet & Activist

A Painter & Procrastinator

I can admit that.

My heart lives on my fingertips. Literally pays rent there.

I’m a mess.

But I’m passionate and I love hard. Writing is the love of my life and it keeps getting sidetracked by side bitches and pimps.

I’m a prostitute. Selling myself short for a namesake who could care less where this first love developed or where it gave me my first kiss. Does not matter what I want to say, long as it’s along the line of the masses.

I could never.

I tried fitting in for a while in high school, sir. That shit didn’t work.

I will never knock a hustle. What people want to do and say is solely on them. I can’t tell anyone how to love a passion. I wouldn’t dare.

But…always do what you want. What your heart wants. What love wants.


As I wait for my book to go live, I want to leave with this.

Don’t allow people to run over you.

Speak up. You can’t go your entire life allowing things to happen because you’re passive.

Your passion is to be taken seriously by anyone that will have a part of that.

In making your passion your paycheck, never adjust the way you look at your passion. Never allow it to be “just a check” because you will fall out of love.

Be a boss.

Be bold.

If you want to do something, go for it.

Most of the time when I speak…I’m just encouraging myself. A lot of you guys missed #MotivationMonday

I think it’s fitting to post it here.

If ever you find yourself needing validation. Search self first. God dwells in you. His strength is accessible to you. Dig within self and realize how amazing you are. Look at what you’ve been through. Look at what you’ve endured. Then glance in the mirror and see how flawless you are honey. You are a diamond. You have been put through the fire. Pressed and pressured. You have endured. You have encountered some things that would break even the strongest of beings and my are still breathtaking. What is your trick? How do you do it? It’s that inner peace. That inner GOD. That inner being that knows your worth, even when you doubt it.

Another human being…could never validate you the way that GOD can. Never. Your worth is put in place by GOD…not man.

Love Yourz. – Dreamz #MotivationMonday

Good Morning, #DreamzTeam. Be AMAZING!


Love you guys! Hopefully Crowned 3 will be available soon.!

XOXO Dreamz


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Well…I guess I was wrong. COMING 7/11/2017 Synopsis Reveal!



Looks like there will be a Crowned 3 after all. My last blog post literally said that there would not be one LOL. But, I most times than any find myself giving my readers what they want. I’m like that in life period. You show me that you love me genuinely, that you rock with me and is willing to be down for whatever? I will show you that same regard.


This book is an EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER! Like…seriously the most emotional book that I have ever penned. To me. Let me say that, to me it is because it just pulls out every stop when it comes to love, communication, and commitment. Loving something so much that you are willing to do just about anything for it. It doesn’t matter what the cost of that thing is. Doesn’t matter who it may hurt in the end, you just have to have it. Regardless of anything. It’s a blessing and a curse to love something that much! It’s a matter of being selfish, even while love someone. Its these small moments of wanting to have everything and still somehow keep love afloat. Some people are able to do that. Others? Not so much!



In the finale of Crowned: The Return of a Savage, you find yourself tossed into a world wind of love, life, and emotions. These things tie in together to create a dramatic ending to what seemed to be a fairytale beginning.

Cole is balancing leaving behind his position as a contract killer who lived a life void of emotions to the transition of fatherhood. The role is foreign to him so he finds himself struggling to get his feet planted. Will the struggle he faces revert him back to the thing that he knows, leaving behind the love of his life and their unborn child? Nacobi is trapped in the battle of her life. Due to complications from her pregnancy, her relationship with Cole is suffering in a way that has her fearing for the future. Will their relationship survive its most daring test to date?

Ashura is finally finding happiness within herself and her marriage. She loves her husband and their daughter. She sees the light at the end of the tunnel after enduring all that she did in her first marriage. But when her husband begins to keep long nights, she starts to wonder if the love story she had been feeding her heart were just lies sugarcoated to portray love. Anthony is torn between what he knows is right and the life that his heart makes him believes that he desires. His sudden role as husband and father has him missing his old life. A life of freedom and suspense. He craves it. Needs it. But at what cost?

In every being, there is a savage…waiting to be tampered with.



COMING 7/11/2017

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AIN’T NO CROWNED 3!- Signed Management!

I’m just gone leave this right here and let the title deal with itself.

Unedited/Copywritten @DeshonDreamz

Ashura is returning to work but not in the way that we would expect.

Ashura placed a kiss on Zaire’s cheek before she stood up out of the car to look at Anthony. He was pouting and though he was a grown man that should not be pouting at all, Ashura had to admit that it was cute on him.

“What time you plan on getting off and shit”, Anthony asked as he looked through the backseat mirror to check on Zaire before he turned his glare to his wife.

Ashura chuckled before she got on her tip toes to kiss him. “Babe, I’m just getting things back up and running, it’s going to take a minute for things to settle. My nights will be a little longer but I want you to be patient with me.”

Anthony huffed. “I get that shit but I mean- what’s a man to do when he be missing his wife and shit. Can you like ask someone else to handle the extra shit and you just focus on getting yall some cases to work.”

“It’s my second week at this firm”, Ashura mumbled.

“Trust me, I know. I don’t need you to tell me that shit. You still haven’t answered my question though.”

“I’ll try to wrap things up by ten tonight.”

“Ten!” Anthony didn’t like that sound of that. “Hell nah! Fuck that! Yo ass gone have that shit wrapped up by seven and Zaire and I will be out here waiting for you. She gone need some milk because you didn’t pump enough for you to stay here til ten.”

“But you can just…”

“I ain’t giving her none of that powder shit!”

“It’s formu…”

“Yup and you can keep that shit. My baby ain’t drinking that poison. Fuck kind of milk come in a powder form? Shit is not normal!”


“Zaire gone need milk and I’m gone need some pussy, we’ll be back to get you at seven! Im about to go take Zaire to see my parents because ma been begging me to bring her by then we going back to the house to kick it and wait until six.”

Ashura inhaled before she shrugged. “Ok, whatever.”

She went to walk off but Anthony grabbed her. “When do you plan on meeting my parents?”

Ashura exhaled. “I don’t know when I’ll be ready.”

“You’re my wife and the mother of my child. I won’t be able to hold my mother off for too much longer, love. She wants to meet you.”

“Anthony, you know I-.”

“I know, I understand and I’ve been extremely patient. We’ve been married for almost a year, how long do you expect my family to wait to meet my wife?”

“They see Zaire.”

“And don’t know where she came from. Think I’m some hoe that’s making up a story of being married.”

Ashura’s head dropped before she looked back up at him. “Can you just…give me a minute or two. Like, I just need a little more time.”

“How much time?”

Ashura kissed Anthony. “I promise”, she mumbled, staring into his eyes. “I’ll meet them soon. I want to meet them you know that, it’s just that, it’s a big step for me.”

Anthony pulled her to him, accepting her arms as she wrapped them around his waist. He reached up, pushing her wild hair away from her face and kissing her deeply. “I understand. I always understand. Just…think about when so that I can get my mother off my back. She wants to meet you.”

Ashura consented. “Baby, I want to meet her to. I love you and I know that me meeting your parents has to happen sooner than later. I’m sorry that-!”

“Don’t start that shit, you always apologizing. I’ll handle my parents. You just focusing on getting as much work done as you can so that you’re outside and waiting for me at seven.”

With that, Anthony kissed Ashura and grabbed her ass as if they weren’t standing in the middle of busy downtown Dallas. “Don’t be in that bitch flirting with the paralegals like you did me.”

“I did not flirt with you. I was a professional. You on the other hand, start fucking the client that you were sent to kill.”

Anthony’s smile dropped. He hated when she talked about why he was in her life in the beginning. He never planned to hurt her, she knew that, yet she still decided to make jokes like this. “Ashura, I hate when you do that shit.”

Ashura threw her head back and laughed. “Calm down, Killa.”

“Ha-ha, very funny!”

“I love you!”

Anthony turned his head when she tried to kiss him which caused her to laugh and grab his face, forcing a kiss on him. “Stop being like that”, Ashura fussed.

“You need to stop bringing up old shit. I don’t like it and you know it.”

“Ok ok!”

“I was gone kill you but yo pussy was good. Good pussy saves lives.”

“Oh my God”, Ashura blushed as she pushed herself out of Anthony’s embrace. “Bye!”

“I love you”, Anthony stated through his laugh as he kissed her.

Anthony released her, giving her a smile as she adjusted her briefcase in her hand and walked up the stairs to the building that housed her new office.

Ashura decided that she didn’t want to run the firm this time; she would rather have a team around her, so that she could still focus on being a wife and a mother. It took a lot convincing when it came to Anthony allowing her to go back to work, she couldn’t even apply for a position until Zaire was six months. It didn’t take long for her to be offered a job and she flew back to work as soon as she could, still attempting to get into the swing of things.

Ashura walked up the stairs into the office building that she worked in with a smile on her face. This smiled wasn’t forced, it was genuine and she felt good.

She greeted the man at the security desk with a rushed good morning and nod before she took the elevator to her floor. She entered her office and placed her briefcase down taking her seat.

A knock on her door got her attention. She smiled when she saw one of the other partners, Vanessa Styles. THE Vanessa Styles, once her biggest competitor, now her co- worker.

Ashura waved her in.   “Good Morning!”

“Good Morning, Boo!” Vanessa greeted.

Vanessa was shocked as hell when the resume of Ashura Trenton came across her desk. She didn’t know what happened to her firm, didn’t care. She had made several attempts to get Ashura to join teams with her and was head over hills excited about that fact that she had finally joined forces. If she had learned anything about Ashura, it was that it was better to be with her than against her. “I know you don’t want to see my face this early but I just wanted to make sure you got the things I sent you.”

Ashura laughed before she nodded. “I did and its fine that your in here this early. I was just going to look over them.”

“No rush”, Vanessa stated. “I was just making sure you got them. How are you settling in?”

Ashura licked her lips. “I’m settling. I think I need to get used to use being on the same team.”

Vanessa folded her hands together in a praying manner. “Pretty please get used to it? I need you, girl! I need you here with me!”

Ashura laughed and waved her off. “I think I will settle just fine. No worries.”

“Listen”, Vanessa let out, “You single handedly almost killed this firm. Snatching everybody and they momma. I need you on my side. This firm is just as much mine as if is yours. I don’t care that I started it. Its yours as well. Got it?”

Ashura inhaled. “Got it.”

“Good.” Vanessa turned to leave before she stopped. “Oh um…your husband called and told me…”

“Oh my God”, Ashura exclaimed.

“…said that I am to kick you out of her at seven. So…yeah. We doing lunch?”

Ashura shook her head. “I can’t believe that man called you! Sure, we can do lunch!”


Ashura laughed as Vanessa left, shaking her head at Anthony’s dramatics. She grabbed her phone off the desk and exhaled before dialing a number.”

We’re sorry; you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try your call again.

We’re sorry; you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try your call again.

Ashura disconnected the call and placed her phone on her desk before she took in a breath. She had gotten everything in her parents’ old house disconnected. Anthony was handling the selling of the property because even though it had been years since they’d been gone, she knew she wasn’t ready for that. Ashura vowed that she would let go of past hurt. Hearing that the number was disconnected put a lot of things in perspective for her, they were gone and there was nothing that she could do about it.She glanced out of her office window, the sun shining bright in the sky, kissing her skin in a low caress. She would be ok. Eventually, she would be ok.

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