Time Machine?

I allowed her to walk in before me, sending a silent prayer up that I didn’t mess this up before it could take off. I knew there was shit between us that we had to one day discuss but right now, I just wanted to be around her. Maybe that made me a horrible nigga, but I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt the first piece of peace I could gather in such a long as time. It was selfish and I knew this moment would not last forever; my plan was to enjoy Ashton as much as I could before this shit blew up in my face, becoming calamitous. She was apprehensive but I understood why. After several failed attempts on my end, we were finally in the same space together that didn’t involve having others around us. My space. My apartment more specifically. Lifting the camera from the end table, I watched as she ran her fingers down the back of my couch, walking slowly in the direction of the coffee table on the opposite side of my living room. She reached with her other hand to toss her hair over her shoulder before looking back at me.

“Finally got me here.” She turned, her eyes low and pensive as she looked me over. “What do you have planned?”

I lifted the camara that hung around my neck to focus it on her as she smiled slightly. I was slow in my admiration of her, like always I didn’t rush the process of taking her in. No man in their right mind would. Slowly, my finger came down to the shutter release as she posed, tucking her chin behind her shoulder and looking directly at me.

“Don’t act like I haven’t been begging you to come kick it with me.”

Her sexy ass smirked before sauntering over to me, causing my eyes to move from the top of her head to her feet, which were covered in a strappy heel. The white polish on her toes was fresh, settling against the mocha of her skin. She seemed to glisten under the moonlight as it pushed through the window.

“I wouldn’t say you’ve been begging.”

I chuckled as she made a cute face before turning to look out the window. I lifted the camera again, snapping an off guard of her which caused her to turn back to me.

“I thought you were a professional.” Her eyes moved around my apartment before she frowned. “I’m no professional but a child would know the lighting in here is horrible.”

I sat the camera down before reaching out to grab her, pulling her into me. “The lighting isn’t that bad, not for the type of image I was going for.”

She collapsed against me gently before looking up into my eyes. “What type of image are you going for?”

Looking into her eyes, I wish I had a time machine or some shit where I could go back to when our live unintentionally crossed and change the choices I made. The idea of a future with Ashton was meek and concluding; though I wished shit was different. I knew better. I wanted different but I knew better. Still, I couldn’t help the way my heart raced when she looked at me the way she was looking at me now. I couldn’t pretend that her scent did send my mind off the deep end, hoping and wishing for shit a thug shouldn’t wish for. Complicated. Fucking complicated.

“Natural, Perfect.”

She snorted. “You’re such a professional.”

“Not a pro at all, just good at capturing things that captivate me.”

“I’m expecting you to make me look good.”

I tossed my head back with a slight laugh. “That’s easy shit.”

“Ummm hmmm.” Her tone was skeptical, causing me to look down at her.

“What you don’t trust me?”

Her brows dipped. “Sadly, I don’t know you Camillion.”

“That’s some shit I’m trying to change Ashton.”

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