My Nasty Valentine: Sex On The Ceiling

Journee X Gypsey

She stood before him looking like something to devour and he planned to do that shit, after he gave her the gift he nervously clutched in his hand. He did not know how things would go when he presented it to her. Their love had been a rollercoaster ride to say the least, but he was ready. He knew what he wanted and there was no need to continue waiting. It was mandatory for their love to advance, he wanted nothing more than to love her for the rest of his life.

“Did you enjoy your dinner love?”

Journee turned to me Gypsey with a bright smile as she adjusted her new diamond studded tennis bracelet on her wrist. “I had an amazing night and I absolutely love my gift.” She leaned into him, placing a slow kiss on his lips before she leaned back, looking into his eyes. “Do you like your gift?”

Gypsey lifted his arm, admiring the watch she brought for him. They exchanged gifts back at the restaurant, after they shared a dinner and soft meaningful kisses all night. She looked angelic in her flowing white knee length dress that she adorned with gold accessories, giving her the stance of a goddess, one that he was completely obsessed with. Now, she was wearing less; a black Basque number that showed far more skin, with garter straps that were connected to thigh high stockings that he had the honor of watching her carefully pull up her thighs. He did not think he would have that same level of patience when he removed them. “I love my gift.”

She stepped closer to him. “Are you ready for your second one?”

Lifting his free hand, he caressed her cheek before kissing her lips. “I wanna eat you.”

Journee blushed. “You still have a hard time keeping your thoughts in your head.”

“I wanna eat your pussy, please.”

She released a chuckle. “Or articulating those thoughts.”

He kissed her, moving his hand down to grip her ass before he stepped into her. She smelled amazing, had smelled amazing all night which created a chaotic struggle with his will to keep his mind centered on the dinner. Gypsey had fully transitioned into his Earthly form, but sometimes his attraction to Journee reverted his tongue, robbing him of words that he had used to articulate the thoughts in his head in other settings. It was her, everything about her that stripped him of his expert level of the common tongue.

“What if I said I want to taste you first?”

Gypsey grinned. “The respectable thing to do would be to allow me to taste you first, since I was the first to ask.”

Journee allowed her eyes to move over the smoothness of his handsome face. The structure of his cheekbones gave him strong features, the darkness of his eyes adding a level of mystery to him that she undoubtably appreciated. He stood way taller than her, but his height had been the thing that attracted her to him at their first encounter.

“Well, the last thing I want to do is not be respectable.”

Gypsey leaned in to kiss her, appreciating the softness of her lips as they pressed like pillows against his. Everything about her caused desire to stir in the pit of his stomach, his hands craved to touch more of her. She created a subtle yet undeniable chaos inside of him that he had to tend to or he would surely go crazy. The item in his hand began to feel heavy, calling for his attention.

He pulled back from the kiss, watching her beautiful face slip into an expression of confusion before she stepped into him, attempting to kiss him again.

He smirked before reaching around her to grip her ass tighter as she reached up to wrap her arms around him. Again, Gypsey swerved his face away from her, causing her to grunt. “What’s up?” She whispered softly, her voice full of desire.

“I have to ask you something.”

Her hands went to his dick, caressing him through his jeans as she smiled. “Talk to me.”

She unbuckled his belt buckle as he stared at her, following her eyes as they dropped down to his buckle.


“Yes?” She moaned as her hand slipped into his pants, encountering exactly what she was searching for. Just her touch awakened him, making him grow hard against her hand as she removed it to push his jeans down.

“Marry me.”

Journee’s hands stopped in her journey to remove his pants as she stood start to look at him, stopping his jeans at his knees. Her mouth felt dry as her eyes moved around his face. “What?”

She wanted to be sure she heard him correctly. Gypsey frowned before he pulled his jeans up. “I was asking…”

“What were you asking?” Journee’s stomach was doing summersaults, her nerves shot to hell.

Gypsey frowned. “I read somewhere that people like being proposed to on Valentine’s day. So, I, been waiting to ask you…”

“Ask me what Gypsey?” She heard his question, yet her brain was not able to properly process what his question. She needed to hear it again or something.

“I’ve asked.”

“You’ve asked what?”

Gypsey’s frown deepened, his confusion bordering on frustration. Was what he read wrong? “I want you to be my wife.”

Journee’s hand shot to her chest as her heart began to race. It had been two years since he threw her off her treadmill at the gym downstairs in their condos. Two years full of the most beautiful, unselfish love she had ever experienced, there was no doubt that the love they shared was authentic and specially theirs. There was no doubt at all. “You want to marry me?”

“More than anything.” Gypsey felt himself become nervous. “I’ll love you right. I promise I will. I’ll dedicate my entire life to loving you right.”

Loving Gypsey was possibly the easiest thing she had even been tasked with doing in her life. It was simple. He was simple, until he was not. Until something tripped him up, confused him or frustrated him. Even then, he was patient with himself, patient with her. He was amazing.


His frown waivered before it dropped. “Yes, you’ll be my wife?”

She swallowed, her emotions threatening to escape her. “Absolutely Gypsey.”

He smiled before opening the box and revealing the most beautiful ring she had ever seen to her. He lifted the ring from its placement before slipping it unto her finger as s tear slipped from her face. Tears still confused him sometimes, but he knew that these were tears of joy and not pain.

The ring was barely on Journee’s finger before she returned to kissing him. “I love you so much.”

Gypsey dipped to lift her into his arms before turning to push her against the wall, kissing her deeply as his hands moved between them gripping her ass through the lace of her panties. Journee’s hand moved up to his hair as he began to kiss her all over her face, then her neck before he leaned back to snatch her panties from her body.

“You smell so fucking good Journee.”

She was so lost in the movement of his hands all over her skin that she was barely able to register his words before her frame was being lifted. “Around my neck.”

Journee lifted her legs to wrap them around his neck as he adjusted her on his shoulders so that her pussy was in his face.

He smiled, happy as hell.

He licked his lips before looking up at her. “Don’t fall baby.”

Journee leaned against the wall, her adrenaline rushing as she contemplated all the possibilities of what could go wrong with her hanging midair. She could not dwell with those thoughts long due to Gypsey using his thick tongue to open her lower lips. Her hands pushed flat against the wall as her head moved back, pleasure starting at her toes before moving up her spine as he glanced up at her, exposing his tongue as it moved against her clit. He shifted her on his shoulders to free one of his hands before he reached up and placed them in her mouth. Journee eagerly took them, sucking and licking them until he took them back, placing them inside of her as his tongue returned to her center. His hand returned to her breast, gently brushing over his nipples before he applied pressure that made her entire body cover in chills as his tongue and fingers continued to stroke her into the ultimate level of pleasure.

“Oh my God Gypseyyy.” She cried to the ceiling as her eyes rolled to the back of her head, thighs trembling around his face as he slurped from her, in his own world.

She had to erase the porn from his laptop, he was far from the virgin he was when she met him.

The movements of his fingers inside of her increased, his tongue matching the tempo as her body began to stiffen. “Gypsey!”

His eyes closed as he groaned, taking pleasure in her pleasure.

“Mmmm shit Journee.”

Her spine went slack as her entire frame began to tremble, her body folding forward from the wall as he stepped back to make sure she did not fall. Before she could finish coming, he propped her up on the arm of the chair, pushing her legs back before he pushed his pants down, pulling his dick out as a panting Journee struggled to get her breathing under control.

“Are you… still watching porn?” Journee questioned as she looked up at him. He stepped into her, placing his dick at her entrance before he slid into her.

“You’re my muse love. I don’t need porn.”

Journee lifted to get closer to him, kissing him as he adjusted to drive into her. She felt him everywhere, it was like this every time he entered her. Time and space clashed, everything made sense, the world was at peace.

“Fuckk.” She moaned on a drunken slur as her eyes rolled.

Gypsey watched her face contort, loving every expression it made. Raving in the fact that he was the one that put them there.

“This pussy so fucking good.” He groaned before he leaned forward, taking her nipple into his mouth.

“You feel so good Gypsey.”

His back arched to drive deeper into her, pulling moans from her that made his dick even harder inside of her. Each moan of pleasure encouraged him to continue with what he was doing. His tempo did not change, his strokes did not deepen, everything remained the same and Journee rewarded his patience with another orgasm. “Shitt.”

Gypsey slapped her ass, causing her thighs to shake more, for her to come harder. In the two years that they had been together, he had learned everything that she liked and perfected it. He knew when to go slow, when to speed up, he knew how she liked her pussy ate, he knew when she wanted dick and he was there to give it to her every time. “Come on this dick baby.”

Those words prolonged her undoing. Her thighs shook as she gripped the cushion on the couch, trying to hold on to something that would keep her grounded.

Nothing worked.

He pushed into her until her body yielded to him, trembling all around him as her mouth fell open, toes curled towards her ass while her stomach clenched. She tried to reach for him, but he was too far, or she was too exhausted to give her full effort. She was not sure.

He continued stroking her until his own orgasm came and he released, deep inside of her.

Journee was too spent to move, so she stayed in her position, hanging off the edge of the couch until Journee lifted her.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him. “I need that level of dick for the rest of our lives.”

Gypsey chuckled as he began to walk them to their bedroom. “I’m engaged to be married.” Journee slurred, completely spent.

“Wake that ass up, Fiancée. We aint finished.” He smacked her ass, causing her to moan again before her back hit the bed.

“I need a water break.”

Gypsey chuckled. “After this round.”

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