Prey For The Hunted: Amani’s Prey is Now AVAILABLE!!

Soul ties are unbreakable, especially those created in Dejunza.

Nyree has always been quiet, calculated and defensive; not knowing the depths of one’s lineage can make a person that way. The abandonment of her parents left a hole in her heart that no one had been able to fill. With hurt and pain, come reflective actions that cause Nyree to bury her heart and soul in a place that she knows no one will be able to penetrate.

TezAvant is also familiar with having to transition at a young age. After a run in with a local gang that left him lifeless, he finds himself thrown into a world that will change him forever. The moment he encounters the free spirit with distance in her eyes and an invisible barrier around her, his soul let him know that she was created for him and him alone.

Two stubborn spirits clash in book one of the P R E Y saga, but it’s a battle that neither of them has the power to control.

This book was amazing.. It was so well written.. I’m always a little iffy when it come to paranormal but this book was so much more.. It’s in a league of it’s own.. It’s most definitely paranormal but there are romance, erotica and urban elements to it as well.. Amani/Tez 😍😍 Them together..Jeezus lol Mannnnn PERv is dangerous a game to play.. & it’s had some good side effects in these last 2 The scenes we’re so vivid in my head it was like I was watching a movie.. When this comes to the big screen one day l’ll be there front and center.. ❤️❤️

5.0 out of 5 starsHer best work yet!!
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