FINAL SNEAK PEEK “Prey For The Hunted” Book One of the P R E Y Saga!

Book ONE



Their First Encounter 

“Grab her for me, bro!” He could vaguely pick up Daniel’s request because he was moving in the direction of the small tyrant who was gearing up to swing any second. The first thing he noticed about her was her hair, a large dark mane that seemed to give her more life. More light. The second was her dress –  brown in color – clinging to every inch of her. TezAvant’s stepped faltered before he recovered. He was so taken by her that it stumped him yet he advanced.

Amani awakened inside of him, feeling his core shake with a surge of need.

Tez smirked as he sat the beauty down on her feet. She was so much smaller than him but the fire behind her eyes made her feel like a giant.

The first threat flew off her lips with so much ease that it got Tez’s attention immediately. “Don’t grab me when I’m about to whoop ass!”

Tez felt star struck. He smiled before he took a step back, running a hand down his low cut. “My bad. I was just doing what my boy told me to do.”

“I don’t care what your boy says,” she snapped. “Don’t do that.”

Tez tucked his bottom lip, not knowing what to say or do. “Again, that’s my bad.”

Who the hell is he and why is he so fine?

Tez blinked before his lips parted. She had turned away, looking around to find her friend who was being hemmed up by Daniel. Though he couldn’t see her lips, he knew that she hadn’t spoken those words verbally. He watched as she leaned against a meter to adjust the strap on her shoe. His mouth watered while everything inside of him raged with need. Suddenly and unprovoked, desire danced in his limbs like wildfire. He core heated, fingertips warmed with want as the night gripped him, holding him in place. Holding him watching her.

Amani’s eyes lowered before he leaped from TezAvant, shocking him. It had been so long since he made his presence known in physical form that he found himself unprepared for it. Just like the doctors had told him, Amani had grown to summon himself on his own but he never made himself visible to other people around him. He had grown into his full size, a size that would send a crowd running and screaming if he was ever seen.

Tez’s head swiveled down the street and around them as things seemed to move in slow motion. Nyree continued to fidget with her shoe as Amani slowly stalked over to her. He seemed to be moved by something territorial.

“What are you doing?” Tez communicated with Amani as he began to slowly walk around Nyree, trans-like. His tongue came out, sliding around his mouth before he leaned into her, sniffing. Just like the doctors had warned him, Amani had taken on a life of his own. After being merged for close to twelve years, Amani was full grown, wise and in control of his own being. He understood his human, though he didn’t always agree with him. They’d found a medium that worked for them to function as one. He cared about TezAvant’s well being, and it was not only because he was his soul host. Amani considered TezAvant to be a friend. An annoying one, but a friend all the same.

“You uh- you need help?” Tez asked, his voice low- distant, his eyes trained on Amani.

Nyree glanced up at him with a mug on her face, eyes rolling. “No, I don’t need help.” Not with this shoe anyway. “Thanks, though.

Amani stood before her, still attempting to sniff her out. There was something about her that was gravely familiar; he just wasn’t sure what it was.

“Nyree, you wanna get food?” Zhia asked, causing Nyree to pull her eyes from Tez and look down the sidewalk at her.

Nyree smiled, her slightly elevated level of frustration vanishing at the mentioning of her favorite companion- food. “I’m always down with getting food.”

Amani stopped his pacing, looking Nyree over as she slowly walked away from them but not before rolling her eyes at Tez.

“Can you hear her?” Tez asked Amani, thinking he was losing his mind. Amani shook his entire body before following behind Nyree. Tez wasn’t sure what he was doing, but he was scared as hell at this moment- not knowing what the outcome would be.

“So, you can’t hear her thoughts?”

“What?” Nyree barked as she looked back at Tez. “Are you saying something?”

Tez straightened, returning the swag to his shoulders. “Nah, ma. I ain’t saying nothing.”

She ice grilled him for a moment before turning around.

“I can hear her and feel her.”

Getting closer to Amani, who didn’t seem to care that it sounded like TezAvant was talking to himself, Tez leaned over as if he was tying his shoe. Tez looked between Nyree and Amani. “Whatchu mean?”

Amani’s entire frame shivered. “She’s everywhere. A part of everything. She is Nyree.”

Amani’s mind was slowly gathering the data that it needed to pinpoint just who Nyree was. It had been so long since he last saw her and she had made some changes to her appearance but he knew her. He would always know her, always return to her. She still had the same scent, still carried herself with unspoken grace. She was still his Nyree. Amani’s heart rejoiced, wanting to reveal himself to her, knowing that she would know him but he didn’t want to scare everyone else on the street. He also couldn’t jeopardize TezAvant. His friends didn’t even know this side of him, which was something that Amani believed Tez should be left to reveal on his own time.

Tez only smiled at her. “It’s nice to meet you, Nyree.”

She looked back at him for a while before walking up to Zhia who was still conversing with Daniel.

“This is Daniel,” Zhia said as she pointed at him.

Nyree extended her hand for him to shake. “Nice to meet you.” She turned to Zhia, suddenly feeling the need to get away from whoever the fine ass man at the other end of the sidewalk was.

She glanced back at him and he was staring at her with a blank expression covering his handsome face. “Are you like…ready?”

“She’s what?” Tez nearly shouted internally.

Amani slowly walked next to Tez, his entire mood shifting to joyous as he watched Nyree walk down the sidewalk. “She’s for your soul.”

Tez leaned against the building and grabbed his beard, running his hands down his face. “You talking nonsense.”

Amani nodded his head. “She’s for your soul. Or my soul. Either way, you can not touch her.”

Tez scrubbed a hand over his chin. “Whatchu mean I can’t touch her. Did you see that ass? Ass was fat as fuck, fam.”

Amani dropped his head. He sometimes wondered why he was assigned to Tez and not another human. “You can not be with her unless you are prepared to take everything that happens between you two seriously. She is not to be used as a booty call.”

 “Nigga, she got the perfect booty call body. You expect me not to pursue that?” Tez continued to eye Nyree.

“I expect you to leave her as is.” Amani demanded.

“Shiiitttt.” Tez groaned.

Amani turned to TezAvant, his fangs sharp and clear in their intent. “I will see us both into the afterlife if I need to.”

Tez lifted his left leg, completely stuck. “Over a female?”

Amani glanced down at Nyree, seeing beyond the surface of her. Far beyond what could be gathered with the human eye. “She has roots beyond this world. She had pain gathered and poured into her that is so misplaced and misguided.” Amani looked up at the human that he had been attached to for over ten years, knowing him better than he knew himself. “You will one day be the man that she needs but you are not anywhere near him yet.”

Tez was offended by that. “I’m a good dude.”

“You are too obsessed with the female form to ever appreciate just one. Even if she holds beauty beyond anything you would ever be able to obtain in the company that you currently keep.” Amani began to pace slowly, the jet black hairs covering his spine shimmering against the moonlight. His paws spread with each step as he curls around humans that walked the sidewalk. “I hold everything good about you inside of me. All of the things that give you peace are carried here.”

Tez propped his foot up on the wall behind him before looking down at Nyree who was still talking to Zhia. “So, why can’t I have her?”

“Because she is not something to have, TezAvant. She is something to cherish and cater to. Even though you are getting older you still think with the wrong head. You allow it to lead you versus having control over it and if you screw over Nyree Fisher, it will literally be the death of us both.”

Amani looked down at Nyree again before she walked off down the sideway. “She also carries everything that is good about us, inside of her.”

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