Love Seems To Hate Us…#TeaserTuesday- The Pier…

Meet Maurice & Amavie !


God creates the unions of Dejunza, he molds your soul mate to cater to your every thought, need, and desire. He then places you two in the path of each other and seals your union through covenant.

Rifu’s life has been in complete despair since her soul was sent to Earth to complete life without her and the child that they created in love. Sphynx being chosen by The Bell was the beginning of Rifu’s spiral; one that left her confused and desolate. She pleads with The Court, The King & Queen- even prayers to GOD for her one true love to be returned to her. Finally, her prayers are answered, but the agreement comes with terms that Rifu cannot see herself becoming to.

Spynx was completely against his departure. Rifu is his heart, and he’d never imagined himself living without it, without her. There was no greater reward than being a husband to Rifu, and a father to their love child. But, The Bell cruelly chose him, ripping his soul from his body. Not willing to give up without a fight, he fought to stay, fought for love, fought for the happiness he knew could only come from Rifu.

Love or the idea of such a thing seems to be the last thing that will be granted to these two. As much as they fight to recall a time when they loved each other, love does little to nothing to assist in reclaiming those memories.

The Pier…



Maurice tried to remain calm when he felt Amavie slip her hand into his. He wasn’t expecting that move and was trying with everything that he had to respect her personal space. It was hard as hell to do when every time the wind blew, her scent, her hair, her beauty- it all seemed to be placed on instant display for him. They had been walking for about a half a mile when they stopped. Amavie turned to him, holding her hair out of her face as best she could. Maurice laughed at her struggle.

“You won’t be laughing when I shave my head bald.”

Maurice smiled at her. “Please never do that.” He reached out and ran his fingers through her hair. “I can’t imagine you not having it.”

Amavie blushed as he continued to toy with her hair. It was always something that he loved about her and he would give her a line very similar to the one he just gave, every time she said anything about cutting it.

Amavie looked into his eyes and instantly got caught up in his gaze. It was so dark and penetrating that it shot right to her heart. She was starting to think that coming to the pier wasn’t a good idea. A chill raced up her spine at the same moment that the wind blew and a small wave hit the landing beneath them.

Without her having to ask, Maurice tugged off his suit jacket and wrapped it around her, pulling it together in front of her as the wind blew again. “I can’t have you getting cold on me.”

Amavie licked her, his mind and body battling for resolve as he took a step back from her, sliding his hands into his pockets. “Yeah, it’s usually pretty crowded. Must be God on my side, giving me alone time with you.”

When he winked at her, Amavie rolled her eyes. “You are so smooth.”

Maurice shrugged. “What can I say?”

Amavie pushed her hair behind her ear as she continued to look around.

“When can I take you out again?”

Amavie watched as he stepped closer to her, placing his hands on either side of her as their bodies nearly touched. She was engulfed in his scent, it’s potency making her feel needy. The abysmal part of it all was that she didn’t know what she needed, she just knew that whatever it was- it would come from Maurice. She would get it from him and the experience would be mind-blowing.

“Um- I don’t know. I have a lot of things that I need to line up but as soon as I get some of them out of the way, I wouldn’t mind doing this again.”

Maurice tucked his bottom lip in. “So, I did good then.”

Amavie gave him a knowing look. “You’re not that bad, Maurice.”

Maurice leaned in closer to her. “That’s good shit, Amavie.”

Amavie’s gaze dropped to his lips as he continued to move in to her. She was about to have a panic attack. He was going to kiss her. She wouldn’t let him do that. It was the first date. But then again, this man is her husband. Nothing that she did with him was defiled. She didn’t move.  In fact, she leaned into the kiss until their lips connected.

The first contact made her body tingle all over, Maurice had to shuffle his feet to get closer to her because he didn’t want to pull away. Her lips cushioned against his, stirring his soul and his mind all at once. He reached under his jacket to wrap his arms around her waist before he pressed his tongue against her bottom lip, instantly, Amavie opened for him. Allowing him to explore the depths of his mouth with his tongue. Amavie’s eyes fluttered closed as she reached out to grab the front of his shirt, holding on for dear life as he deepened the kiss, sending her head swirling with his tongue. A sound, deep from within her gut vibrated her lips as Maurice moved his hands around his jacket to grip her ass, pushing her against his erection as his hands pressed her to him. She knew her lipstick was smeared but she didn’t care. The chance that someone was getting a show was very high but she didn’t care about that neither. All she cared about was the man that was kissing her as if this were the last kiss he would ever have.

Maurice didn’t think he would ever get tired of kissing her. The subtle innocence in her tongue awoke the savage in him. He could imagine her not having experience kissing, there was no way. She was too beautiful to not have been kissed a million times over. He didn’t care about the clear lack of experience, what she lacked in experience she made up for in taste and feel. Her lips were so soft that they molded to his. The times when she gave him her tongue to have his way with made his dick hard and the way she was holding on to the front of his shirt silently encouraged him. He wasn’t stopping but he did slow up, allowing her to catch her breath as he placed small kisses on her lips and neck.

Her breathing was labored, coming out hard yet weak as Maurice serenely continued to kiss her. “I don’t know what it is about you that drives me crazy, Amavie but I’m not trying to control that shit. Not at all.”

Amavie’s eyes were low, almost to the point of closing. She felt drugged but in the best way. “I can’t believe I kissed you.”

Maurice continued to kiss her. “Why is that so hard to believe?”

Amavie closed her eyes and exhaled as she sounds of the river behind them pulled her in. “It’s the first date.”

Maurice chuckled against her neck. “Sweetheart, this isn’t even first base anymore. Kissing is almost a natural thing to do on the first date. First base is, something else.”

Amavie waited until he was looking into her eyes for a moment before she exhaled again. Her eyes bounced around his face for a moment before landing on his lips, then his eyes. “What- what’s first base?”

Maurice looked into her eyes as a slow smirk covered his face. “You want me to show you?”

Amavie’s eyes ballooned. “You can show me out here?”

Maurice slowly licked his lips as he looked down at her. “If you keep this jacket in place, I can.”

Amavie’s curiosity got the best of her. “Show me…”

Maurice reached down and touched her exposed thigh, never removing his eyes from hers as he pushed her dress up. Amavie couldn’t look into his eyes, it was too much so she dropped her gaze to his hand as it pushed her dress up. Her nerves were all over the place, chills raced all over her body as he moved his face closer to her, placing a kiss on her chin. “Have you ever had an orgasm on a pier, Amavie?”

Amavie subly shook her head as he pushed her dress up her thigh and. “No, I- it’s never happened.”

Maurice’s eyes lowered to her lips as her breath hitched in her throat, he didn’t want to give her too long to think. In one smooth, swift move, Maurice reached for her panties and pushed them to the side. He stepped into her, making her stand straight as he used his fingers to massage her clit.

Amavie’s entire body felt engulfed in heat. Her eyes closed as she braced herself against the railing behind her. Her hand slipped from his shirt as he used his fingers to penetrate her.  Amavie’s mind went blank when he groaned against her neck, rotating his tongue and his finger all at once. She closed her eyes and reached up to wrap her arm around him as he used his free hand to wrap it around her.

“This is first base, Amavie.”

Amavie nodded her head, unable to speak as he continued to stroke her. She turned to bury her face in his neck as she released a slow moan. “This is- definitely not first base.”

Her words came out in a breathless whisper against his beard cheek as he kissed her neck, moving back to her lips, taking them aggressively.

Amavie found the strength to grab him as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. She knew that she wasn’t in control at this moment, she also knew that she was too far gone to ever escape him.

He stopped kissing her at the exact moment everything around her seemed to still. Amavie felt all the weight of her body shift down to her legs as she struggled to stand on her heels. Her head slowly came up to look at Maurice as her spine stiffened. Her eyes glossed over before they fluttered. “Maur-”

“Don’t fight it,” Maurice coached, his arousal and need to see her come undone, draining his voice. “It makes them harder.”

Amavie blinked a few times before Maurice pressed his fingers into her, rubbed her clit before removing his hand from her, strumming the intro to her undoing.

Amavie could hear her heart beating in her chest. She felt the first spasm rock her as her eyes locked with Maurice’s then closed. “Shit.”

“I’m right here, baby.”

Amavie grabbed him tighter as her body quaked, she whimpered like a wounded cat as Maurice wrapped a secure hand around her, holding her against him. “Maurice.” she cried, not caring if anyone else on the pier heard her. Her ears rang, her body felt weak. She couldn’t do anything to fight against it, she had to ride it out.

“Ughhhhh,” she groaned against his shoulder as the last spasms left her body. Her hair fell into her face when she lifted her head and he gently pushed it away so that he could see her.

“You ok?” He pushed her hair over her shoulder as Amavie slowly released him.

Amavie nodded her head slowly, still trying to pull herself together. She looked down, her eyes going to his fingers. She couldn’t believe she had her very first orgasm, on a pier at East Lake with Maurice and his fingers. She wanted to jump into the water to hide from him.

“You don’t need to be ashamed, Amavie.”

She pulled in air before she released it, looking him in his eyes as he continued to push her hair back. “That’s first base.”

Amavie huffed as she looked into his eyes. “That’s first base?”

He leaned in a kissed her lips. “It is in my world, baby. Let me get you home.”

Amavie slowly followed him when he grabbed her hand and began to walk back down the pier.


I know there has been set back after set back but Im pushing through and I’m gonna make sure your Summer has a lot of Deshon Dreamz HEAT!



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