From The Dejunza Series: Love Seems To Hate Us Coming 4/7/2018

Coming 4.7.18 
Love Seems To Hate UsGod creates the unions of Dejunza, he molds your soul mate to cater to your every thought, need, and desire. He then places you two in the path of each other and seals your union through covenant.

Rifu’s life has been in complete despair since her soul was sent to Earth to complete life without her and the child that they created in love. Sphynx being chosen by The Bell was the beginning of Rifu’s spiral; one that left her confused and desolate. She pleads with The Court, The King & Queen- even prayers to GOD for her one true love to be returned to her. Finally, her prayers are answered, but the agreement comes with terms that Rifu cannot see herself becoming to.

Spynx was completely against his departure. Rifu is his heart, and he’d never imagined himself living without it, without her. There was no greater reward than being a husband to Rifu, and a father to their love child. But, The Bell cruelly chose him, ripping his soul from his body. Not willing to give up without a fight, he fought to stay, fought for love, fought for the happiness he knew could only come from Rifu.

Love or the idea of such a thing seems to be the last thing that will be granted to these two. As much as they fight to recall a time when they loved each other, love does little to nothing to assist in reclaiming
those memories.


Please enjoy these first two chapters of “Love Seems To Hate Us” coming 4/7/2018! Unedited/ Subject to change

Chapter One


Rifu’s long, wool-like trenches flew behind her like a silk adlib aiding her pursuit into the chambers of the king and queen. She didn’t allow time for a moment of clarity. She didn’t want it. She didn’t want to second guess her decision and more than anything, she wanted to be heard. The moment she pushed the doors open, swords were drawn in her direction.

“At ease.” Queen Umi’s voice announced as her eyes took in the protruding belly of the intruder. The only woman of Dejunza that was with child at this time. She stood from her throne, her black and gold dreadlocks braided back, showcasing the depths of her cheekbones. Her husband sat beside her, looking over at his wife and wondering how she would handle the latest outburst from Rifu.

The soldiers at the door followed the command of the queen, taking a step back from their charged positions. Rifu eyed them with a snarl as she continued in her mission. “I want Spynx.”

This request was not the norm for the Queen Umi stepped down from her throne as Rifu approached. “We have discussed this as a leaf turned over a dozen times.”

“And yet the wounds I bare hold value. Maumivu (Pain) by the day over.”

Queen Umi exhaled. “Kuelewa.” (Understand.)

Rifu didn’t want to be rude or assertive but she knew that Queen Umi would give her the same spill that was given to her before when she asked to be reunited with Spynx. She would be having his child any day now so in Rifu’s eyes, they should be together in this moment to share in the joy of the experience. “This is not the way of this land. Our God made us promises! Promises that I throw back in his face for him to uphold! I am not to bear children alone for I did not impregnate myself! Spynx, my husband planted his seed within me. That seed now flourishes to its full potential and you tell me that the land that I love would forsake me to leave me here as a mother alone? Oh, I curse the God’s and I forbid it. I did this thing right. I deserve my husband.”

Queen Umi’s eyes watered as she looked down at a pleading Rifu. Her words ripped through the woman inside of the queen, churning at her soul with each syllable that was spoken unto her. She turned back to the king, watching him watch her and knowing that he didn’t like the tone that Rifu was taking but she understand her frustrations, having been ripped from her sons at the exact moment that Rifu was ripped from her husband. She didn’t have a resolution for Rifu, well- she didn’t have one that she thought would calm the expecting mother. Only throw fuel to the fire that Queen Umi could not seem to cool down. “Rifu, this is for the better. For the best.”

“For the best of whom? Nani?” (Who?)

“Kila mtu!” (Everyone!)

Rifu shook her head as tears formed in her eyes. “Si Mimi. (Not Me.) Sio motto wangu (Not my child).”

Queen Umi’s gut twisted in agony. “Please, Rifu…”

Her tears danced in her eyes before sliding down her ebon skin. Rifu could not hold them any longer; gold tears rejoined in her weeping, sliding down her face as a thing of beauty that dwelled well in her torment. “What am I to do without him?”

“We have one other solution,” King Jinne finally spoke, seemingly shaking the walls of the solidified kingdom as he did so.

“No, Jinne!” Queen Umi hissed at her husband. “We will not lay those-”

“Tell me,” an anxious Rifu pleaded as she swiped her face to clear her blurred vision. “Please, tell me what I have to do. I am to give birth soon and I don’t want to bring my child here and raise him without his father. I need to be with Spynx.”

“That is no longer his name,” Queen Umi spoke, her voice somber. “He is now Maurice of Earth.”

Rifu’s low eyes swooped even lower. “Maurice?” She mumbled the name, low in her belly, allowing the syllables to slip off her tongue.

“Yes, that is how he is titled.”

“Then I need to get to Maurice. I need him to know that I love and need him. I know that my words ring loud of a desperate woman but I have saw women whimper for things of a lesser value. Spynx is…” Rifu blinked, her mind catching up with her heart. “Maurice is worth every nanosecond of the trouble. Please?”

The King puffed his chest out, not wanting to but needing to step on the toes of his wife. Spynx had been gone long enough for Rifu to understand the extent of the situation, yet she pleaded day in and day out to be reunited with her love. In the King’s eyes, the least they could give her was all of her options. “We can send you to Earth to be with Spynx.”

Rifu’s eyes rounded before she smiled, her perfect teeth in complete contrast to her complexion. “What must I do to obtain such a blessing?”

Rifu felt as if the weight of the world sat on her shoulders. She had been in her bed crying her eyes out for what seemed like an eternity and nothing that she did or said to herself made her feel any better. This thing called life was chewing her up and spitting her out, or at least that was how she felt at this stage in her life. She felt lost, abandoned, and guilty. She even felt shame at the fact that she had considered the proposal the king and queen placed in front of her. The most pressing feeling she was dealing with at the moment was anger. She knew that he was forced away but she was still so upset with Spynx Extremely upset. She felt like he could have done more to petition the king and queen. Done more to stay with her.

Now, she was left with an ultimatum that would rip her already tampered heart into shreds.

She could be reunited with Spynx on the grounds of leaving her child in Dejunza for the first year of his or her life because they couldn’t survive the trip to Earth. Additionally, she learned that Spynx had been ripped of any memory of her so, she wouldn’t be welcomed with open arms in her reunion with him. She was torn and devastated. She didn’t want to leave her child, yet she didn’t want to lose love. She didn’t want to lose Spynx but she knew that she would never agree to leave her child behind, that would just be doing the same exact thing that Spynx did to her. She dug her face into her pillow as she used her arms to wrap her stomach, rubbing it gently as she rocked in her bed, fear swallowing her whole. She would never abandon her child. Never. So, she knew that she would have to endure life without her soul mate. That thought made her shudder in fear but she knew that there was no other way to do it. No other way.

Rifu walked down the hallway of her home with her thoughts all over all the place. Everywhere she turned, she had a memory of Spynx. His clothes. His scent. Everything around her reminded her of him. She walked down the hallway to the nursery that they built together the moment they found out they were having a boy. Rifu smiled as she began rubbing her stomach, knowing that she was doing the right thing by staying on Dejunza in order to raise her child. Rifu wouldn’t be alone- she had family that would help her through this process and she knew that the foundation that her life was built on was strong enough for her to withstand the life she was forced to live.

The doorbell chimed, drawing Rifu’s attention to it. She walked towards the front of her house, expecting her mother and father. Once she received the news on Spynx and her inability to be with him, she called her mother to vent her frustrations which turned into her mother overacting and stating that she was concerned about both Rifu and the child that she was carrying.

Rifu opened the door for her parents, watching as her petite mother pushed beyond her and stepped into her house without an invitation from her. Her father, who was the more put together of the two, shook his head as he leaned in and placed a kiss on Rifu’s head and pulled her into a hug. “Habari yoko, Rifu?” (How are you?)

Rifu gave her father a warm smile before she stepped out of his embrace. Her parents still held tight to their roots and traditions. The elders of Dejunza were held at the highest level of respect in their tribe. The Uoni Tribe was built on the morals of God & Family. Those were the two main values that held the entire tribe together. Though it wasn’t looked upon, marrying outside of the tribe was not banished. That was how she was able to marry Spynx though he was of the Mozi Tribe- one that was even more flexible in their requirements. Her parents, as well as the other elders of the planet, stood apart, even in the thickness of their tongues and the depths of their accents. They spoke in “knocks” and “crashes”. Their accent made it sound their words floated on wind then ran into brick walls at the end or in the middle of sentences. “Mimi ni sawa, baba.” (I am fine, father.)

Je! Mtoto huyo ni wapi?” (How is the baby?)

“Active!” Rifu spat with a laugh as she and her father begin to move deeper into the house, following her mother that was already moving things around in the kitchen to cook. “What made you bring the tiny tyrant?”

Rifu’s father, Makoni Umi grinned as he watched his wife move around their daughter’s kitchen, releasing grunts that reflected her discontent as she did so. “Ahhh, she do it all from love, Rifu. Mama. Mlinzi. (The protector)

Rifu rolled her eyes to the ceiling. “Yeye ni shida!” (She is trouble)

Makoni walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around his wife, lovingly gazing into her eyes, stopping her storming around. “All trouble ist not bad, Rifu.

Rifu tried. She really did try to tune out the love that was so effortlessly showcased between her parents. Even in moments like this, when they weren’t intentionally being mushy- they were extremely mushy. The love they had for each other was always something that Rifu saw herself someday having. She always hoped for it and was sure it would be the way that she spent her life once she met and fell in love with Spynx. She watched her father kiss her mother against her lips, seemingly calming her down the moment their lips touched. That was as far as intimacy went in Dejunza, outside of the act of mating altogether which transitioned a pair into a deeply embedded soul tie. There was virtually nothing or no one that could break that tie. It was something that she knew she had with Spynx. It was also something that she now doubted.

She and Spynx had married, mated and now she was carrying his seed. A seed that she would deliver and raise alone. That reality had been haunting her for days after it was discovered.

Je! Umesikia neo?” (Have you heard a word?) Her mother’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts and back into the reality of this moment.

Without having to ask, Rifu knew that her mother was asking about Spynx. “No, mama. Yeye ni duniani. (He is on Earth.)

Ye! If you fatha was of Earth. The mountains and planets would quake at my need to have him close. Hakuna kitu kinanaisimama.” (Nothing would stop me!)

Offended, Rifu uncrossed her arms. “I have tried to be reunited with Spynx, mama. I have tried to-“

“Harder you try! Harder!”

Rifu hissed. “Harder?”

Je! Si nafsi yako?” (Is he not your soul?)

Rifu was almost roaring when she spoke, “He is everything!”

“Ahhhhhh Jayiki,” her father soothed, calling his wife by her first name, a rarity for him. “Go easy on her. She is yet without hu soul and with child.”

“She no willing tuh fight fuh hu soul, Makoni. Dhe mate fuh hu soul.”

“I am fighting. I asked the king and queen! I petitioned the Bell and the Court.”

“Eh wha dem say yu?” Her mother pressed. “Hmm?”

“Th- that I can’t be with Spynx on Earth without abandoning my unborn child and I refuse to do that, mama.”

“What r yu talkin about?” Her father questioned.

Rifu turned tear rimmed eyes to her father. “The only way I am to be with Spynx is to leave the child that we created for the first year of his life because he would not be able to survive the trip to Earth. It would kill him.”

“They gah yuh choice and yuh choose tuh stay here?”

“To be with my child, mama!”

“And neglect yuh soul?”

Her mother didn’t understand the logic because since she was sixteen years old, she had her father. They met young, and he had been everything she needed to survive. God had molded her help mate for life and he gave her to him at a very early. Her parents have been together for almost thirty- five years and neither of them had been disloyal to the other. That wasn’t tolerated in Dejunza. Furthermore, it wasn’t desired. Families stayed together through the good and the bad because they were molded and created by God and like the bible says, What God puts together let no man put asunder. Her parents lived by that. Her entire tribe lived by that.

Rifu wiped gold across her face. She was tired of crying, tired of being upset. “ I don’t want to talk about this right now.”

“Whu yuh no wanna-”

“No, mama! I’m going to bed. I’m tired so I am going to lay down. Please, allow me to rest.”

Rifu didn’t wait to be excused, which she knew was rude but she didn’t want to be under the judgmental glare of her mother. She wasn’t leaving her child. That was the end of it.

When she left out of the room, she went straight to her bedroom- completely exhausted. Everything around her was moving too fast and she couldn’t keep up. Her focus right now was getting her child here safely, but it seemed that everything went right back to Spynx and his absence. She wondered if he was experiencing the torment that she was.





Chapter Two


Maurice Stockton grabbed his briefcase off the desk in his office and peered out the window of the thirty floor building that he had worked in for the past year, feeling a moment of euphoria settling over him. Today was a good day for the most part and he learned early on that he had to count those days as blessings. He was settling into his life on Earth, adjusting to the culture and soaking up the meaning and extent of being a black man in the city of New York. That was where he landed and stayed once he arrived to Earth and he was thankful for that. The city fit him well, from the hustle of his Sport’s Agent position for one of the largest sports firm in the United States, down to the grit of and grim of the north side. His life was fast paced; he was usually up early and in late- tonight was no different.

He grabbed his suit jacket off the back of his desk chair and released a sigh as he began to walk out of his office, interrupted by a knock at the door that sounded the moment he began making his exit. He adjusted his jacket on his arm before clearing his throat to speak, “Come in.”

His colleague and rival in a sense, Celeste Davis, walked into his office holding a file to her busty chest. “Late night, Maurice?”

Maurice gave her a once over before he began to walk closer to her. “I have to work overtime if I want to stay above water with you.”

“Come on, Maurice. You don’t need to set your standards so high.”

Maurice released a hearty chuckle as Celeste stood before him, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

Celeste was not in any way bashful about the position that she held within the company. The salaries and endorsements of her clients combined made up the second highest grossing intake of any agent under the Motivated Creations Agency netting a little under fifty million a year between contracts, endorsements and co-assignments. She represented some of the best in football, soccer and basketball- each of her clients excelling in their perspective fields making her a very successful woman. For a woman in her field, her credits were basically unheard of. To make it blunt, men didn’t trust women enough to have her handle his image, finances and advancements. She had come a long way in her developments and she didn’t halt in flaunting her success around the office. That made her come off as a bitch but that wasn’t the case at all, she was just proud and at moments, she felt the need to verbally express that. For Motivated Creations, she was number one with Maurice following her up at a strong second. Celeste knew that Maurice was on the verge of surpassing her, though she had been in her position for over five years and he was rounding out his first year. He had a contract with a first round draft pick who is expected to come out in the early stages of the first round on the table. She knew that if the ink dried on that contract, Maurice would have her position as number one. But she didn’t mind being second, not to him anyway.

“In the year that I’ve known you, you have never been the modest type.” Maurice walked to the door and pulled it open before he turned back to Celeste. “What are you plans for the night?”

Celeste moistened her lips before she stepped into him. “You. You, sir are my plans.”

Maurice knew that becoming intimate with Celeste was playing with fire but for the last three months, he had been doing just that. He believed their arrangement worked so well was because he was upfront and honest about his feeling on serious relationships or the lack thereof and Celeste fortunately for him had that same mindset.

Celeste was a beautiful woman, dipped in the essence of her up north upbringing. Light brown skin, deep rich ebony doe eyes, the facial structure of a runway model and the body of a down south stripper. Glancing down at the watch on his wrist, Maurice returned his gaze to her before he spoke, “I thought you had that dinner thing with your girls on Friday’s?”

“I got rid of those plans, Maurice.”

“Why would you do that, Celeste?”

Celeste full on smiled, walking closer to him until she was standing directly in front of him. His manly scent made her cream between the legs as she took in the silent ubiquity of his manhood- the silent demanding of Maurice. The pose and control. He spoke low, deep within his throat but every word he said was spoken in a tone that naturally summoned attention. He screamed masculine vitality with every word that he spoke. Maurice was beyond Webster fine. He stood at a 6’5, muscular build with smooth fawn skin covering his body, deep waves in his hair, and a solitary dimple in his left cheek. His eyes were a deep rich brown that pulled you in when he spoke with those thick, plump lips surrounded by his perfect thick beard. He was perfect, sexy as hell- from the way he dressed to the slight accent in his speak that spoke of places that he would never allow her close enough to divulge. She didn’t want more from Maurice, she was fine just sexing him being that he did that shit so well. No one in her experience had ever been in tune with her body the way Maurice was. She knew where to come when she needed a fix and she knew that he was the only one that could give it to her with no reservations.

“So, where are we doing this Maurice? Your place or mine?”

Maurice gave her a sexy grin before shaking his head. “Follow me.”

Celeste stepped into stride beside him as they left the office.

“Oh, fuck! Maurice!”

Maurice moved behind Celeste, his dick entering her ruthlessly as he pounded away the stress of his day. This was what she wanted. This was their arrangement so he gave to her, until he had nothing left to give.

Celeste was in complete bliss. Her body glistened with sweat as Maurice gripped her small waist, admiring the waves of her ass with each stroke he took into her.

“Your dick is so fucking big, Maurice. Shit!”

Maurice released her hips to smack her ass before gripping her again, tucking his lip and pounding into her harder until she was whimpering like a wounded animal in the dead of the night. She reached back to press her hand against his well-toned stomach, trying to create some resistance but the more she pushed, the more he pushed back. Working his hips at an angle that made Celeste cream all over him.

He wasn’t making love to her. He was fucking her and yes, there is a difference between the two. Maurice couldn’t recall a time when he felt love, not since leaving his planet. That was something that he missed most about Dejunza, the love, and hope that he was constantly surrounded by. His tribe, his parents, his siblings. Everyone around him reinforced love inside of him. He missed that. He felt void without it. His memories of Dejunza were minimal, small details that allowed him to remain attached to it, but not so much that he felt the need to get back to it. He missed the peace but on Earth, he was content. He felt refreshed as if he had a new life to live the way that he wanted to live it. With his position among the elite, he held a lot of power in a lot of areas in his life that he could not recall having in Dejunza.

So, love was a foreign emotion. Dejunza was slowly but surely becoming a foreign place. Everything around him was shifting to building a life on Earth and so far, he had been doing a hell of a job. Sex with Celeste was something he did in his spare time. All he felt was lust and a need for sex. He was Americanized; his need for sex elevated and he never had an issue getting what he needed. Never.

“I’m gonna cummmmm, Maurice!”

Maurice smirked as Celeste screamed at the top of her lungs, announcing her release.

Once she came, Maurice pulled out of her and walked into the bathroom to clean himself. His thoughts went back to the woman that he left in his bedroom, trying to gather her breath. He full on smiled as he turned on his shower. He wrapped a towel around his waist before he returned to the doorway of his bedroom. Celeste lay on the bed, pulling the sheet around her naked body as she continued to pull air through her lungs.

“You ok?”

The baritone of his voice made chill bumps form all over her skin. She tucked her lip in before rolling over to look at him. “You ask me that after you fuck the shit out of me, Maurice?”

Maurice rubbed his chin before chuckling. “You asked me to fuck you harder.”

“That I did.” Celeste blushed.

Maurice held his hands out, shrugging his shoulders. “My dick and I are here to serve.”

Celeste released a moan. “I am so so so so thankful for you and your dick.”

The darkness of the room shifted as the sun began to rise. They had been fucking all night yet Maurice felt as if he could run a marathon.

“What are your plans for today?” Celeste asked, as she shifted out of the bed, pulling the cover with her.

Maurice lifted off the doorframe and watched her walk closer to him. “I have a meeting with Jayshree Keller.”

Celeste smirked. “Oh, Mr. Number One. It looks like you’re wrapping that thing up today, huh?”

Maurice loved sexing Celeste but he knew where to draw the line with her. There was no way he was getting into the details of his meeting with Jayshree. Celeste was a headhunter in every sense of the word- he knew that if he gave her anything, she would take it and run with it. “Just a small meeting, nothing major.”

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