Will I Get To See You Soon??

Hey, guys!!!!! I have an event that is happening NEXT WEEK!!!!! When I tell you, I am not in any way form or fashion, prepared. Please believe me! I am having the hardest time getting my paperbacks together. I have a very limited amount of swag! My son is turning twelve on the first and he is literally like that broke best friend that always wants to spend and go places but never has money to pay for anything! SMH! But, nonetheless I’m excited and I would love to see you there.

Details of the event:

Register to attend the first African American Book Expo on Eventbrite—-> https://goo.gl/TJbJka
Hope to see you there!

Some of you guys will be at the Dallas Meet & Greet as well! Here are the finalized details of that event!

I have a few other things that I plan to attend this year, but I am still getting my calendar together. I hope to meet you!!!

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