The First Encounter


The First Encounter

I looked around at the people surrounding me and counted my blessings! I know my family wasn’t perfect but they were all I had. They were all that mattered!


I nodded when I heard my father finish his prayer and mimicked his finishing. I was starving and the food they served down at the county didn’t do anything but destroy my stomach! I needed real food! Yeah, that good soul food cooking big momma would make. The kind that would put you to sleep then wake you up out of that slumber, searching for more.

“Can you pass me the rolls, please?”

I looked to my left and my eyes were caught by breathtaking ones. She was introduced to me as a friend of my sisters that was new in town and would be spending the holidays with us. I didn’t give a fuck about any of that, I just knew she was beautiful. Smooth caramel skin, dark fascinating eyes and hips that any man with a brain could appreciate. I mean she was bad as fuck.

“Here you go, beautiful.”

I was snatched out of my close assessment of her by the voice of my dad as he reached around me to hand her what she requested. She looked at my father and nodded her thanks before she grabbed a roll and placed it on her plate.

“You’ll have to excuse him; he’s getting use to civilization again. He is being rehabil-”

“What”, I asked scrunching up my face. “You make it sound like I been in hibernation or some shit. I was in jail for six months. I don’t need rehabilitation. ”

“Well, how else would you explain just staring at the girl when she asked something of you?”

See….that was that shit right there. I didn’t fit in with this square ass family. I would be better off living in the lower south side with the more reasonable side of my family but when my parents divorced a few years ago, I opted to stay with my father. A decision I regret to the fullest!

“I was getting to it, but you reached over me and did it for her.”

“It’s not a big deal”, she rushed to say. “Thank you, Mr. Glen for passing it to me. Quentin, thank you as well.”

I shook my head before I stuffed my face with chicken. “I didn’t do anything for you to have to thank me, baby girl.”

“But still…”

“Yea, you’re welcome!”

“Well”, my sister started and I knew it was trying to defuse the situation, “We going out tonight! Q, you coming?”

I looked across the table at my sister and smiled. “Yeah, I’m rolling with y’all! I sho ain’t staying up in this motherfucka.”
“See Quentin, you disrespect my house and constantly show how much you don’t respect me”, my dad complained as he looked over at me.

“My fault”, I said as I stood. I needed to get the fuck away before I ended up snapping on his ass.
“You just got home from jail and already you going out? You don’t think you should spend your first day out looking for legal work?”
I laughed as I walked into the kitchen to clean my plate before I headed upstairs to my room. I slid the doors of my closet open and examined the outfit choices I had before pulling out some Robin jeans and a black tee. I wasn’t trying to do much.
I looked toward the door as it slowly came open. I watched as my sister’s friend peeked her head inside. She smiled at me before she spoke.

“Your sister told me to tell you to be ready in an hour.”

I threw my clothes on the bed before turning my attention to her. “My sister couldn’t come tell me that shit?”
She shrugged her shoulder. “She sent me, Quentin.”

I frowned as she continued to lean into the door. “Everybody call me Q.”

She nodded her head. “I hope you don’t think I’m everybody.”

I tilted my head to the side as I walked over toward her. “Come in.”

She looked back before she stepped inside of the room and closed the door. “What?”

I looked into her eyes and realized that I forgot her name. Shit…Cinnamon? Sugar? “What was your name again, beautiful? Ginger, Spice-”

“It’s Sage.”

“Right”, I said snapping my fingers as I came to a stop in front of her. “Motherfuckin, Sage. Say, you can’t be stumbling in my room, Sage. That kind of shit gets you fucked senseless. I don’t know if my sister set yo ass up or what but she knows what goes on when a fine motherfucka cross this threshold!”

She looked genuinely taken aback and I was getting a kick out of teasing her. “I ain’t fucking with you, Sage. Keep yo ass on that side of the door or i’ll assume you tryna fuck. I mean, I’m down for that shit too, I’m just letting you know.
“Do you always say the exact thing that pops into you head?”

“Every fucking time.”

She nodded her head as she opened the door to go out. “I’ll stay out of your room, Quentin.”

“I’m hoping to find yo ass in here butt ass naked real soon, Sage. Save me a dance.”

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