Author Deshon Dreamz

Deshon Dreamz writes stories that make you dig your imagination from the deepest place inside of you and create a reality within dreams. 

A hopeless romantic, Deshon began writing novels in the ninth grade after stumbling across a Brenda Jackson book at the public library. Ever since that moment, she has been hooked on love. The possibility of it. The look of it when it is tainted. The hope of love. Strong. Consistent. Demanding Love. To this date, Deshon has novels ranging from the genres of Romance, Erotica, Supernatural/Paranormal and Urban. She is a writer of all things that her pen desires. She writes without limits and boundaries. Freely giving those that decide to adventure with her an opportunity to get something different every time they open a Deshon Dreamz book. Her wit and personality creates dynamics within her characters that make them loveable. The activist inside of her creates scenarios that will cause you to think. The mother inside of her creates strong women who require love and respect. The lover inside of her places romance on a mantel for her readers to become absorbed in. Mother. Poet. Writer. Activist. Dreamer.
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